The crystal lake stretched out before them, glittering like millions of diamonds in the afternoon sun. Similar light reflected off the freshly fallen snow, shone through the dripping icicles of 木, ツリー branches. The scene was a well painted Winter Wonderland.
The man clad in a コート as white as the surrounding snow tossed his dark gloves away and took his girlfriend's soft hands in his. He lead her onto the crystal ice. Their stolen ice skates slid quietly over the glass-like surface beneath their feet. Aleksander found the sound as soothing as the breeze whistling through the アナと雪の女王 trees, but the brunette beside him seemed too focused on staying upright to enjoy herself. The man almost laughed at her eyebrows narrowed in intense concentration as she struggled to stay upright.
"Stop smiling like that!" Tara objected when she glanced up to see her boyfriend's Cheshire grin.
"Pardon me, darling, but I thought あなた 発言しました あなた had done this before."
"I have! It's just... been a while."
"I can tell. You're reminding me a bit of a newborn foul trying to walk for the first time."
Aleksander laughed and skated backwards as she tried to elbow him with a blush. His skates sang on the ice as he glided around her in a wide circle.
"You're weirdly agile for such a giant," Tara quipped with her hands on her hips. She squeaked as the wind tugged at her balance and put her arms out at her sides. Strong hands found her hips, steadying the young woman from behind.
"And you're strangely clumsy for an angel," he replied in her ear. He smiled when she did. "I won't let any harm come to you," Aleksander promised. He let go of her hips only to offer his arm. "Let's enjoy ourselves, princess. My sister can only keep your bodyguard occupied for so long."
"Fine, but no もっと見る teasing," Tara told him sternly, grinning as she took his arm.
"No もっと見る teasing," he agreed. "Only flying!" He guided her in a swift, wide arc, her giggles following the wind that rushed past.