Chapter 1

In a large mansion, 次 to the Atlantic coast, a bald man watched as several teens battled against robotic clawed tentacles, flying saw-like blades, crushing walls and lasers. What normally would’ve been impossible for any person to even think of defeating, a group of teens were there, battling the robotic fiends. Unlike most people however, the group fighting were known as mutants. They were humans, but unlike most humans, they possessed unique abilities. Watching from up above, a blue furred mutant that greatly resembled a large gorilla, a muscular gruff man with big sideburns and a beautiful African American woman with long white hair, judged how well their students were doing. Reaching out to the large control panel controlling the entire danger room, the gruff man was about to send out another threat, when he heard an all too familiar voice in his head. The blue furred mutant and the white haired woman, also heard the same voice.
“Logan, Ororo, Hank, Cerebro has detected a new mutant signature. I need あなた to come to my office immediately.” The voice of Charles Xavier echoed through their minds. Professor Charles Xavier was known to be the world’s most powerful telepath. He was also the owner and one of the teachers at his mansion, which doubled as a school for mutants, または as he liked to say, ‘gifted youngsters’.
With an irritated sigh, Logan, the gruff one, stepped forward.
“End simulation.” He watched as the tentacles, blades, lasers and other training ‘equipment’ shut down, returning to its own holding space, waiting for repairs before the 次 use.
Surprised the training session ended early, the six teens looked up at the platform holding three of their four teachers. Before they could say anything, Logan’s firm, but still gruff voice came over the intercom. “Prof. needs us in his office. But don’t think that you’ll be getting out of the end of this session.” With that, he turned and stalked off, Ororo and Hank following him.
“I vonder vhat zhe professor wanted them for.” Kurt thought out loud. Like Hank, Kurt also had blue fur, with a slightly darker shade of blue for his hair, though his was a darker shade than his teacher’s 毛皮 and hair was. Unlike his teacher, Kurt had a long spaded, prehensile tail, only three fingers on each hand and two toed feet. His legs were animal-like, which made him have to walk slightly slouched over. He also had dimly glowing golden eyes, fangs, and pointy elf-like ears, earning him the nickname ‘elf’.
“Beats me. But it must be important if he wanted them now instead of waiting until after the training session was over.” Scott replied. Scott stood a good foot taller then Kurt, mostly because of Kurt’s posture making him seem shorter then he really was.
“I say we like, sneak up there and find out.” Kitty said. She was the youngest of the teens, Kurt being just a 年 older then she was.
“I dunno. If the professor wanted us to know what was going on, he would’ve called us to his office too.” Scott said. Unlike his fellow mutants, with the exception of his girlfriend, Jean, Scott tended to be the one to think things through.
“Aww c’mon man, don’t あなた wanna know what the prof’s up too?” Evan asked. He was the third youngest, being just a few months younger then Rogue and a couple of years older then Kurt. Despite being Ororo’s nephew, he was still treated like the rest of the students, though he did have the pleasure of having a family member living with him.
“Evan, if the professor wanted us to know, he’d have had us go with them. It’s a good idea to just wait and see if he has something to tell us.” Scott replied, getting slightly annoyed with his younger friends.
“Oh c’mon Scott. Like we’re not hurting anything. So like, chill out.” Kitty said, crossing her arms.
“I give up.” Scott said, letting out a frustrated sigh. His girlfriend, Jean, just smiled and shook her head.
“Why don’t me and あなた go out for a burger?” The red head asked, taking her boyfriends arm. Scott looked at her through his specially made visor and smiled.
“Alright. Sounds good to me.”
“Great. And if the professor does want us, I’ll know.” Jean smiled. Like the professor, Jean could read people’s minds. Not only was she a telepath like her mentor, she was also telekinetic.
With a smile, the two of them walked ahead of the younger mutants, soon disappearing around the corner as they went to their own rooms to get ready. The younger mutants shook their heads, heading for their own rooms. After changing into もっと見る casual clothing, Kurt let his curiosity get the best of him. Teleporting out of his room, he reappeared on the ceiling in the hall. Using his ability to climb on almost any surface, he silently made his way to the doorway to the professor’s office. Thanks to his sensitive hearing, Kurt could hear everything being 発言しました as though he were standing in the room with the adults.
“So there’s a new mutant in Germany that あなた wants us to go and check out?” Logan asked, his arms crossed over his chest.
“That is correct, Logan. I fear that their life may be in danger because of their mutation. This is why I want あなた to leave immediately.” The professor replied, his hands folded in front of him, his elbows resting on his chair arms.
“Alright then Chuck. We’re on it.” Logan said.
