*Giggle* Cruddy title.

I woke up, cold and lonely. あなた know that weird feeling in your stomach when あなた feel like your being watched? Yeah, its here. I peeked out from under my blankets, and I saw...legs? The covers were thrown off me, my arms were grabbed, and my mouth was covered. I saw Ciel behind my captor.
"Let go. または あなた die." He whispered in my captor's ear. He cocked his glock, and my captor smiled. I closed my eyes tightly, and heard the bang. I fell back onto the bed, and heard a body hit the floor. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I was shaking. I opened my eyes, then, they widened. My captor was standing, Ciel was lying in a pool of blood. Oh boy, that got me. I went full instinct. I launched out of a crouch and tackled my captor. I grabbed his neck, and snapped it. I jumped off him, backflipping onto my hands and pushing off, landing in a crouch infront of Ciel's lifeless body.
"Ciel!" I shouted, shaking him.


Ciel's POV X3

I felt an agonising pain in my side. I clenched my jaw and snapped open my eyes, sitting up. I scanned the room, infirmery. Soon, I was encased in arms.
"Ciel! Ciel oh my gosh your alright!" Mel shouted. I put my hands on her arms, trying to loosen the death grip she had around me.
"Mel. Kinda cant breath." I breathed out.
"Oh jeez!" She screached and released me. I panted, then looked up at Mel, dark circles under her eyes.
"Mel. あなた waited didnt you." I demanded. She nodded.
"Yeah, cant sleep knowing your hurt like that." She said, looking down at the bandages wrapping around my torso.
"I dont like it when あなた do that Mel." I muttered looking down at Fang, who was sleeping, clinging to Mel's legs.
"What happened to...?" I stuttered, motioning to Fang.
"Long story short, he tried to get me away, and ended up giving up." Mel said. I shook my head and patted hers.
"How long?" I asked.
"A week." She 発言しました as she yawned.
"Mel. Get some sleep." I demanded. She shook her head.
"Nuh uh." She 発言しました sternly. She's just...like that.
"Come here." I said. She stepped out of Fang's arms and walked over, sitting on the cot. I pulled her back and layed down, holding her close, on my side.
"Go to sleep." I whispered in her ear. She gave a small nod. Fang started to stir.
"Im awake..." He muttered groggily rubbing his eyes. I rested my head and relaxed as Mel snuggled into my chest. Fang stood upand walked over. He kissed Mel's forehead and walked out of the infirmery. Leaving Mel and myself resting.