((Okay.. first graphic fanfic. This has cursing, a rape scene, and a sex scene! So I AM WARNING あなた here, if あなた don't want to read this just hit back and ignore this completely! Thank あなた ^-^ Also it's a song fic! The Song is "Your Guardian Angel" によって "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus" Not the best song but I was listening to it.. :) SO why not!!))

A Demon's Love.

She backed up into an alley, as four 'roided men surround her. She reached for the gun in her boot. Nothing. She hissed under her breath,"Fucking Bloodmist."

The men closed in, they didn't say anything just moved closer. Blade pulled out her last ナイフ and pointed at the burly males. One chuckled, “What’s wrong little girl あなた scared?"

"Fuck you!" She glared, as she lunged at one, stabbing him in the eye. Blade twisted the ナイフ then pulled it out, watching the eye roll on the cement. The man knocked her away, screaming in pain,"BITCH!" He was about to hit her until, who she guessed was the leader, mummered out, “First let's have fun with her then we can murder her."

He commanded two of his men to hold her down, as he latched a 襟, 首輪 around her throat, “We can't have あなた going anywhere, now can we?" How did he know she could teleport!?

He slowly unzipped her shorts, as Blade struggled under his crew's inhuman strength.

He whispered something to one of his henchman and he replied, “Got it, Nick."

Nick took his time taking her shorts off, teasing her, calling her a 雌犬 または whore. His whore. Even in this emergency, Blade was still snarky as ever," I am no one's whore, but my own!"

Nick laughed at her コメント as he finished removing her shorts. He started on her.. her, undergarments. He took no time removing this, for he wanted to get down to "business". Nick removed his pants and aligned her waist with his, shaft.

At the point Blade was fighting with all he might but did not prevail.

He thrusted フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして as she cried out.

"This fucking hurts.." She thought, “Loosing her virginity to a man that stood 6 feet tall, and weighed a ton! So romantic.." She got a good kick in his jaw, he ignored it completely and continued moving in and out of her. Blade struggled as he hastened the pace and began thrusting harder. It gave Blade ガチョウ bumps, not of pleasure, of fear.

Tears filled her eyes as the pain began unbearable. "Come on, I want to hear あなた scream. Scream for me doll face." Nick laughed viciously. She clenched. Her teeth not letting out a peep. She wouldn't let him have the satisfaction.

Nick turned to his one-eyed friend,"Chuck,make her scream.." he continued thrusting in and out with all his force. Blade felt as if she was going to die.

Chuck snickered as he picked up her ナイフ and slid it down her face, applying もっと見る pressure he further he went down. She whimpered but didn't scream. She knew better. Nick leaned down, “Scream little girl.. Scream, for me." He made one last, hard thrust; Blade let out a scream. It was a broken and dying scream. Nick laughed for he got what he wanted, like always.

Nick pulled his pants up and his henches backed up. Blade lay there sniffling, she tried to crawl away. A big gruff voice boomed, “Not so fast, little slut."


Chuck picked her up and slammed her against the wall. She grunted in pain. "Nick may be done, but I'm not." He held Blade's arms above her with one hand, and slid his fingers over her lady part. She let out a broken moan. Chuck licked her neck tasting her, slowly he worked his way up to her jaw line. "Sto-Stop i-it!" She cried.
"No thanks" He 発言しました as he slipped he fingers into her deepening with every push. His fingers slid in and out as she squirmed.
"Let me go, あなた stupid fucker!"
Chuck slammed her against the ウォール again, and traced his tongue to her chest.

She kicked him making him release her. Blade started running but the two un-named henches grabbed her and pushed her onto the ground. Blood trickled out of her mouth as she closed her eyes. The four snickered. They weren't finished just yet. They moved her, so she was on all fours. The two removed their pants. One entered her as the other put his shaft in her mouth. They pace slowly picked up; Nick and Chuck watched with pleasure in their eyes.

She didn't fight, she didn't scream, she was sore and hurt. Where were the ヒーローズ to save her. Nowhere and they weren't coming. She was alone with four men and no savior.

