I do not own Wolverine または the Xmen, I do own Sasha Lynn Grey

Author: Patricia Anne McCarty
Word Count: 1785

Passion of Love: Part one PG-13

This is for all my ファン of my ファン Fic who have read “Daddy’s Little Girl” And have been begging me to finish it , Well I am working on that fitting it in with all the other things I need to do. Mean while, This story is How Sasha Lynn Grey came to be. And other stuff too.

the scent was fire
burning skin
burning within
he wants her
will she submit
she wonders
is she ready to commit
touch touch
they can take no more
blazing flames
they lie on the floor
legs upon legs
hands upon hands
愛 being made
によって woman and man
touch touch
another time around
moaning moaning
the only sound
scratching nails
unrelenting kisses
burning lips
the scent was fire
burning skin
touch touch
burning within
poem by
Sally Omar

Warrning 愛 SENE and it may be too much for some. PG-13

(be for warned that spelling isn't 100% perfect, I have dislexia and don't always catch everything, corrections are welcomed)

This story takes place two years after a war known as “White Rain”.The war was an effort of ethnic cleansing the human race of what some viewed as a stain on humanity. Any mutation with-in the human race qualified for the action of… cleansing によって death. What they didn’t know, is SOME mutants were able to survive.

Professor Charles Exavor spent most of his life trying to preserve mutant rights によって educating people on what it means to be mutant. He has always taught that mutants are part of humanity and a not a threat to the human race. But his efforts seem to have fallen on death ears during the White Rain War.
Some mutants had contradicted Exavor’s teaching and stepped against the humans thus giving rise to the war. These mutants wanted to rain supreme, and rid the world of the lower life forms…the humans.
The Human formed their own fanatical group in great numbers known as The Sons of Humanity. Their followers were known as The Anointed Ones. With the help of a mysterious figure that lurked in the dark shadows called the Deliverer, the humans had developed a kind of death gas that only effected those who carried a mutant gene. But not ALL mutants fell victom to the chemical warfare.
So many lives lost, so many teams that did not return from their missions. One such team was the team Scott Summers was on. He and four other mutants were sent to survey the area known as sector 19 located on one of the Canadian Arctic Islands called White Island. Sector 19 is where the creator of the mutant weapons and head of The Sons of Humanity was believed to be, the mastermind himself, The Deliverer.
When Jean Gray Summers heard the news of her husband Scott’s death, she fell into a great depression, she wasn’t the same Jean the XMen knew and loved. She even looked different. Sad and deer eyed, full of tears still left from the night before was the face she now wore. Logan, a fellow team mate whom has always loved Jean, was there for her もっと見る than anyone else. He put his own needs on hold to take care of Jean, becoming a dear and even closer friend than before. It was during this time that Jean had fallen in 愛 with Logan and was coming out of her depression.

Chapter 1:
“Left Behind”

One night Jean was crying alone in her room, Logan heard her and walked to her door and softly Knocked.

“Red, あなた ok darling?” he asked softly.

“No Logan, (sniff) I’m not.” she sobs quietly.

“Want to talk about it darling?” he asked.

“I don’t know, but I sure could use a hug right about now.” (sniff)

Logan opens the door and walks towards her, he see her sitting on her ベッド with a box of Kleenex and a wedding album laying across her lap . Logan sits down beside her and hugs her closely as she cries deeply and hard into his chest ,soaking his red flannel シャツ with her tears of pain.

“Why?!” she asks with an angry forced tone. “I Just feel so cheated!! We were planing so much. He even wanted to have a child.” She explained as she looked up and tried to wipe her eyes dry, but the tears kept coming faster than she could dab them away. “You know, the night the professor called Scott to duty was the same night we were talking about building a family. Part of me blames the professor for Scott’s death. I feel so guilty! I hate myself!” Her voice was now shaking as she spoke.

Logan held her closely. He kissed her on the head and stroked her hair.
looking her straight in the eyes he replied.
“Red, if it would take away your pain, I would gladly trade places with Scott.”

Jean could feel his 愛 and empathy and her ハート, 心 pounded with in her chest at the sound of his words.
“Oh Logan, that is the sweetest thing I ever heard,” she said

“I met every word Jean.” he stated firmly
Logan never was one to toss words around. He’s always been a man of his word.

Jean put her arms around Logan’s neck and kissed him passionately. Softly whispering in his ear the words till now he only dreamed about. “I want あなた Logan.”

Logan pulled away a little surprised and he asked in a direct voice, “Look me in the eye and say that Jean. Don’t play with me, are あなた sure? Are あなた REALLY sure, ‘cause once I start, I aint gonna be able to stop darling.”

