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posted by khanna266
Khanna was training in the traing room with Ari "Ky-ah!Ky-ah!"Khanna Ky-ahhed swinging multiple outer-crescent kicks at Ari but kept on missing then Ari swung a hammerfist as hard as she could at Khanna's right wrist"Oww!"Khanna let out a huge Oww in pain"Your going to have to try harder than that Khanna maybe we should try again later now go take a シャワー あなた smell awful!"Ari told Khanna then Khanna let out a huge *sigh* and went to take シャワー then after her シャワー she slipped on her brand new ピンク sparkly dress and new ピンク go-go boots and tied her hair up with a white ribbon after getting...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Name: Rene Kenna Oshea

Alias: None

Personality: Energetic, loves adventures,
enthusiastic and crazy sometimes. Has the mind and spirit of an 8 年 old at times, but is reliable when needed most. Loving and caring, but sometimes troubled.

Appearance: Red hair down her back with bangs covering her left eye, pale skin, brown eyes, about 5 foot 5, tattoo on her left wrist of a ハート, 心 and underneath the ハート, 心 it says love, burn marks up her legs from Blood River

Age: 17

Birthday: September 19th

Relationship Status’s:
Boyfriend: Unknown
“Brother”: Bentley
“Sister”: Mel
“Niece”: Amara

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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Perris Lest

Hero Name: none

Age: 15

Appearance: Green eyes, freckles, long wavy ginger hair

Personality: she is very unsure of her capabilities and does not talk much to others about her ideas and instead just does what shes told. She is very self concious of herself and her surroundings.

Powers/Skills: speed teleportation, the power to create an blue energy that creates an electric shock when in contact with an object または being.

Relations: older sister to Jake and Duke, daughter to Willow and Billy.

Civillian wear: jeans, flats, and a flowing tank top.

Others: the energy is a mix of Willows...
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posted by Robin_Love
 I feel very sad....
I feel very sad....
To those who choose to read it:

As of now, though it may be temporary, Devin, Jon, Cat, Yuki, Mizore, Aroan, Teague, and Irra are no longer going to be used. Also, The Outsiders I am reconfiguring so if あなた see me post the bio thing, it is because of that. As for Prisoner of War and future articles....I am unsure as to how to go about. Seeing as a few Ocs have been removed, I may just start a new series. But fear not. Becca, Tara, Terror, and the others that are not the ones listed above are still in use. In answer to any questions, yes this is because people have left. No I will not reconsider...
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posted by BladeYJ
 Mmmhphh c;
Mmmhphh c;
He was once again called to kill another idioct vampire, that believed he could take over the world, would they ever learn?


"Any last words?" he cocked his gun and smirked.
"You're an imb-"
He pulled the trigger before words could escape, and watched as the vampire disintegrated.
Quickly he left the church and headed into the woods, first a town of beasts and now a vampire, what もっと見る could he handle?
While walking, enjoying the night of no stars and a half moon, his red eyes caught a girl of smaller stature than his own. "A human? But I thought they all died in town."

D's eyes narrowed as...
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posted by InfinityYJ
BAH. I'm working on Living Remains, I swear, but I was pressured into posting this.
Rated PG-13 for gore and over-description.
Kind of AU-ish, where Nathan Stone is real and not Ryan Zucco, but not dating Fin. At all. :D

The linoleum tiles were splattered with a crimson liquid, and Dick could've sworn it was taunting him. Some of it was just ランダム splashes of coppery scented color against the pale walls, most of it was in patterns and words. Widened grins of a crazed madman were prominent, Bruce noted dutifully, but some were crude letters scribbled with a finger. Among these were "help," "pain,"...
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