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From up in the air, the marks from the earlier fight had made a warning mark. It was Robin's symbol but a sword was “drawn” through the infamous “R”. Megan grabbed Becca in her arms, taking them down to the ground slowly.
“Megan! Let me go! I have to find him!”
The martian ignored the girl's please and held on tighter as Becca struggled to get free.
“What's wrong?” Artemis asked; if Becca needed to be held back it was a sure sign something was wrong. Almost everything was.
“No. Nonononononono! Megan!”
Becca sank to her knees as Megan landed on the ground, still hugging the girl tightly.
“Becca relax! We'll find him.”
Becca covered her already hidden eyes with her hands. Artemis knelt down and tried to comfort the wayward hero.
“Can あなた tell us what あなた saw?” she asked.
“No. But I can 表示する you.”
Becca removed her mask and blinked her teary brown eyes. She looked around and slipped a pair of sunglasses similar to Robin's on.
“Just in case,” she muttered.
She pressed a button on her mask and a photographic chip popped out. She placed it in one of her gloves and brought up the file.
“My mask is designed to take pictures every five 秒 with no flash and it seems to take no picture at all thanks to the small camera hidden there. When I was up in the tree, it snapped this 写真 from an overhead view.”
She opened the picture for everyone to see and it was clear the 分 tension hit. She kept it on for a few 秒 and swiped it off. She replaced the chip and refitted the mask onto her face. Megan released her and Becca stood.
“I don't care where they took him または which way they went. I'm going to find them, I'm going to kill them and I'm going to get Robin back.”
“Whoa Becca! We all want to find Robin but-”
Wally hesitated when she turned to glare at him but he soon spoke again.
“But あなた can't kill them. They're criminals yes. Dirty, despicable, low-life, crazy, paranoid-”
“You're not helping Wally!” Artemis screamed. “You're trying to persuade her not to kill them! But all of your adjectives are only making her want to kill them even more!”
“Point is あなた can't kill them,” Wally finished rather quickly.
“Why the heck not?! If I don't then Robin will be killed!”
“No he won't! He can take care of himself.”
Becca turned to look away, her body language tense and stubborn. And Wally only knew of one way to change her mind.
“And if Robin knew あなた became a murderer because あなた ロスト control, because あなた were trying to stop them as permanently as possible, then what do あなた think he'll do?”
Okay. So maybe convincing Becca that if she killed the kidnappers the Boy Wonder would break up with her wasn't the nicest way of doing it. But he knew he got through to her によって the way her shoulders slumped and her head fell forward. Besides, she'd probably kill him for it later anyway so it's not like she'd be the only one hurting. Wally waited awhile before Becca turned to look at him.
“Just tell me which way to go before I make all of your speedy particles trapped in this soil for all eternity.”
Wally smiled a little. He looked at the tracks before point towards the city.
“That way.”
Becca nodded and used a grappling hook to スイング to the nearest building. If everything was normal, Wally would have laughed at how much Becca had modeled her gadgets after the Boy Wonder's. But this was no ordinary situation. So he smiled instead.

“Have they found out?”
“Not yet,” Becca answered.
She looked behind her and could tell the others were dragging behind.
“Good. We have もっと見る work to do first.”
“Why can't I just tell them?”
“Too soon. Besides, you're hearts already distracted.”
“Well, alright. But I still don't like it.”
“You don't have to. Just wait until the little bird is found. That's all I ask.”
“Okay. I just hope...”
“Nothing will happen between あなた two. You'll just grow closer because of our secret. No hurry. Time is short and I'm afraid his life may be also.”

[b] sorry if あなた don't like this!
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Megan's bio-ship landed on the hard pavent of Boston sending passerby running of for safety. "What happen?" Aqualad asked Megan."I don't know, she felt something pulling her down." They quickly got out of the Bio-ship and looked around, suddenly a 火災, 火 ball shot through the air and almost landed on Artemis until KidFlash quickly pushed her away. "Hahahaha! we meet again, baby justice league!" Dr Evil laughed crazily launching 火災, 火 balls at them. "Enough of this nonsense!" Superboy shouted, his anger rising to his/her top. Superboy launch himself into the air and came down onto Dr Crazy creating...
