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*Shrugs* Its a little long... But what the heck? Its somethin' to read!

I spun around and delivered a powerfull kick to Nightwing's chest, he made a weird wheezing noise, then sucked the air back in. One of the toughest guys I know. He recoiled and lanched at me, delivering a powerfull パンチ to my jaw. It was so hard, I heard a pop and my head snapped to one side. I tasted blood, then went full instinct from there on. We were both breathing heavily, a thin layer of sweat on both of our foreheads. No weapons allowed, no powers, just the machines that we call our bodies. Blade watched, leaning against the wall, arms crossed. Fang was watching from the corner, shadows hiding him. Ciel, most likely hidden, watching his young pupil grow. Eh, I could look like a pupil to him. Maybe I was a younger sister. But who knows? Ciel keeps quiet about that. I ducked under a well cordinated punch. I was then behind the teenager twice my size, just as he whipped around, I delivered a kick to his stomach that knocked him back into a wall, Blade stepping out of the way and whistling. He fell onto his hands and knees, breathing heavily, and coughing.
"You okay?" I asked, walking over.
"Fine." He 発言しました and stood up.
Winner, Coaxoch. Nightwing, defeated. the Computer said. I offered my hand, my knuckles bruised. Nightwing took it with a smile, and pulled himself up. My hair was ruffled.
"Good job today." A voice came from behind me. I cried out and whipped around, about to send a bone crushing blow to Ciel's neck, luckily, I stopped myself, only lightly touching my brother's- okay, not my brother, but close!- neck.
"Dont do that when Im hyped up on adrenaline!" I said. Ciel raised his hands in defense. Nightwing shook his head. I brushed the hair out of my face, sweat stinging my スプリット, 分割 cheek.
"Two hours." Blade said.
"Glad あなた didnt pass out." She added.


"Mel, come on!" Nightwing shouted over the chaos, into com. I was in the control room.
"Working on it!" I yelled into com. I kicked a guard in the chest, making him collapse. I hit-yep- a red button, marked "MAIN GATES".
"Good." Nightwing said, into com. I looked at a monitor. There was a count down. Goshfangit!
"Nightwing get the heck out of there!" I shouted into com. I bit my lip, two minutes.
"Why?" He asked.
"Countdown." I said. Com went silent.


I awoke, feeling like I was just blown up. Oh wait, I was. Turns out the countdown was for the control room. Mark that a mission fail. I opened my eyes and sat up. I was at home, in Mom and Dad's room. I smiled, their ベッド was warm, and comfortable. I laid back, and snuggled deep into the sheets, and pulled the blanket over my head. I was wiped, then, I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Your up." Fang said.
"Nooooooo. No Im noooooot." I said.
"Yes あなた are, come on lazy bum." He said, pulling the blanket off my burn covered body. I shivered, then opened my wings, wrapping them around myself to keep warm. My feathers stung on the burns, them being burned themselves, they hurt even more.
"That doesnt look good..." Fang muttered, looking over my burns.
"Trust me, it doesnt feel good either." I said, pulling the covers back onto myself, then over my head. Fang sighed.
"Fine." He said, getting up.
"Night." I said.
"Noon, actually." He said. I closed my eyes and yawned.
"It feels like night." I said. I could hear Fang's palm slap against his face. I giggled.
"Noon." I said, smiling slightly. I heard the door close softly. I slowly drifted off into sleep.


"How's sissy?" Lexi asked, looking up at Fang after he came out of his room.
"She's tired Lexi." Fang said. Looking back down at Lexi. Lexi frowned.
"Aw!" Lexi whined. Fang shook his head and lifted Lexi up onto his shoulders.


I was comfortable in Mom and Dad's bed. But, I was lonely. It sucked worst than being stuck in detention because あなた fell asleep during chemistry. I sat up, and I heard my skin sizzle. I grimaced and laid back down. I closed my eyes, and went back to sleep.


Ciel's POV.

"Im. So. Bored." Jack stated, sitting upside down on the couch.
"We heard あなた the first million times Jack." Silver said, sitting upside down on the ソファー, ソファ 次 to him. Jack groaned, flipping off the couch.
"Im gonna go blow some-" Jack just started, then stopped himself when I gave him a glare. Mel was blown up. I hated that I wasnt there to disarm the bomb. If I kept her at the cave, she wouldve been fine.

She wouldnt be in pain...


Mel's POV

I groaned, lifting myself off the floor, and onto my feet. I opened the door, and walked out of the room. Soon, I was outside, wearing short shorts in 30 degree weather. I opened my wings and blurred.

Kay, action in the 次 shot!

posted by Mclovin_69
Name: Ethan Huseak ( H-yu-z-ak)

Alias: RedMist

Age: 16 ( would be 20 now)

Status: deceased

Appearance: dark brown hair, green eyes, 5'11, he wore sunglasses most of the time to hide his eyes.

Personality: he had the leadership role in the group and was the team leader. he was calm and handled situations well. He was serious and did just anything that was best for his team. He was someone everyone looked up to.

Powers/Abilities: he was the famous hero for using Logan's teleport smoke bombs and was highly skilled in combat able to outsmart any aponnent he had using his instincts. he had the abilities...
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