Human Form
Name: Tabitha Macon
ID: Tigress
Age: 17
Hair: Black (Red as Tigress) Eyes: Blue Height: 5'7 (5'11 as Tigress)
Nationality: Brazilian/American
Father: John Macon
Mother: Anna Macon
Job: Intern at Daily Planet
Affiliations: Young Justice

Powers: Heightened: Hearing, Smell, Sight, Strength, Speed, Agility. Can turn into あばずれ女, 虎, ティグレス または remain human. Has claws as あばずれ女, 虎, ティグレス and a tail. Can take a beating, her BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- can easily pop from their sockets to allow less injury. Roar. As a human she is very agile, just as she is as Tigress. Speaks to all felines. And can do some sorcery, but not very well.

Background: Born to Anna and John Macon, she was accidently switched at birth to some scientists who did genetic experimenting on her. But they realized to late that they took the wrong child. They quickly returned the child to her original parents 1 年 after and prayed that no symptoms would 表示する of the experimenting. But when Tabitha turned 11 she turned into a full grown looking woman in her あばずれ女, 虎, ティグレス form. She was bullied and teased, until she got it under control and she and her family moved to New York, and she stays at the mountain where her parents believe she is in a private school.

Relationship Status: Single and Straight

Likes: Singing, hunting, scaring others, joking around, playing, cats, tigers, Batman, bad boys (bad Girl!), fruity drinks, オレンジ juice, running/jogging, listening to music, seafood, making friends

Dislikes: People who act to mature, rude people, disrespectful folk, canines, bullies

Full あばずれ女, 虎, ティグレス Form