He paced back and forth in his room. He couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, knowing that Tara was in the hands of a relentless murderer. He racked his brain for any kind of solution, any plan. But he didn't even know where she had been taken.
He had to figure that out first. Alek moved to his desk, scanning every piece of weaponry and equipment. His eyes fell on a small box. It could fit in his palm, round with a latched top. It was only about two inches tall, an inch deep. It wasn't very heavy despite the authentic silver rim and latches.
The box itself was a navy blue velvet. It looked like it should hold jewelery. He picked it up gently, carefully undoing the latch.
He found a bullet, colored stones, glass from a broken window, and a few other trinkets. His eyes landed on the silver ネックレス with the crescent moon charm. He set the box down and pulled the ネックレス out. He fingered it affectionately.
“Tara,” he murmured.
He clasped the ネックレス around his neck, hiding it under his ジャケット and t-shirt. He was determined to find her now もっと見る than ever. He looked through the trinkets, memories of things she had told him running through his mind.
He picked up the last one, some kind of small chip. He though it was a memory card. He slipped it into his laptop. But he needed a code. He tried several, none of which were correct. He sighed heavily. He only knew one person who knew Tara well enough to unlock it. He just hoped he would help him.

Devin rapped lightly on the door. She heard the chain slide, the lock move, and the knob turn. Becca opened the door and let the エンジェル in.
“Hello Devin.”
“Hello little bird.”
“What is the reason for your visit this time?”
“I just wanted to check on you. Since we last spoke, あなた have become more....determined. もっと見る powerful. And vulnerable. How much longer?”
“Only a 日 at most.”
“You will need me then, yes?”
“Yes, Devin.”
The エンジェル nodded, looking around.
“Have あなた talked to Dusk recently?”
“Few 分 ago.”
“How does he feel about all this?”
“He disagrees with my approach. But he knows me too well to argue.”
Becca perched on the window sill, looking at the below below.
“I finally understand, Devin.”
“I understand the training and preparation I went through. I was being prepared for this.”
Becca looked back to Devin. The two stared at each other for long moments. Devin moved to sit with her.
“Becca, we both knew long before the team was in place what would happen.”
Becca nodded a bit.
“We knew the sacrifices,” Devin continued. “You accepted it without hesitation, and I along with you. Everything that has happened is because of this. But we both knew.”
“But know I see the full sacrifice, Devin. And I wish it were not this way.”
Devin brought Becca to her, hands holding her in a comforting way.
“I wish the same. And yet, nothing can be done. It is happening and this will be our greatest sacrifice.”