Name: Cadmus "Mafia" Allendral
Age: 16 years old
Height: 5'7
Hair: Red
Eyes: Any color she wishes but her natural color is Gold
Nationality: Russian; currently residing in the United States
Father: Erik Allendral (deceased)
Mother: Taisia Allendral Mavoc (deceased)
Affiliations: Russian Mafia; Young Justice; Intergang

Powers: Can cause inanimate objects to become the 動物 of her choice, snakes being her preference. Immunity to all poisons. Shapeshift into a large snake. She can speak to all animals. She can phase through solid objects such as walls and bullets, but it takes much concentration. She is a Charmer, being that によって a キッス または song she can force anyone into doing her will..
Skills: She knows her way around all types of guns. She has a sharp shot and rarely misses. She can handle swords as well, but not with the same grace as she has with guns. She has knowledge of a few different types of combat and fits them all together to create her own style.

Relationship status: Not yet known. But is believed to be in a possible relationship with Burke Curtison but he wont tell her exactly, so she also seems to have an infatuation with Atticus because he is known to be from Russia and good looking, So probably Single!

Enemies: The Russian Embassy, Russian and Italian Mafia, Intergang, Gotham City Police, and currently on the bad side of バットマン who dislikes her relationship with Burke

Likes: Singing, nostalgia of home, training., talking with guys, fighting, flirting, snakes, jewelry, the color gold, tattoos, reading, sitting on a roof and looking at the sunset, randomly popping up at the Cave, Burke and Atticus, poppies, necklaces, learning English better, trying out new things

Dislikes: Being kidnapped, being forced into things she doesn't like, the Russian Mafia, not having her guns, when people call her Mafiosa または Mafia Princess, seeing the people she loves injured, arguing,

フレンズ (ones she is close to): Twan, Hot shot, Burke, Silver, Atticus, Blade?, Snake (and anyone whose nice to her)

-Always has an エメラルド ネックレス that turns into a snake, named Snake.
-If losing control of an emotion her ネックレス will automatically change into a snake, または the nearest closest object
-Can never return to Russia
-Demands respect
-Loves to dance and sing
-Loves to be brought flowers, and over appreciates little gestures
-Easily falls in love