NAME: Epsilon
Alias: Eric
Team: Project Justice
Gender: Male
Abilities: Shape shifting
Personality: Flirt, arrogant, he hides his ‘weaker’ side (fear, sadness, empathy)
Bio: He was created in Cadmus like the other members of Project Justice. He escaped but got sprated from the others when they finally got out of the building, he cannot remember what happened to himself after he escaped. He was found in an old warehouse, knocked out. He was cold and covered in dust and dirt, like he hadn’t in moved in a long time.
Alter Egos:
He’ll often reuse old people he made up, he has several for different scenarios.
Len: Young boy, blonde blue eyes, innocent, usually used for kidnapping bait または school recons (copied from a 写真 of a dead kid in a newspaper 13 years ago)
Rin: Len in female form
Erik: older Epsilon
Victor: An 18 年 old who has ink black hair and dark brown eyes. (No one really knows who Epsilon copied him from.)
It's short for a reason. But that would be a spoiler..sooo you'll have to live with this ;)
Len and Rin