picture from the film legon that reminded me of Fang
One 日 in the Canadian wilderness Fang was sparring with Sabretooth when he is knocked across the ground dragging his claws till he skidded to a halt. He stands up and suddenly he gets hit with a almost crippling hearing. Hearing so keen he can hear their hearts beating. He gets flooded with all the sounds of the forest Fang bares his teeth, covers his ears and drops to his knees in agony. Sabretooth smiling walks over and
picks him up によって his jacket.
"What’s wrong can't take lose-in" he 発言しました looking Fang in the face.
Unknown to either of them theirs a third party amongst them a experienced looking man a war vet possibly with a ライフル of great power whoever he is he’s got a A-K47 または one similar. The unknown sniper pulls back on the trigger.
Fang opens his eyes to a squint when the shot is fired. It went through Fang's wing and into Sabretooth's arm forcing him to drop him. The sound of the shot killed Fang. Struggling Fang got up off the ground and in one smooth motion he slashed Sabretooth and shot into the air before his wing was fully healed a fatal mistake for someone unlike Fang; someone who doesn't have a healing factor, because it can cause a chain reaction affect of wounds in the wing. Normally Fang would've just ran until his wing was healed rather than postponing the healing process, but in this situation it would be a fatal mistake.
Fang flew for miles without stopping unsure if he was being tracked the pain from his wing was savvier, but it was nothing compared to the agony of the sound of a jet engine that would occasionally pass. The sound was so excruciating Fang had to use every fiber of his being to keep form passing out. He flew through streams and a waterfall in an act to mask his scent. Then he landed in a 木, ツリー to rest for the night, but he couldn't sleep with all the noise going on. Fang felt like clawing his ear drums out. If it weren't that he had to rest his wings so it could completely heal he would have kept flying. Finally he couldn't take it any もっと見る and started walking on. "I think it’s about time I visited the institute" he thought as he walked on struggling to adapt to his new found ability. Once he made it out of the woods it was a little easier on his ears, but still it was very excruciating.

Meanwhile at the Xavier institute Scott Summers and several others are getting ready for the new arrivals.

Astonishing X-men issue 1 Gifted variation cover