Talia awoke with a jolt. Her room was filled with bright light. "Not again!" she moaned shielding her eyes as she got out of bed. She sighed with relief when she looked out the window to see that she was not providing the light. She would have felt terrible if her powers had kept anyone up. Talia stood in front of her window, allowing the early morning sun to shine in and warm her face. She could have stood there forever, but her stomach disagreed. It grumbled loudly.

Talia glanced at her clock. She didn't know if anyone would be up at 6:00AM on a Saturday. Talia cautiously walked down the stairs. She stopped at the bottom and thought for a moment, where had the Professor 発言しました the キッチン was? Talia shook her head. She had to work on her memory.
After a few 分 of tip-toeing around the mansion she came across the kitchen. It was empty when she walked in. Unsure whether または not she should help herself to breakfast, she just stood there nervously. She had been standing there for at least ten 分 debating with her stomach, when suddenly she heard a noise behind her. Startled によって it, Talia cast a blinding ウォール of light towards it. She heard a scream of pain. To Talia's horror she saw a figure hunched over clutching their face in their hands.

She rushed over to the figure’s side, unsure what to do. As she got closer she realized it was Logan, the man who had helped her with her luggage. Suddenly Claws shot out of his hands, one of them slashing her arm. Talia screamed and tumbled backwards. She scrambled across the floor with a look of sheer terror in her eyes.

Storm burst into the キッチン followed によって Jean and Scott. "Logan what happened!?" Storm said, her voice filled with concern.

“I dunno’ exactly.” Logan grunted as he stood up, sliding his claws back in. “Is the girl okay?” asked Logan. No one had really noticed Talia in all the commotion. She was still huddled in the corner in shock. Logan’s eyes widened and he saw the deep gash on her arm. A look of anger suddenly spread across his face. “What the hell where あなた doing?!” he yelled. “You could have gotten yourself killed kid!”

“Logan!” Storm yelled “You’re scaring her!” with that Logan stormed out of the institute slamming the door behind him. によって this time at least half of the school was standing in the hall trying to get a glimpse of what the commotion was about. Scott tried to アッシャー them all back to their rooms.

“It’s okay” Storm 発言しました kindly approaching Talia, holding her hand out to help her up. Talia got up still somewhat in shock and shaking.
“D-did I blind him?” She squeaked.
“No, Logan has accelerated healing he should be fine” Storm answered trying to calm the traumatized girl. Talia had now calmed down enough to notice her arm wound, which was still bleeding heavily. The deep red liquid oozed down her arm staining her t-shirt and pants. Talia felt a sudden rush of nausea. She had never been good around blood. The room started spinning and before she knew it everything went black.