NOW it get's fun! >:)

He stood in the shadows. Things were too calm.
“It's starting.”
A raspy whisper answered.
“Yesss. あなた know what あなた must do.”
“Destroy them.”
“The fools let it happen.”
“Unfortunately. But remember, they are only human.”
“Of course. What else?”
“Remember, nothing that will happen has been foreseen. Nothing could be changed.”
“How do あなた think they'll take it when they find out?”
“Harshly. No one will hear from them for weeks.”
“They'll go into hiding?”
“What will happen?”
“It will be like they were never here.”
“And not a single person will be able to locate them?”
“No one but themselves. Not a computer, hero, villain, mortal, または immortal shall find them.”
“So it's like they died?”
“It's like they were never living.”
“Yesss. But only one person will know they ever existed.”
“The soul keeper.”
“Hmm. It is fate's desire.”
“I must go.”
“I'll hear from あなた soon.”
He retreated several miles, pulling out of the astrial plain. He opened his eyes.
“Thanks for the info, monster.”
The same voice answered from inside.
“You're welcome, Terror.”