X-Men ファン Fiction ファン Fiction Rules For This Spot

ChinaMarie posted on Feb 11, 2009 at 12:05PM
These are meant to keep things peaceful and running smoothly. Please adhere to these rules to keep problems at a minimum. If you have any questions, concerns or possible rules I may have missed, either post a reply here or Fanmail me.

1. Be kind and courteous to other writers here. It's okay to give constructive criticism but don't be belligerent or unnecessarily cruel. We are here to have fun and explore the working worlds in our minds. We are not here to make fun of or completely destroy someone's creation.

2. If you have a story that is for adults only (18+/R/M/NC-17) then please edit the necessary portions to make it readable by those on FanPop who are underage. It doesn't take much and will make you and your story less likely to be deleted or banned from this spot or Fanpop itself. This little tidbit is also in the Fanpop "Terms of Agreement".

3. Be sure your stories are well written with care for spelling, content, and realism. I would rather not see a work posted that is hard to read or understand due to bad spelling, poor grammar, or improperly structured syntax.

4. Last but not least, have fun! This is a place for Marvel and X-Men lovers to share their dream worlds with others of like minds.

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