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about nothing. AHAHA!
zapp brannigan
You've been on a site since 2009 and have been supporting it. Lately, the site has been dying off. That's what happens to old sites when it gets outclassed. あなた lately haven't been on the site and a change happens. Then あなた find out that because あなた haven't been on lately, the site screws あなた over. Everyone else gets a ton of ゴールド but あなた get zero because of a hidden update. So you're reminded you're poor, unless they want a huge spam of nothingness of value, there's not a really good way to even gather those gold.

Basically, you've been screwed によって a site you've supported. You've recommended it to others. And the site doesn't give back. Thanks a lot, for nothing.
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Its a conversation...between Neon (my imaginary friend) and me XDD

Neon: What? Why the heck do あなた want to type up our conversation?
Me: I just want to type, thats all.
Neon: Yeah...well, you're too slow at typing. あなた can't keep up.
Me: Ugh...I know. But its not like we're talking about something important.
Neon: Eh...fine. What's the topic?
Me: This song *listening to "This is How It Will End"*
Neon: Haven't あなた listened to this song long enough?
Me: Nope. It'll never be enough.
Neon: Well, it ロスト the air constricting effect.
Me: Yeah, but it is still a great song.
Neon: Heh, humans..
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 Alejandro is a puppeteer. Impressive, huh?
Alejandro is a puppeteer. Impressive, huh?
Just because I'm addicted to it and can't stop listening to it, I'll type up the the xxXNothingXxx spot. club!

Alejandro: I left Bridgette stuck to a pole.

Robbed Leshawna of her fabulous soul

Made even Courtney lose control

Now I'm gonna to leave あなた wedged up in a hole!

This is how we will end it!

This game we had played!

This is how we will end it!

Your bill must be payed!

Heather: Ooohh

Shouldn't have mocked あなた for having to dig.

Helped me out and I'll be あなた human drill rig.

Alejandro: あなた think I'm going to fall for that.

Ain't a お茶, 紅茶 party.

Its combat!

This is...
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Just a short article, kk?

Well, I'm feeling a little bummed out about something. But あなた know, I'm not good with words. So, I'm just going to say it here. Because....well, I 愛 this spot. Somewhat..its private.

Why are so many people leaving Fanpop? There's so much "questions" about it または articles. I can respect their decision. I guess I just don't know enough about their story (heh, since when did I know anything?). I don't need to track these things down...maybe..
Anyways, someone is leaving Fanpop. I don't know what to say to her. Well, maybe its because I can't really say anything otherwise....
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