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 Meet Dexter...
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I doubt I'll make hima fully functioning OC. But I feel like we need a bearded OC. He's a cute lil' ginger who was burned in a terrible house 火災, 火 and now he hates fire. He's shy and not good around ppl and a total cutie.
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デクスター 〜警察官は殺人鬼
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DON'T kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Everest
Alias: Espera
Team: Young Justice; Generation 2
Occupation: Hero; Seraph; “Distant” spirit
Age: 18
Powers: breathe in any environment (space, toxic gas, water, etc); flight; expert in self defense; a Wiccan's magic; spell-casting
History: Everest was not born; she was created. She is not an android または robot. She was a captured soul put in someone else's body. She was trained in modern human ways despite being from the Medieval era. She is part of a secret society called the Recluse. Any and everyone who had been designed によって man and rebelled...
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Another Year One-Shot

SilverWings ducked under the ball of 火災, 火 as it flew toward her. It collided with the wall, throwing sparks, but she had already rolled to the side.
"Yes, please!" Another fiery projectile came at her. She dodged it easily, ducked under a second, and カート wheeled to avoid a third. She paused a moment to catch her breath, but leaped up as a final sphere shot at her. The flames licked at her heels and smashed into the brick wall.
Silver stumbled as she landed, breathing hard. Shutting her eyes, she rested her hands on her knees and leaned all her weight on them. A chuckle...
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 She turned around, the bunny ears sewn into the フード of her コート moving.
She turned around, the bunny ears sewn into the hood of her coat moving.
She waited eagerly for the snow to stop. The snow was the only thing keeping her from going out and she wasn’t one to wait patiently.
“Do あなた have everything?” A strong male voice asked from behind her.
She turned around, the bunny ears sewn into the フード of her コート moving.
“Yep! I got my piggy bank!”
She picked up the 磁器 pig and gave it a shake, smiling broadly when it jingled.
“Good. Look’s like the snow finally stopped. Let’s go.”
The two walked out into the clouded sky, their footprints leaving a trail for them to follow home. It didn’t take long for the girl to get...
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 Blaine Wyatt Aldric
Blaine Wyatt Aldric
Name: Blaine Wyatt Aldric
Reason または meaning of name: Blaine-Yellow; Wyatt-Brave, Hardy; Aldric-wise ruler
Eye Color: Undefined (I haven't decided)
Hair Style/Color: Red
Height: 6'3"
Clothing Style: Formal
Best Physical Feature: Why does this matter? (His hair)

Your Fears: Loosing
Your Guilty Pleasure: Kisses
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: ...Loosing
Your Ambition for the Future: I wish not to disclose

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: When did I fall asleep?
What あなた Think About the Most: That's Private
What あなた Think About Before Bed: Not specific...
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