X-Men ファン Fiction Looking for Collaborators for FanFiction

Artisan219 posted on Nov 06, 2009 at 05:47AM
I'm writing a very large multifaceted fan-fiction. I'd like to do it as a series of actual novels, but that's a matter of coming to terms with Marvel.

In any case, I have some rather off-the-wall ideas, things I chose to do to, in one way or another, make my fan-fiction smoother. In a lot of instances, this meant making changes from the comic books.

I'd like some people to help me discuss some of these changes so that I can tell whether or not they might rub fans the wrong way or if they work as well as I should hope them to.

This is a real-world rendering of Marvel. This means no aliens, no time-travel, no miraculous resurrections, no magic, no alternate dimensions, etc. Most of my changes relate to those new rules. For instance, I combined Cable and Corsair since Cable can't be from the future and Corsair can't be on an alien ship. Other changes involve Nightcrawler as a vampire, Sebastion Shaw as running for governor of New York, and Howard Stark involved in the production of Sentinels.

If this sounds like something you'd like to discuss, feel free to comment or send me a personal email.


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