“Very good.” Professor X paused for a moment. “Kurt, あなた can come in.”
Wincing a little, Kurt hated when he did things like that. ‘Porting from the ceiling, he reappeared in the large office.
“Sorry for spying professor.” Kurt said, clearly embarrassed that he’d been caught.
“It’s alright. I was actually going to call あなた in anyway. I have a favor to ask of you.” Xavier replied.
“A favor?” Kurt asked curiously. The professor nodded before speaking.
“I want あなた to accompany Logan, Ororo and Hank on this mission. There is a mutant in Germany that we need to find quickly. They’re near your ホーム town, so あなた can probably locate the mutant easier. We’re not sure what kind of powers they have, so be careful.”
“Yes sir. Let me get my image inducer.” Kurt said, teleporting out of the room. He reappeared a few 秒 later with a soft bamf sound and a 雲, クラウド of sulfurous smoke. “Ready.” He smiled.
“Good. あなた had best go now.” Professor X said. With a nod, Kurt grabbed Logan’s wrist with one hand, Hank’s shoulder with his other hand and wrapped his tail around Ororo’s waist before teleporting them to the hanger. Having supplied Hank with an image inducer for the trip, the small group was glad they wouldn’t have to come up with a disguise for the ape mutant.
Boarding the X-jet, Logan and Ororo sat at the controls while Hank and Kurt sat in the seats behind them. Within a couple of minutes, the black jet was moving, steadily picking up speed as it got closer to the end of the runway.
Outside, a large chunk of the cliff side began to move, opening up to reveal a hidden entrance. The waterfall helping to hide the entrance, スプリット, 分割 in the middle as the giant boulder pushed up the middle of it, clearing the 宇宙 for the X-jet to depart. 秒 later, the jet zoomed past, on it’s way to Germany.
On board, Kurt was the most excited of the four, not having been ホーム in almost three years. He was hoping to get to visit his parents before they left. Being as excited as he was, he was squirming in his seat, catching the attention of Hank.
“Kurt? What’s the matter?”
“Huh? Oh, nozing.” Kurt replied, not noticing how restless he was.
“Are あなた sure? あなた are quite restless. I haven’t seen あなた this restless since クリスマス last year.” Hank replied.
“Oh. Vell, I’m excited.” Kurt grinned.
“Yes, I can see that.” Hank chuckled. “Are あなた excited about seeing your old ホーム town again?”
“Ja. Very excited. I haven’t seen mein mozzer and fazzer in a long time.”
“Well, after we find the mutant, we’ll see about letting あなた visit them for a bit while we’re there.” Hank promised. Kurt’s eyes lit up more, if that were even possible.
“Vielen Dank, Herr McCoy!” Kurt grinned. Chuckling, Hank nodded.
“You’re quite welcome Mr. Wagner.” The blue furred teacher smiled.
In the front seats, Logan rolled his eyes at the elf’s excitement. Ororo noticed the look on Logan’s face and giggled. Looking at her, Logan frowned.
“What’s so funny?”
“You are, Logan.” Ororo smiled.
“Humph.” Logan grunted, not at all amused. Ororo just smiled and shook her head at him.
The rest of the trip was made in relative silence, with the exception of Kurt’s restless movements.

Back at the mansion, Kitty was looking frantically for the fuzzy elf. Phasing through walls and floors, she was getting desperate. Scott and Jean had left already, leaving Kitty, Evan, Rogue, the professor ホーム alone, and Kitty thought Kurt as well.
“Professor!” Kitty yelled, phasing into the large office.
“Kitty? Whatever is the matter?” The professor asked, looking up at her.
“I like, can’t find Kurt anywhere! He’s like, vanished!” Kitty explained frantically. The professor gave her an odd look, then smiled.
“Relax Kitty. Kurt is fine. I sent him on a mission with Wolverine, Storm, and Beast. They’ll be back in a few days.”
At hearing that news, Kitty’s expression changed quickly from one of worry to one of complete embarrassment.
“Oh, um, okay. Like, sorry I bothered あなた professor.” Kitty 発言しました before phasing out of the room. The professor smiled and shook his head, chuckling to himself. While the students sometimes annoyed him, he cared about them all as though they were his own children.
Leaving the office, Kitty made her way to the rec. room to watch some TV for awhile, knowing Evan was busy now with homework and Rogue was in hers and Kitty’s room, listening to her heavy metal music. または as Kitty liked to call it, a bunch of screaming monkeys on stage.
With a sigh, Kitty flipped through the channels, eventually finding a half interesting movie to watch. As the less interesting bits came on, she found herself falling asleep on the couch.