March 22nd, 2014

Rene was walking down the street, on her way to the Zeta tunnel in her area. She wore her normal casual clothing: Jeans, sneakers, and a silly t-shirt a thirteen-year-old would wear. The red head snuck into an alley way and walked over to the phone boot. She opened the door and went through, a small light shinning as she walked though.

As soon as she came inside the cave, she quickly scurried to her secret locker in the training room. As she came in, she tapped on the ウォール in a few spots and a small door opened, revealing potions, books, weapons, and scrolls. The red head quickly grabbed her gun and dagger, slammed the door shut, and ran back out to the normal cave area. Before she could get out the Zeta, she was interrupted.

"Where are あなた going missy?" Rene stopped and sighed, recognizing the voice behind her.

"None of your business Blade."

"Oooh, bitchy. What's going on then?"

"I gotta go." She started walking out, but Blade continued to follow her.

"Why won't あなた tell me?"

"Because it is still none of your business." The blonde girl came up beside her, looking at the pissed off face on Rene.

"Damn, what the hell is up your butt?" The red head ignored her and kept walking, going a bit faster so Discord trailed behind her. Unfortunately, she ran up beside her again.

"Hey! Would あなた just talk to me?"

"I'm busy," Rene hissed through her teeth.

"Doing what?"

"Stopping someone, what do あなた think I'd be doing now?" The red head looked up and saw a flash come from an abandoned building ahead of her. "Shit," she mumbled under her breath as she started running.

"What? Rene, wait!"

They both ended up at a run down building. A few windows boarded up and cracks in the wall, making it look very unstable.

"You've got to be kidding me," Blade whined.
"I never asked あなた to come," the red head growled as she began to run up the stairs. There were five floors, with no working elevators, so they had to run up to the top. Rene hadn't even broken a sweat, but the vampire seemed to be dying on the way up.

"Slow, down a little!" Rene ignored her and ran to the top, finding a device hooked up to a small child. The little girls mouth was covered in duct tape so no one could hear her. The red head ran over to the girl and began to untie her from the machine and pull off all the cords. Blade came up and blinked, shocked at the sight on the floor. She came over and began to help the red head. Rene grabbed the little girl and picked her up, then handed her to Blade.

"Take her downstairs, out of the building. Don't come back here, I need to destroy the machine." It was flowing with radioactive fluid and gasses that could either kill あなた または change your body DNA.

"But, あなた might die! または get hurt!"

"Just do what I say and go!" the red head yelled as she pushed Discord to the stairs. The blonde looked back at her for a moment, then ran down the stairs, carrying the child.
When Rene could see the blonde's head 移動する out of sight, she grabbed her gun and shot a few bullets at the device. A few bullets 'plinked' off the machine and back at her. She dodged a few of them, but one hit her in the side of her stomach and she fell to her knees. Rene held one of her hands to the wound and continued to shoot. One hit a button and a light flashed out, hitting her. She shot もっと見る bullets until she could barely stand anymore. The light beams continued to come out, all beaming onto her. The last bullet hit a chamber of the radioactive fluid and it poured out, pouring over the red heads body. It stung through her body and she began to scream as loudly as possible.

Down at the street, Blade could hear Rene scream and ran back up the stairs, not stopping till she got back up to see Rene screaming on the floor. She was about to run to her, but the fluid was still on the floor around her and couldn't risk getting it on herself.

While the red head was screaming, she could feel the radioactivity going through her body, changing her chemistry. Her BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- felt harder and her skin felt thicker. After a few moments, she stopped screaming and stood up, covered in a green slime.

"Oh, my God Rene, are あなた okay?" Rene blinked, then looked down at her side. It was healed. There was a hole in her shirt, with blood caked around it; but no actual hole in her skin.

"Yeah.. Fine. I think."

"We need to rinse あなた of that shit." They went back down the stairs and went to the 火災, 火 hydrant on the street. Then opened it with Rene's dagger, making all the water gush out of it at an incredibly high pressure. Blade began to splash the red head with water, until she managed to get it all off.


"No problem."

"You know I could have done that によって myself."

"Oh shut up Missy. Lets just go back to the cave and dry あなた off."

"Fine," the red head 発言しました as she walked over to the zeta entrance they came through.

As they walked through, Rene held her dagger in her hand and stared at it, thinking.
"What is it?" The blonde asked her.

"I need to try something." Rene took the dagger in her fist and plunged it into her stomach and then ripped it out, falling to the floor.

"Oh my God what the hell!?" Blade went to her side, tempted によって the blood of the girl; but restrained herself.

"Wait.. Look.." In only a few moments, the wound was gone. Completely healed as if it were magic.

"How did あなた do that?"

"I didn't. It was the radiation. I don't think I can die anymore."