I sat on the roof 上, ページのトップへ of a big corporate building, when i hear sirens. I smiled, I and took off towards the sirens. I always had a knack for beating the bad guys. Buts of been my drive for wanting to be a superhero.
I ran all the way, not stopping to breathe. I jumped, roof to roof, and my eyes landed on a large bank heist. i jumped down onto the 通り, ストリート and the earth shook just like i wanted. It usually drove fear into the Villain's hearts. And made them freeze, but not this time, I ran into the building, ignoring the policemen's shouts, and my eyes flamed with the 火災, 火 i finally learned to control.
I blasted one man who held the money with a face full of water, one man pulled a gun and tried shooting me, I dodged the bullets, like i had practiced so many times before, even if i knew it wouldn't have hurt me anyway. Finally i got a foot to his gut and an elbow to his chin, he stayed on the floor, suddenly some one grabbed my hair, and yanked me to the floor, i grabbed the man from his legs and bit down hard! He screamed and stumbled back, i grabbed a piece of steel that i saw lying there and tied them all up.
I left the building quickly and in the shadows, in fact i think that was the best and worst idea i ever made in my life!
I jumped to one building before i came face to face with Robin, i fell back surprised, and he said, "WOW! never thought a girl would do something like this." and jumped at me. I didn't want to hurt him, but u had no idea how to explain, i did do anything wrong, In fact i was the HERO in this picture!
Robin grabbed my arm and tried to throw me over his shoulder, in stead i did that ot him. He fell onto back, and I ran towards another building, and then Kid Flash got in my way. I sighed. I lused to 愛 watching these gusy fight now, i was fighting them! lovely!
I fianlly got Kid Flashh off my back, and had to deal with Artmeis, she was nothing on me it turns out. and Miss Martian was easy too, way to cocky, my problem however was Superboy and Aqualad. They were stronger that the rest.
And Superboy cornered me, when itried to scream something, i had taken time in my life to lear atlantean, and it almost paid off. I yelled out to Aqualad in his bative tounge, and he tried to order Superboy away from me, To llate.
Superboy threw me over, my legs felt weak and things got dizzy, i could have flown but this was a bit frightening in, if i didn't react fast i'd die.