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 Tara and Alek
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(accurate height difference ^.^)
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She sat in the corner, hiding herself. Her mind reeled with everything she'd been through so far and all she could do was stare at the ウォール in her dark room. This was nothing like she had expected and with every passing moment, her ハート, 心 sank deeper and deeper into despair.
He led her down a flight of stairs, towards one of the buildings. She could hear their whispers, see their eyes on her, watching her like she was a menace. She felt chilled and everything inside her screamed to get out. But it was too late; she was led into the largest building and she cried out at what she saw. He turned...
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This is not a fairy tale. There are no happy endings

Power can make even the greatest among us fall.

Allies Fall
Enemies Rise
Friends Return

The Story that changes Everything,
Starts Now


"Mr. Grant, Wayne Industries is the biggest company in the world 秒 to LexCorp and us. I highly doubt a buy-out would be a good 移動する on our part. Even if we did buy out Wayne, that would leave us with no money."

Sam looked at the man for a long moment before standing up.

"Follow me, all of you."

Eight Chairmen looked at each other before following the man who's name was hanging above the door. Grant...
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Previously on Red Revenge...

"All units, murder suspect on fifth and third proceeding north on foot. Pursuing. Require backup. Suspect is heavily armed and protected. Female, mid-twenties. White hair, black clothes, sword and possible body armor." the radio crackled. 

"She cut them in three pieces and set 火災, 火 to their car." Revenge replied, and swung off.


"I assume あなた did your homework?" Revenge asked.

"Yes." Rose replied, untying her snow-white hair from its ponytail. She was dressed simply. White tank top, skinny jeans, white eyepatch. Her hair hung loosely behind her. 

"As far...
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posted by Blaze_YJ
Name: Blaze Burnett

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: blonde hair and dark blue eyes ( eyes can change colour depending on mood)

Personality: she is very strong willed and powerful, she often enjoys sparing but seems to be very stubborn when she needs help または is in danger.

Powers/ Abilities: she can teleport ( but usually fails) she is very handy with her sword and has many skills in combat .

Past: when she was young, her mother died being stabbed によって her father and she was abused によって her father for many years, she ran away and was set off on her own until she was found によって flash and was recommeneded to jooin the team.

( hope あなた like it i worked really hard and think i did a good job)
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AU for Ciel and Jaime, my friend originally gave me the idea when she mentioned she mentioned a マンガ and thus, this was born.

Hi! My name is Jaime Adams, and I'm currently sitting in a blood donation center about to have my arm poked and prodded. Quite comical, really.. I hate needles, but I have a disease that causes my bone marrow to produce もっと見る blood cells, called polycythemia vera. I hate coming here, but today is different. Very different. I typically have blood drawn from this cranky old lady who gets annoyed about the fact that I don't like needles. Today, there's this tall, white-haired...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I'm still pissed it took me almost two hours to find his original bio and brought back memories I really did not need to remember >.>

Name: Christopher "Chris" Adams. However, only Chris is known.
Alias: Avenue
Occupation: Hero
Age: 24
Appearance: Because Chris has been trained in a police academy, he has a buffer build compared to his brother, and stands only a few mere centimeters taller than Fang. He has hair that i'm going to direct あなた to because i'm terrible at explaining :P Unlike Fang, he dresses in v-necks and actual boot cut jeans. His hero attire however, is a fancy black cloak...
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