Demon (scythe)
This isn't a new OC, rather, it's an old one あなた all know, but don't know, so it's new to you, but not really cuz あなた know her, as someone else... Imma shut up now.

Name: Kyra Grayson ((see, told you!!))
Alias: Demon
Age: 18 ((YJI Timeline, she’ll make an appearance in LHS))
Personality: cocky, headstrong, over-confident, protective of ランダム people in the past
Appearance: maroon/red hair, red eyes, lithe figure and pale skin
Costume: black ninja outfit with red highlights and red boots, full face mask with red highlights surrounding eyes
Civvies: black skirt, shirt, and knee highs, red ballet フラット, 平屋 and gloves
Abilities: hand-to-hand, does a disappearing act when she feels threatened, has a katana/sword that turns into a scythe at certain points in time
History: Nothing is really known about Demon, except she’s really protective of certain people in the past. These people include Fin, Delta, Robin and Aisling. She acts like a villain, but there is a point where Fin confronts her about the ランダム times when she’s being a hero, and she confesses she’s putting on an act to help save the near future. She’s often on her com link with “Tigress” and “Longshot,” but the people of the past are oblivious to who these people might be.

Don't believe me? Fine.
Fin took on "Phoenix" when she turned 15, but died two months before Artemis. Ra's al Ghul raised her with the Lazarus pit (because he obviously doesn't understand she can reincarnate..) and she was introduced to Kaldur. He recognized her and she came with him when Artemis 'died,' but Nightwing, Wally または Artemis did not know who she was. Of course, once Artemis became Tigress, she realized it was Fin. Nathan Stone, known as Longshot, knew Fin was still alive, and wasn't surprised when she turned out to be Demon. They're still dating. No one else, not even バットマン または Nightwing, know that Demon is Fin.

Hate on me, I'm cool with it... But she is here, so deal. She won't be RPing, as far as I know.
Demon (sword)
One of her civvie outfits... ;D