Suddenly, the pain stopped and she faded back to reality. Screams of pain filled the alley. She looked around and they were all dead. All four. She glanced weakly to the left and noticed a shadowy figure, light hair swaying in the damp air.
"Te-rror?" Was all she could get out before everything faded to black.


Blade opened her eyes to a dark apartment. She tried to 移動する off the ソファー, ソファ but was too sore. "Fuck!" She muttered. Blade pulled herself up and breathed deeply from how much energy it took.

"Might want not want to waste all your energy," the voice was oddly familiar..
"Terror?" She huffed.

Blade's eyes watered as memories filled of her head, the pain surged through her and she shuttered, “Where am I?"

When I see your smile
Tears roll down my face I can't replace
And now that I'm strong I have figured out.

Terror approached Blade, "You're awake? Are あなた okay, I was just walking によって and I saw those men and what happened, it enraged me. I killed them and brought あなた here."
"I could've handled myself!!" She reached for something to throw at him.

How this world turns cold
and it breaks through my soul
And I know I'll find deep
inside me I can be the one.

"I was just helping! This is how あなた thank me!?"
"I didn't need help! I never need help!!" She growled.

I will never let あなた fall
(let あなた fall)

"You can accept help when it's needed."

I'll stand up with あなた forever

"Terror, I 愛 you! But あなた could have got hurt!" She glared. He approached her inches from her face.
"It would have been worth saving you."

I'll be there for あなた through it all
(through it all)
Even if saving you
sends me to heaven!

She blushed hard in frustration.
"What if あなた got hurt?!"
"Blade.." he smirked. She swung at him but stopped because it hurt so badly. His eyes softened.

It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.

He inched closer, only a hair's length away from her lips. Her blush grew brighter.
"What!? Terror I ju-" Her words where clogged up によって his lips on hers. Blade's eyes widened, as he pulled away.
"You're welcome." Terror smirked, his bright blue eyes flashed.

Seasons are changing
And waves are crashing

"I hate to leave, but I have people to deal with." Terror started to walk away, but was pulled down 次 to Blade.
"Please don't leave me."

And stars are falling all for us
Days grow longer and
nights grow shorter

"Fine, darling." Terror agreed.
"Thank you, I don't even feel sore, if that is any better." Blade smiled weakly.
"Yeah, you're lucky I was there to save you!"
"Stop bragging!"
"I 愛 あなた Blade."
Her eyes softened, “I 愛 you, too"
His eyebrows furrowed and the side of his mouth curved up.

I can 表示する you
I'll be the one

Blade pulled Terror closer, “Blade, I can't get carried away." He pleaded.
"Just this once, please!" Her eyes changed dark purple with desire. Terror nodded slowly.

I will never let あなた fall
(let あなた fall)

Blade kissed him as he cupped her face. She let out a small moan of pleasure as he gained entry into her moist, warm mouth. Her lips were soft, and he liked it. His tongue was welcoming, she wouldn't lie.

I'll stand up with あなた forever

He pushed harder on her lips making her bend back a little, but she quickly flipped him over によって pushing him onto his back on the couch. He smirked during the kiss, he wouldn't settle for this. Blade.. Blade Howard? Was dominating him? No thank you. He knew how to stay on top.

I'll be there for あなた through it all
(through it all)
Even if saving you
sends me to heaven

He 塔の上のラプンツェル his fingers in her golden locks, as he slid his tongue down her neck. She hesitated at the gesture, from memories of earlier that night, but the もっと見る he continued the もっと見る she accepted it. Her back arched in orgasmic pleasure.

This was his chance to take advantage. He began rubbing her stomach. Blade was flipped over, as Terror worked his way to her chest, he kissed her skin roughly with his lips. She moaned loudly as she wrapped herself around him, forcing him into the wall.

Cause you're my,
you're my,
my true love,
my whole heart

He grunted but continued キス her chest, she moaned again as he pushed her onto the bed. Blade removed his シャツ and kissed his neck. Terror let out a low moan. She dug her nails into his back, resulting in a groan from him, she pulled herself closer to him. She whispered, “I can't hold back.." Quickly she noticed he was ロスト in the bliss of pleasure and flipped him over on the ベッド so she was on top.

