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houdini6041 posted on Sep 23, 2012 at 07:15AM
Name: Mathew "Mattie" Abelone
Alias: Lunar Prince
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good

He is a vessel for an ancient and powerful fairy named Costel, and as such he has his magical abilities. He can sprout fairy wings to fly, can eat plants like a herbivore (no real usefulness in combat for this ability), can communicate with animals and can cast potent spells.

He is still has the magical energy of a novice mage though and his spell casting is strictly limited.

In a span of 24 hours he must decide how to use his limited magical energy, he can decide to cast one 'Grand level' spell and call it a day, or ten 'Moderate level' spells and call it quits, or twenty 'Basic level' spells and retreat.

'Grand level' spells can wreck at least a three story building, a 'moderate level' spell can destroy a SUV sized car and two 'basic level' spells can knock out a regular non-meta human.

He wields a magical whip for when he has finished his quota, it is strong enough to dent metal and can deliver a shock equal to that of a tazer, but is extremely hard to maneuver, and very easy to dodge for anyone who pays attention in a fight (like Cheshire and Sportsmaster).

Costel, being nestled inside of Lunar Prince, can halt psychic attacks and can prevent Psychics from probing his mind.

Weakness/Limitations: He has the strength level and physique of a boy his age who engages in moderate exercise (He only works out in Gym Class, he can't dent a wall like Robin could when he was thirteen) has no hand to hand combat training. If he loses his whip and his magic he is basically useless.

His Moderate and Grand Level spells are INCREDIBLY Flashy (making them easy to dodge, counter or brace into) and due to his noviceness he has to recite their Incantations, and the incantation itself can be long( think of the kido incantations in Bleach). So actually casting something that can cause damage to a meta-human can take long and he can run the risk of getting his butt handed to him before he can even cast the spell.

If he ever goes over his magical limit he can face grave consequences. Exceeding his Grand level quota can comatose him for months, exceeding his moderate level quota can comatose him for a week, and exceeding his basic level quota can weaken his mobility to a limp.

As a solo hero he doesn't fare too well. But if he has team mates distracting the enemy he can throw one hell of a punch to the distracted villain. With proper team support he may even be lucky enough to smack around big players like Superman or klarion.

Due to him gaining Fairy like Physiology he is weak to non organic chemicals and pollutants as fairies are very connected to nature. Something as common as knock out gas can put him in the intensive care unit. If Costel, the fairy inhabiting him, doesn't like the cause that he is fighting for he can shut down access to his powers, leaving Lunar Prince defenseless and making his usefulness equal to that of Sakura's in the first part of Naruto.

Costel also doesn't trust Psychics and won't even let one provide a 'Psychic link' for communication. This forces Lunar Prince to resort to ear pieces to communicate with team mates.

Personality: He believes that since he has access to all these amazing abilities he has a duty to protect innocent people from other super powered humans who use their gifts and abilities to harm others.

He will never "cry uncle" and will rather die than be forced to hurt an innocent person or friend.

Despite his strong sense of justice, he has no idea how to talk to someone his own age. This is due to him traveling with his archaeologist father and never really having a friend. He will never start a conversation, and doesn't know how to keep one going. But he does have a great sense of humor though from watching funny video clips on YouTube and can laugh at a great joke.

He often listens to other peoples conversations and doesn't bother to hide the fact that he is eavesdropping, he doesn't even know what the concept of eavesdropping is. Due to his social skills he is quiet and can come off as a little somber. Mattie is pretty knowledgeable on ancient European history but this knowledge doesn't really help his social skills or his hero work.

Fears: The Media, they make rumors that his fairy motif is for gay rights and those rumors often get anti-gay rights protesters onto the very streets that he and his parents protect. The anti-gay rights protesters stir up a lot of political debate in Lunar Prince's city and his image with the public is either "He's okay as far as sidekicks go", "Woot go gay super heroes!!" or "Heathen!! Blast him to hell!!". Mattie really can't take all the lies and blames himself deeply for all the pain that he has inadvertently caused the gay community. Mattie also can't give up his fairy motif, if he does it will look like the hateful people will have won and that will in turn demoralize the gay community in his city.

Appearance: Blue Eyes in normal situations, Purple Eyes when he is casting a spell. Black , strait hair in both guises, he never grows it long EVER. He has Purple fairy wings when he is Lunar Prince. His physique is healthy and fit but is nowhere near as toned and defined as Robin's was. He currently stands 5 ft. tall and has a fair skin. He’s not ugly but he isn’t a “Jesse McCartney” looking guy either.

Clothing: He has a prince/fairy motif, his wings can stiffen and become cloth like at will. So this gives the appearance that he is wearing a cape.

He has a crown on his head to keep up with his prince motif. Mattie hides his identity with a violet domino mask.

He ordered his costume from Disney Costumes online. It's a prince charming costume with the shoulder pads and gold sash removed. Mattie then dyed it purple since it was a royal color in the dark ages of Europe.

He ditched the pants that went with the Prince Charming costume after his first night on the job and wears purple short shorts for easier mobility.

The short shorts do not help the rumors of his gay rights activism and neither does the knee high, fur, leopard printed, purple and white boots that he wears. But in all honesty the boots are comfy and easy to move in.

Casual Clothing: Button up shirts, usually short sleeves, and denim pants.

Bio: When Mattie's parents won a billion dollar lottery when they were still a young couple they decided to tour Europe. They became enamored with the lavish history and became archaeologist. Mattie's parents loved history and archaeology so much that they couldn't settle down to raise the child that they had so they decided to just home school Mattie and take him around Europe on their research trips.

One day, during a lunar eclipse, they stumbled upon a hidden library in an old English castle. Mattie's father opened up a mysterious and heavy leather book that fused all three family members with a mythical creature. While Mattie was fused with a fairy, his Mother and Father were fused with a Siren and Dragon respectively. All three gained their respected creature's abilities and decided to go back home to the States to deal with a recent spike of Dark Magic centered in Oltin City, Texas. (Its a fake city) where they took up the guise of Lunar King, Lunar Queen and Lunar Prince in remembrance of that day.

Other: He loves to sing, but is tone deaf and always sounds terrible to everyone but himself. He looks so happy when he sings that nobody ever has the heart to tell him that he's astoundingly bad. Due to his ability to eat like an herbivore he is a strict vegetarian, he likes to eat roses, moss and anything in the fern family. Lunar Prince's Sexual Orientation is Heterosexual.

{That’s it, I ran him through the Mary sue litmus paper test so I hope he isn't a Gary Stu....I'm sorry if this is like...too long.)

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