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posted by Candy77019
 "Umm, a big power drill that fell into a hole?"
"Umm, a big power drill that fell into a hole?"
KF patted my back. "Don't be so hard on yourself. It was your first mission after three years."
"But I was so sure that was an Earthbender!" I exclaimed. "I mean, what else could make the ground shake?"
"Umm, a big power drill that fell into a hole?" He smiled encouragingly.
I glared at him, then looked at the computer screen. "Where's Robin?"
He shrugged. "Batman 発言しました he was heading to base, so he's heading here."
I spun around in the revolving chair. "Go home, Wally. あなた don't have to stay with me."
"Are あなた sure?"
I nodded. "Thanks, anyway." The silence that followed after he left was life-threatening. The computer beeped endlessly, and I ended up wishing I was born with no ears.
"Call from Metropolis," announced the computer.
I sighed and tapped the phone button. "Batman, there's a call from Metropolis." He didn't answer, so I turned it off.
Why is バットマン always depressed? It's so sad to see him like that.
You're just worrying, Erica. He's not as depressed as Jenny was.

I smacked myself. "How rude!" I put my head in my hands, accidentally slamming my elbows on the keyboard.
"Recruit list," 発言しました the computer.
I looked up, and clicked on the icon. Inside the 検索 tab, I typed in "Avatar".
Two results showed up: Jenny and me.
Shouldn't there be another one? I scrolled through our pages, but it didn't mention a new Avatar.
I put my hand to my forehead. "Of course! The アバター hadn't been born yet! But that would mean..." I clicked on Jeannette's icon.
On the screen, it listed her birth, but not her death.
So could that mean...
"That she's alive?" I finished. I fell back on the chair, overwhelmed. That's impossible. She couldn't be alive. She'd have to be stuck in that coffin for a year.
I went against my better judgment, and ran to the teleporter.
"Robin can wait."

I shivered in my parka when I teleported to Gotham City Cemetary. I knew it wasn't healthy for me to be here, but I had to find out.
I walked in between each tombstone, stopping at the familiar 木, ツリー Jeannette was buried by.
"Here lies Jeannette Thomas," I read the engraving. "Famed superhero and missed relative." I looked at the lumpy dirt. "Are あなた really there?"
I shook my head. "This was a waste of time, Erica. She can't be alive." I turned on my heels and left the cemetary.
There was only one person on my mind: Chris. I didn't know why, but I had a sudden urge to see him, like I was paying a respect to his fallen sister.
I walked to the Thomas house, telling myself that I needed some excercise. It was the same as it had always been in the past three years, but there was one difference.

I took a deep breath, then knocked on the door.
 "I took a deep breath, then knocked on the door."
"I took a deep breath, then knocked on the door."
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 I was sleeping when an exited Robin woke me up.
I was sleeping when an exited Robin woke me up.
I was sleeping Before Robin ran inside my room and jumped up and down on my ベッド whispering:
It`s Batmans birth 日 and he has`nt waken up!!!!!
Okay and あなた think running down the hall,slamming the door is`nt gonna wake him up?
"Good point come one lets go to the kitchen!"
He grabbed me and dragged me to the kitchen.

When we got there I asked him:Do あなた know how to make a cake?cause I don`t.
"UMMMMMM.....no and how hard can it be?"
Great an amazing duo who can`t cook a cake lets see where this takes us.
"Flour,4 eggs,mix,bake,and finneshed!"
Ummmm robin that is`nt a cake.
"M`gann!!!!!she knows how to...
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Nice the 日 is here(I 発言しました sarcasticly)
I got up and layed on the floor,good thing the team dose`nt know about my B-day または something is tottally bound to happen.I 発言しました out loud,WAIT! why did Wally say Happy almostB-day.
Wait calm down it can`t be I never told a soul and I never enred my bithday into the computer i guess im just paranoid.