He helped her remove her シャツ and pulled her onto his body. She breathed hard into her ear as he bit down on her neck. Blade let out a sharp cry and squirmed in delight. Terror tried flipping her over but she held him secure によって pulling his hair. He smirked, out of breath," Same here, love!"

Please don't
throw that away

The demon bit down hard on her neck again and smiled as she let out a ,"Nghhh" She placed her damp forehead to his and started removing her shorts. She threw them aside and placed spread her legs, one leg on each side of his body. She gave him long, deep, sensory over-loading kiss. He slipped off his pants and flipped her over.

He placed her arms above her head and held them there tightly. Terror ran his tongue from her jaw line to her stomach, like he was following and invisible trail, he traced a サークル, 円 around her navel; she dug her nails into his hands and jerked from the sharp, quick orgasm it gave her. "Come on! Th-," her breath was short, “Thank y-you!"

Cause I'm here for you
Please don't walk away and
Please tell me you'll
stay whoa, stay whoa

"Welco-come, sweetheart." He winked at her. He continued moving down, then stopped at her panty line. He shifted フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして above her. "Just leave me on top, kay... Blade?"

Blade glared and broke free from his grip; she removed her bra, pulled him closer. She began pulling his blonde hair, and he let out a plea-full moan for more.

His hand slid into her underwear, her breath hitched. Terror moved his fingers in an up and down motion. Blade threw her head back and breathed hard. A scream escaped her lips. Pulling herself フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして shakily Blade whispered, “Take me."

Use me as あなた will

Blade's voice was smooth and seductive, it was the kind of voice Terror would 愛 to hear all 日 long, and it sent him on a frenzy of delight and pleasure. She kissed his neck then his chest and slowly slipped of his boxers. He nodded slowly and removed her panties. He spread her legs and slowly entered her. His body was tense, but when she cupped his face he melted. Terror was ロスト in her ruby eyes. As he moved in and out of her, she moaned high-pitched cries,"Fuck! Fa-faster!!" His pace quickened and she tried to mutter something,"Ter- Terror.. Nggghhhh."

Pull my strings just for a thrill

Small traces of sweat glossed her body. Pulling herself closer to him she squirmed, “Mor-more.. Har-harder!"

And I know I'll be okay

He moved in and out faster, harder, with every thrust. He felt one with her. Blade’s fingernails left imprints of emotion in his back. She moaned もっと見る and begged for him to go faster. He now knew her inside and out. And he loved it.

She bit down on his neck and tugged at his hair. She wanted もっと見る from him. Blade wanted all of him to herself. She wanted him to be hers.

Though my skies are turning gray.

"Terror" She 発言しました in between cries.

"I'm so so- glad- I chose yo-" Her sentence was cut off によって her short, sharp breath.

Terror smirked as their bodies moved as one. Blade bit her lip, hard, drawing blood. Blood dripped from her lip. The demon's eyes flashed red. He bent over, continuing his motion, and licked her blood clean off her lip. She panted hard from the events that took place. Terror slowed his pace and came to a stop. Blade pulled herself away from him and positioned herself to be eye level with him. Between pants she sputtered out,"Terr-or tha-thanks.. I 愛 you." She slowly closed her eyes, wrapped in the blanket, lay down and drifted to sleep.

Terror smiled, he lay 次 to her and stared at the ceiling and slowly fingered Blade's ゴールド hair.

"Blade, I know your asleep but I 愛 you. あなた accept me for who I am, I keep the monster at ベイ, 湾 for あなた and あなた only. If anyone hurts あなた I'll make sure they can't touch anything, anymore." he shifted his body to face her sleeping one, “I 愛 how tough あなた are yet as gentle as a flower, あなた mean the world to me. If I can I will be your hero, well demon hero." Terror kissed her nose and watched as she shifted. He snickered and clutched her hand slowly drifting into a slumber.

I will never let あなた fall
I'll stand up with あなた forever
I'll be there for あなた through it all
Even if saving あなた sends me to heaven.

(First graphic fan-fic don't be too harsh ;) )