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I rode down to the forest. I got off my bike and ran. I went to the thickest, most over grown part of the forest. I heard rustling and got my discs ready. They burst through the undergrowth and surrounded me.
“I do not wish to hurt you, but I will if I must” I warned
“We do not wish to fight you. We wish to know if あなた would like to 登録する our team” one said
“Maybe あなた should’ve thought of that before あなた trespassed onto my property and broke down two of my doors!” I exclaimed. I lunged at one of them. I brought out a sharp disc and held it to her neck.
“I’m not going to hurt you....
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“I’m on Themyscira. I am un-harmed and doing well. I’m being trained to be an Amazon. Don’t come. We are preparing in case of battle. There is something on the horizon coming towards us that might pose a threat” I informed them. I saw my hawks flying towards me. I held out my arm and they landed. They made a bunch of caws and squawks that I understood. There was a ボート with six people coming towards here. No weapons, but four men.
“Okay. We’ll send Megan and Artemis to pick あなた up” Robin informed me
“No. Not yet. I’m not finished here. I must help my sisters against the men.”...
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 "Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
"Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham."
によって 8:30, Nightwing had already handed the tips for the waiter.
"Umm, thanks for the...dinner," I thanked him awkwardly.
He smiled. "No problem."
Our 表, テーブル was によって a large window, where we had a nice view of Gotham City at night.
"So...you used to work in a circus?" I asked the crusader sitting across from me.
He nodded. "Yep. The Flying Graysons."
Suddenly, a bright light caught my eye. Batman's symbol shone in the night sky, able to see anywhere in Gotham.
"That's the Bat signal!" I exclaimed, pointing at it.
Nightwing stood. "Yeah, I have to go. See ya."
He was almost out the door when I grabbed...
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Made によって YouTube user mybutterflykissesX. The song is "Gives あなた Hell" によって All American Rejects. Enjoy!! :D
kid flash
all american rejects
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I have learned to like this song, but I 愛 the video.
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The team had no idea what had gotten into Wally. As of a week ago, he'd been talking to the same “person” Robin was; and they were starting to worry. They 発言しました nothing to the two of them, talking quietly to themselves. They decided to come out and ask if the two boys were pulling a prank. 与えられた their record for pranking everyone (especially Superboy), it would seem like the sort of thing they would do. So it was not unexpected when Robin and Wally were surprised to find the team waiting for them. The two exchanged looks as the team lead them into the living/dining/kitchen room area. Artemis...
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愛 this song :) :} :]
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“How are you?” Becca asked as she sat in her boyfriends dark room.
She sat against the headboard, Robin's head in her lap and his body between her open legs. Her hand was petting his hair and his mask lay somewhere on the floor.
“I don't know.”
“What's wrong baby?”
“I don't know.”
“Life getting あなた down?” she whispered.
“How so?”
“Everything's just so...disastrous, heavy on the dis.”
Becca smiled at his wordplay but it disappeared at his 次 few words.”
“Sometimes I want to give up being a hero.”
“Why? You're wonderful.”
“There's too much going on....
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It`s raining?I got up from the ebd to get ready I heard low foot steps and grabbed my shiruken and put them on his chest amimng for severe wonds.
It was Robin? I sighed
Okay you`ve officialy scared me for the day,
what`s up?
"Why does something have to be up for me to enter your room.?"
Good point,I handed Robin my shiruken and started looking for my dress and my shoes.
What ever あなた do don`t touch the-
Nice,here I took some bandeges out of my secret stash and put my saliva on his hand and wrapped it.
There now quit playing with it its poisened.
Play with tetsaiga または tensaiga,but leave that...
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