As he requested Jean looked Logan in the eyes and stated with all honesty. “Yes, I’m sure.” She closed her eyes and pulled him close to her then kissed him repeatedly. Logan’s whole body charged as if an electrical volt hit him. He felt もっと見る alive then he had ever remembered feeling before. Still, a small voice in the back of his head kept saying “no”. he could barely hear it, and soon the rushing of his own blood drowned it out completely. He kissed Jean hard and with ownership at first, then the キッス grew into a passionate inferno between the two would be lovers.

Feeling his 火災, 火 was もっと見る than Jean could ignore, she soon realized that she was not going to be in control for long and let Logan take control of her.

It was unlike anything she ever felt with Scott. Logan was not a man who played games, he loved her and he was 表示中 her in his way. It was different than she ever thought. She now knew he was able to control how much of his thoughts she was able to read. Jean thought she KNEW well his feelings for her over the years, but she didn’t see how deep and powerful they truly were… until now.

He took his time with her, exploring every inch of her with his eyes as well as his fingers. it was as if he was memorizing her intire form, burning her very image into his mind. Logan didn’t rip her clothing off as she expected. he was gentle and respectful in removing her garments. Jean found this rvery exiting, and could hardly wait to have her turn at him. Each time Logan pulled her シャツ up he looked her in the eye and kissed her softly and tenderly, as if he was making sure she really wanted to be with him. A few kisses latter her シャツ was comletely removed and tossed onto the floor where it laid still and out of the way. He did the same with her blue jeans leaving her green laced matching undergarments on. Logan moved in for a finial キッス and began to take off his flannel tear soaked シャツ when Jean stopped him. He had anticipated she may have 秒 thoughts about this, so he stopped and let her lead. To his surprise, Jean did NOT have 秒 thoughts, she just wanted to be the one to remove his clothing. He smiled at the site of her in that sexy green satin laced bra and pantie set , sitting with her legs folded under her before him, her red hair flowing as she unbuttoned his シャツ and pulled it off. He could tell she was pressed to control her pace.

“It’s Ok Red, あなた aint gotta hold back darling, just do what あなた feel like doing.” he reassured her in a quite deep voice as he ran his hand up and down her side.

Jean didn’t say a word and pulled him out of his シャツ only to find a white tank under shirt. She decided to follow his moves and leave that on…for now. But when she got to his blue jeans he formed a wicked grin that ran across his face as his blue eyes seemed to gleam. Jean looked up and took note of this.

“What are あなた grinning about あなた old devil?” she asked with a soft giggle.

“Devil? Me?” he 発言しました in a smoldering almost 狼, オオカミ like voice. “You really want to know what I’m grinning at?” he asked.

“Yes” Jean said.

“Ok, I’ll tell ya, see when あなた get past this ベルト buckle darling, you’re gonna know I don’t wear underwear.”

Jean stopped and put her hands to her face pretending to be shocked… “REALLY? Well who would have thought that?” she laughed.

He just looked at her with that same sinister grin. Then it hit her, there went her plan to follow his lead! And HE KNEW THAT.

“Well Logan, what’s a gal gonna do?” She joked as she unbuckled his belt. Logan could have “popped off” right then and there at the way she handled his ベルト and pulled the zipper down. “Now who’s PRESSED to control himself?” she teased with a smirk.

Suddenly Logan’s jeans seemed a bit too tight. “Oh you’re funny, aint yeah doll?” he smiled as he pulled her on 上, ページのトップへ of him and laid back opening his legs and she gently settled between them. He resumed キス her with that same passion he had been storing up for years. Jean slipped out of her bra and removed her underwear tossing them aside thinking Logan would jump out of his jeans and take her right away. But to her surprise he did not. He caress her breast with his warm hands and pulling her closer to him rolled her over on her back and kissed every inch of her with soft little kisses that felt like fluttering butterflies. She closed her eyes and enjoyed his efforts.

“mmmmmm, Logan I want to feel your skin on mine, feel your warmth”. she spoke.

Logan took off his undershirt and then his jeans. Jean opened her eyes just as he dropped his jeans onto the floor. Her eye s widened, she was NOT expecting …”that”, seems she had under estimated Logan all these years. “Oh my God, so that’s why the women are always running after you.” she thought to herself as she pulled him down onto her soft waiting skin. His hairy chest touched her the same way his kisses did. He was very careful not to put too much of his weight on her as he entered her . Slow at first was the pace, but as soon as she was use to him that changed and all his desires were strongly revealed, all night long.