X-Men ファン Fiction X-OCs I want to see yours :D

jadore_renard posted on Dec 03, 2009 at 01:37AM
I just wanted to see people's OCs :D

Here's mine:

Full name: Theodora 'Teddy' Rain Channing

Nick names: Theo, T, Teddy(preferred), Dora (hates being called this)

Age: 15

Aliases: Eclipse(X-men)

Identity: Secret to to those outside of the X-Men

Relatives Mother, Father, Older Brother, younger sister, and grandmother. Names unknown.

Affiliation: X-Men

Occupation: Student

Citizenship Canada

Birth Place Nova Scotia, Canada

Powers: The ability to manipulate shadows and light. Teddy is able to cast walls of light powerful enough to blind someone (usually only temporarily). She can also cloak herself and others in shadows, making it hard to locate them. Her powers rarely work to her advantage because they are heavily tied to her emotions.

Abilities: She can draw relatively well and took gymnastics training for years before attending Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, making her quick and flexible. She is currently learning to fence.

Weapons: She is in the process of learning to use swords, other than that she carries pepper spray.

Personality: Teddy is a very shy and quiet girl. She has a lot of trouble trying to talk to people she doesn't know. She's witty, loves comedies and warm weather. Sometimes she can be a little judgmental when someone does something she perceives as morally incorrect (stealing, hurting other people, discriminating others. That sort of thing) Teddy tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. 99.9% of the time you will know how she is feeling. This can be a bad thing because her powers are so closely linked with her emotions. If her get her upset, or frightened then you'd better watch out. Her lack of control over her powers contributes greatly to her low self esteem.

Weaknesses: Teddy's greatest weakness is her fear. She is always terrified going into battle and may freeze up</b>

Strengths: She is quite good at being stealthy.

Fears: the danger room (she absolutely hates it. It scares her almost as much as actual battle) Failing her team, this fear stems off her fear of battle. She's always worried someone else will get hurt because she was too cowardly to do anything.

Likes: Hot weather, hiking, watching old movies, sketching, sneaking up on people, reading, food (she loves anything homemade food), animals

dislikes snow, intimidating people, large crowds, public speaking, the danger room, battle, The Brotherhood, ignorant people


Height: 5'4

Weight: 110 lbs

Eye Colour: Honey brown. When powers are in use they can very between glowing white, and pitch black.

Hair: Naturally blond and curly.
 I just wanted to see people's OCs :D Here's mine: Full name: Theodora 'Teddy' Rain Channing Nick
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1年以上前 axemnas said…
okay here's one of mine

Name:Jacob Gideon (doesn't know it)
last name: Pressol (doesn't know it)
codename: Wingman
Alias:Fang(goes by Fang),Weapon XIII,Wingman,Jacob Gideon,Fang Creed
age: ???
eye color: Hazel
hair color: dirty blonde
height: 5'2"
blood type: D+mutated
thought to be Europe
Known Relatives:Victor Creed,Logan
Current residence: Bayville,NY
Current status:inactive weapon X,part time student at Xavier's school for the gifted,member of the X-men
Powers:Wings,accelerated healing factor,heightened scences
Note:2 sets of adamantium claw one in each finger

Bio:Fang was born some where in Europe in a Weapon X lab as an experiment and after years of experiments, training and missions with weapon x they considered him close to the perfect weapon, one night he escaped and lived on a Marine airbase for a cupple years till one of his relatives found him Sabretooth (related by DNA to him,Wolverine and one other; can be referred to as his 'fathers' in a matter of speaking) after spending some more time at weapon x he ran away again and after playing cat and mouse for a while Sabretooth caught up to him and they bonded adamantium to his bones and erased his memory and where we find him now hes at Xavier's school for the gifted

thats at least the one of him in my first few comics i kind of have him evolve so if you want i could put his more evolved ones on here too as well as my other characters.
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 okay here's one of mine Name:Jacob Gideon (doesn't know it) last name: Pressol (doesn't know it) cod
1年以上前 starwarsfangirl said…
Here's mine!

Name: Joseph
Codename: Bulls-Eye
Age: 15
Eye color: Dark blue
hair: dark brown

Abilities: Jo has a magnetic skeleton, which he can change from negative to positive at will and control where the magnetic field is. He can also shoot bullets from his fingers, and has really good hand-eye coordination. He's very flexible, and can flex in any direction as long as his bones don't bend (all his joints are ball and socket) and his muscles are loosely wrapped around his bones so as to make him so flexible.

Bio: He was born, miraculously, two or three months AFTER his mother died, along with his twin sister. This was made happen by a crazy scientist who studies/does tests on mutants. He kept them in his lab most of the time, but allowed the two of them to go to public school. The scientist kept an eye on them at all times via video cameras. They were not supposed to have any friends, in fear of the government finding out. (This was before the public knew of mutants) At the age of thirteen, his sister, who had anger issues, got free of the mad scientist, and killed him, leaving a quite gruesome mess behind. They then went on and lived on the streets of New Orleans for a few months, until they heard about the X-Men. They then traveled to Bayville, and tried to join the X-Men, but before they could, they were snatched up by the Weapon X, and brought to Canada to be reprogrammed into weapons. Fortunately, his sister was a telepath, and was able to somehow contact one of the X-Men telepathically, and give them enough information so that they were able to rescue them in time. After they escaped, the two of them were offered positions on the team, which Jo accepted, but his sister declined. Now, he is one of the students of Xavier High, but he hasn't heard from his sister since the Weapon X lab.
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