When I got to MT.Justice everyone was`nt arguing,fighting,shouting,they we`re just doing different stuff,weird.
I keeped on walking and bumped into Superboy and he said:Im sorry,i spaced out did`nt see you.
What superboy appologized and smiled AND addmited he did...
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"What did あなた do to them?!" I demanded. Kid Flash and Artimus were knocked out, unaware that they were about to be shot.
The tall clown grinned. "We found these rats out back, tryin' to disable the alarm system. The others got away before we could get them."
Superboy! Could あなた hear me? I thought as loud as I could.
"Kind of busy over here!" he replied mentally.
Crap. Now what?
I looked around for things to bend. I was out of luck, for there was no water here.
"Now, let us handcuff you, and we'll take all of あなた to the boss," purred the short and fat man.
I sighed and put my hands out. They...
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"Class, before あなた leave, please remember to write down tonight's homework assignment so あなた won't forget over the weekend." He looked sternly at me.
"Don't worry, Mr. Thomas, I'll have it done," I 発言しました to him, though I wasn't really sure I meant it.
He grunted, then the ベル rang. "Dismissed."
I raced out of the room and ran outside. I jumped in the air and whooped. "Yes! The weekend!"
But it wasn't only a weekend, it was the last weekend before summer vacation. Which meant there was only three もっと見る days of school left.
I started walking toward the small bridge that led to my home. Even though...
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Loved the beginning of this video, and I think the song goes. :D
posted by Skittles98
“See あなた guys tomorrow” I 発言しました as I entered my quarters.
‘Yeah right’ I thought. When バットマン 発言しました I couldn’t because it would be too dangerous, I got mad. I knew that lady who was calling for my help was not a mortal when I saw her. She looked normal except for her hair. It had silver strands braided into it. Only one girl who knew me had hair like that: Artemis. I changed into my hiking clothes and walked back to the hall. I ran to the hanger where the ship was held along with my pegasi. I grabbed the reins of Astéri, and got on. As we flew from the hanger, I got the feeling I was...
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Made によって YouTube user PurpleMusic567. The song is "Lesson Number One" from Walt Disney's ムーラン II. Enjoy!! :D
YouTube :D
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posted by Skittles98
 The one I was trying on was a green nightmare: a super short green skirt, super high green boots, and a revealing green top.
The one I was trying on was a green nightmare: a super short green skirt, super high green boots, and a revealing green top.
“Oh, oh, oh! Try this one on” Megan demanded
“If I try this on, Artemis has to try this cute dress on!” I exclaimed
“If I have to try that dress on, Megan has to try this シャツ on!” Artemis smiled. We all went into the dressing room’s, trying on different outfits that we picked for each other. The one I was trying on was a green nightmare: a super short green skirt, super high green boots, and a revealing green top. I stepped out, only to find Artemis and Megan already in their outfits. For Artemis, I picked out an オレンジ dance dress with a hoop ベルト and a sash. For Megan, Artemis...
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posted by Skittles98
“Knock, knock” 発言しました a voice from the other side of my door.
“Coming” I said. I opened the door to find Wally in uniform. My smile faded.
“Mission?” I asked
“Yeah. Sorry, Night. The 日付 will have to wait” he apologized
“It’s all right. Tell バットマン I’ll be there in a minute, I just have to change.” I told him
“Okay” KF agreed. Once he had left, I changed back into my uniform. I slipped on my new boots, then headed out the door. I ran down the hall to the mission room. I was the last person there.
“Good, you’re all here. The Joker has escaped Arkham Asylum and has set...
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 What is up guys?! I never promised anything!
What is up guys?! I never promised anything!
I woke up and headed to the Dinning room in Batmans house I was surprised to see breckfeast already there and it had my name and a note i read the note and it said:

Hey Babe,

After あなた eat brekfeast come meet me at MT.Justice
I have a surprise for you.


Better not keep him waiting.I rushed over to Mt.Justice and everyone was arguing.
I said:What`s up guys whats with the fighting?
Artemis came and took my arm:Tell them how your comming with me to practice archery!
Wally said: No shes comming with me we are having a speed contest!
M`gann also said:NO she`s comming with me we`re cooking together!...
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posted by Denelys
The alarm clock rang,I looked for my suit and took my bag filled with presents.I flew over to MT.Justice with a huge smile.

"HAPPY BLORTHOG!!,Huh? whats wrong guys?"I said,
"Aletter came in the mail here for あなた but we opened it,sorry"Said M`gann
"Okay,wheres the lettter then?"I said.
"Here read it."Said Wally with his voice breaking.
"FireBlaster im so sorry".Adedd Robin,
As I read tears fell from my eyes as they turned dark blue with my hair,when I fineshed the letter, I had a breakdown I put my hands on head and fell curling in a ball screeming:Kumenazai,Kumenazai,Kumenazai!!!.And Blacked out....
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posted by Candy77019
 "The birthday girl!"
"The birthday girl!"
I flew into the familiar greenish mountain and found my teammates in the Mission Room, along with バットマン and Red Tornado.
"The birthday girl!" Robin greeted as I came up beside him.
バットマン looked at the computer screen. "The daughter of wealthy company owner, Jack Nelson, is the 次 target for the League of Shadows. We have word that they are sending an assassin after her." He looked firm. "In the 次 few hours, the team is to watch her every step, just in case. Can あなた handle that?"
Superboy scoffed. "With my powers, I can handle anything."
Megan gave him a stern look before answering. "We...
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tee-hee kidflash! :D
When I opened my eyes and looked at the time, it was 7:30 a.m. I got up and changed in to my green sweater, my black leather ジャケット and my black jeans. I put on my shades and walked out the door. I walked down the hall to Sarah’s room and knocked on the door. No answer. ‘She must have gotten an early start’ I thought. I walked into the lounge to get a glass of water to find a glass already out. I went to the tap to fill it up and noticed water swishing around in the bottom. I squinted hard and realized that it formed a sentence. It said:
Robin, Melinoe the goddess of ghosts has captured...
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"Erica! Erica, please wake up!" shouted a voice.
I choked on air. My lungs ached for some reason.
And then, someone pressed their lips to mine.
Was I getting CPR? I tried to wriggle away, but something was holding me. Hot breath intruded my system, making me want to hurl.
My head shot up like a rocket. "Who--What--Where--When--Why--How?"
And before I could get my thoughts straight, I was staring into the lovely blue eyes of the Boy Wonder.
"Erica!" Robin gasped. "You're alive!"
He kissed me. He kissed me!!I screamed through my head.
"You kissed me!" I screamed at him.
He stepped back, allowing...
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