It was a cool, eerie night in the German village known as Hegensdorf. A young couple were sitting in their cottage, snuggling together after eating a filling supper. The young man, no older then twenty-five, with curly light brown hair and brown eyes, had a protective arm around his nine-month pregnant wife. The couple were expecting their first child soon and both were very excited about the idea of having a little one running around. As they snuggled together, the young woman with イチゴ blonde hair and the face of a fairytale princess, suddenly gasped loudly at the sudden pain she felt between her legs. Hearing her gasp, the young man looked at his young wife, concern written on his face.

“Mein liebes Kind, was mache ich falsch?” The man asked, the concern he felt being clear in his voice. My dear, what’s wrong?

“Es-es ist Zeit.” She gasped, holding her stomach. It-it’s time.

Hearing those words, the young man quickly got to his feet. Helping his wife to their bedroom, he helped her lay down.

“Entspannen Sie sich lieber, bekomme ich dann デン Arzt.” Realx dear, I'm going to get the doctor. The man 発言しました as calmly as he could manage. キス her forehead, he turned on his heel and ran out of the room, soon exiting the house. Sprinting down the street, he took several corners, nearly plowing over several people, returning ホーム from a hard day’s work, along the way. Ignoring their angry shouts and curses, the man finally arrived at the doctor’s home. Banging on the front door, he started shouting.

“Doktor Aimery! Doktor Aimery! Bitte öffnen Sie die Tür!” Doctor Aimery! Doctor Aimery! Please open the door!

Inside, the balding man known as the village doctor, jumped in his seat, then looked at the door. Recognizing the voice of one of his patients, he sat the paper he was reading, on his chair and hurried to answer the door.

“Obert? Was ist los?” The kind doctor asked. Obert? What is going on?

“Es ist Adelle! Sie ist in Arbeit!” The young man named Obert replied frantically. It is Adelle! She is in labor!

The good doctor’s eyes got wide. “Lassen Sie mich meine Tasche.” Let me get my bag. With that, he ran back into the house. A 分 または so later, he came back, carrying a black doctor’s bag. Without a word, the two ran back to Obert’s home.

In the small cottage, Adelle was in even もっと見る pain then before as the baby grew closer to meeting the world and its parents. Being too busy trying to control her breathing as contractions began, Adelle didn’t even notice her husband and the town doctor hurry into the room.

“Adelle, ist der Arzt jetzt hier.” Obert said, rushing to his wife’s side. Adelle, the doctor is here now.

発言しました doctor was busy preparing the things he would need to deliver the baby. Once prepared, he washed his hands and forearms and then slipped on a pair of elbow length rubber gloves. Setting towels out to clean Adelle up and the baby, and to help hold the baby so it wouldn’t slip out of his hands because of the gloves, he looked at the mother-to-be.

“Adelle, muss ich Sie, Ihre Atmung zu verlangsamen, nur ein bisschen,” Adelle did as Arbeit said. “Gut, einfach weiter wie das Atmen, und wenn ich デン Befehl zu schieben, so viel Druck machen wie möglich.” The older man 発言しました calmly, yet in a tone that forced the hormone raging woman to listen. Adelle, I need あなた to slow your breathing down just a little. Good, just keep breathing like that and when I give the order to push, push as hard as あなた can.

Several hours passed, it seeming like an eternity to the three occupants of the small bedroom. During those few hours, the elderly doctor gave Adelle different orders, mostly telling her to push and how to breathe. Finally, nearly twelve hours later, the sounds of a baby crying as it took its first breaths, filled the room. Glad to have the baby out of her, Adelle fell back on the bed, utterly exhausted from the strain of birthing.

After cleaning the baby and wrapping it in a soft blanket, the doctor looked at the two parents and smiled.

“Glückwünsche. Sie haben einen gesunden Sohn.” Congratulations. あなた have a healthy son. Smiling still, he handed the fragile bundle to Adelle, who, despite her exhaustion, took the baby and smiled down at him. The baby was a pudgy little thing, its skin still a red color. It was bald, but no doubt would have a full head of baby hair によって its first birthday. Mother and father gazed down at their newborn son, both smiling proudly.

Once Adelle was cleaned up and 与えられた a clean bill of health, the doctor left, promising to come back in a few days to see how she and the baby were doing. When the old doctor left, the young couple looked at their newborn son, both trying to think of a suiting name. After much conversation about possible names, the new parents picked the name Jaeger Curtis Schneider. After eating his first meal, little Jaeger was soon sound asleep, Adelle soon following suit. Smiling at his son and wife, Obert left the room so they could rest.

That night, while the young couple slept, a pair of dark figures snuck into the small cottage. Moving silently, their black outfits concealing them in the darkness, the two strangers made their way to the small nursery where a newborn baby slept. Grinning behind their masks, the two strangers picked up the small baby and just as quickly as they came, they were gone, leaving an empty nursery behind, knowing that come morning, the two young parents would wake up to a shocking scene.

Arriving at a lab, hidden deep in the woods, several hours later, the masked strangers took the baby into an office, where an older man dressed in a white lab coat, with コーラ bottle glasses and a severely receding hairline, was waiting.

“Ah, I see あなた brought the infant. Good, good.” The man grinned, his voice scratchy.

“Yes sir. What do あなた want us to do with him now?” The taller of the two masked men asked his voice deep.

“Take him to exam room four. I want to do an examination of him to make sure he is perfect for the experiments.” The nutcase scientist said.

With a nod, the two masked crooks turned and left to do as they were told. When they were gone, the crackpot old man started to laugh cruelly. From that moment on, young Jaeger’s life would change forever…