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posted by xneville_rocksx
    Many people say that war is organized chaos. In the case of the battle of ブル Run, it was disorganized chaos. Calvary, artillery, infantry, all were fighting on the field, and I could hardly tell one regiment from the next.
    Quickly I dropped down, as I heard the rebel artillery firing at us, bringing me back to reality. Normally, I’m not that easily distracted. Men on either side of me loaded their 銃 and fired back, the noise from the shots ロスト in the din of the battle. I felt satisfied as I heard a rebel cry out after getting shot. After...
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posted by xneville_rocksx
This is a poem written によって me based on the play "Death of a Salesman"

A man walks door to door
Carrying a briefcase,
A walking store
That is the life of a salesman

He is denied a sale,
His life is tough,
His business – a fail
That is the life of a salesman

He drives home, tries to die
He crashes his car,
Caught in a lie
That is the life of a salesman

His life is a terrible mess,
His sons displease him
He wants death – no less
That is the life of a salesman

From traveling, he is tired
He talks to his boss,
And then he is fired
That is the life of a salesman

His sons decide to stop their lying
They know that inside,
Their father is dying
That is the life of a salesman

Suddenly he rushes outside
He never returns,
His sons know that he died
That is the death of a salesman

Their father is forever gone
Never to return,
But their life will go on
And that is the life of a salesman
Okay – before I write this I am going to say I wrote this almost 2 years 前 (May 29, 08) and I don’t know if anyone will like this but I do  (It’s a song, I forgot to say that)

From the start, you’ve always held my heart
Since the start, I’ve loved あなた with all of my heart
But for you, I’m only just your best friend,
Yes it’s True, Why can’t we be もっと見る than just good フレンズ forever
And ever and ever on, we could be もっと見る than this
Oh, もっと見る than this

Every 日 in every way, I’m always thinking about you
Every 日 in every night, can’t keep あなた out of my sight, yeah
I don’t...
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