Well あなた guys wanted もっと見る Terror and were also suggesting couples. So here's a look at Terror's tender side. Don't get too excited. It won't come out often.

He felt it like a sudden bullet. Fear. It hit him fast and it hit him hard. He placed his hands to his head, willing the sudden pain to go away. Most often he would take the fear away without needing to find the host of it. But he chose to look and was glad when he did. He walked among the shadow world, picking a rose as he went. He twirled the 花 in his hand, ignoring the thorns that penetrated his skin. He stepped through one shadow and exited into her room. She was sitting on the floor, crying. The room had been littered with weapons and various shards of glass. All because of her fear.
“You're nothing like him.”
She looked up and wiped at her tears.
“Terror. What are あなた doing here?”
He smiled and sat beside her, not caring about glass または knifes.
“Even your fear can't hide from me. I've fought demons of highest rank and still know their fear. Your fear can't hide from me.”
“I just-”
“I know the fear face. But あなた are nothing like him. He doesn't control あなた anymore. You've won, Blade.”
“But what if he's in me still?”
“He isn't.”
“How do あなた know?”
“Because I'd see the fear of it, trying to remain alive, trying to take over and consume you. Even he has fear, Blade. But only monsters can see it.”
“Why do あなた keep calling yourself that?! Terror あなた are no monster!”
“You're wrong. Because I feel it every day. Desperately clawing it's way to freedom.”
“I've seen your so called monster. It's not as bad as あなた think.”
Terror let out a strangled laugh and Blade raised her eyebrows.
“You've only seen my first monster, love. Let's hope あなた never see the real thing.”
“And how bad is THIS monster? And how many do あなた have?”
“Three forms. Each もっと見る dangerous than the first. My third monster form...let's just say, あなた don't ever want me that angry.”
He twirled the rose in his hand and flicked it into her open hand. Her face softened when she saw it.
“Where do あなた get these?”
He smiled and pulled her onto his lap.
“The only place I go. Even little weapons need surprises.”
Blade smiled, a light blush covering her cheeks. Terror kissed her temple.
“I 愛 you, my little weapon.”
She looked at him, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“I 愛 あなた too, my monster.”

Yay. All over. If this was...eh Idk inappropriate または not okay for anyone, let me know. For future reference. Also, あなた think I was accurate on Blade????