X-Men ファン Fiction Shadows of the Mind (poem)

deepredtiger posted on Sep 30, 2009 at 04:19PM
Darkness flows fast when my mind is left to it’s own devices.

I can’t seem to forget what they did. I can’t remember either.

It’s a strange soup of bits and pieces of life’s experience.

Good, bad, and Ugly. Very Ugly.

Some created by others, some by the person I see in the mirror every morning before I shave. Hate that guy at times.

Wish I could remember, wish I could forget.

Nightmares plague my sleep while memories of lovers fill my senses.

My heart pounds at the thoughts of their touch, then stops cold with the mad rush of pain not so far from yesterday.

I have a long time to figure this thing called “me” out, trouble is… I DON’T want to know

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