X-Men ファン Fiction One (Poem By: ChristmasSnow)

ChristmasSnow posted on Feb 24, 2009 at 11:35PM
The destiny of one
The death of millions
A heart so cold
A skin so blue
I am the first
I am the last
Your fate begins
Your fate ends
I am the One
I am the Only
I will remain
You can not defeat me
I can not be Stop
My power will always return

X-Men ファン Fiction 11 返信

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1年以上前 ChristmasSnow said…
can ya guess who?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
lets see theirs only two major charters with blue skin so my guess is is it Kurt Wagner known best as Nightcrawler
1年以上前 ChristmasSnow said…
wow didn't think someone would reply so soon, lol
wish you were right but Kurt isn't it
actually the subject of this poem isn't an x-man
but they have been a player in the x-men comics
1年以上前 ChinaMarie said…
I know who it is but I have inside information so I won't say anything. Nice to see at least one of my friends are getting more active on this site.
1年以上前 Ambrosia_Starr said…
ok, is it Sinister?
1年以上前 ChristmasSnow said…
ooo another one bites the dust
sorry starr good choise
but still wrong
1年以上前 axemnas said…
okay is it Mystique
1年以上前 MidNightX_X said…
i have no idea. my first thought was kurt but its not then there's mystique but i don't think its her either. help...
1年以上前 Ambrosia_Starr said…
ok, i'm gonna take a wild guess and say Apoc??????
1年以上前 BeatlesLiveOn said…
I was going to say Sinister, but Ambrosia_Star already guessed it. :P Is it Beast?? Though he has blue fur, not skin... and I'm not sure he'd fit with the "death of millions" part...unless I'm missing something...
1年以上前 starwarsfangirl said…
Hm... Logan? I'm thinking that perhaps their skin is not ACTUALLY blue? Maybe they're just cold? Well, Logan's Canadian, and he's up there a lot, and 'my powers will always return' could be his healing factor... 'i will remain' honestly, he lives for a long time... 'a heart so cold' he can be pretty cold hearted at times. 'The death of millions' that could be a reference to 'Wolverine and the X-Men' 'cause if he hadn't of put the X-Men back together, millions of more mutants would've died... Meh, that's my guess. Logan. It makes sense.