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~Chapter Three~
A 狼, オオカミ in Sheep’s Skin

Normally Logan knew that in a storm his enhanced senses weren’t much better than anyone else’s was. But even in lapses in the storm he couldn’t smell または see または hear anything like he should. He kept going though, slowly, keeping his baring as best as he could.

Logan wasn’t sure how long it had taken him to get to the house. Luckily the house was large enough to keep easily in view. On closer inspection however it turned out to be an old castle. That only puzzled him もっと見る though. Where had an old 城 come from?

The place was abandoned. There wasn’t a soul to be seen. In fact there weren’t any signs that anyone had been there in years. The 城 was falling apart due to time and weather. Several sections had fallen completely leaving large holes in the architecture.

If he looked hard enough Logan could image just how impressive the building once was. It was set up on a rise in the land. The briefest of clearings ended only at the foot of the small hill. Dark gray stones of varying shades were placed sparsely along the walls. What was left of three towers married each corner. The forth corner’s tower still standing.

The east wing however, it was still fully in tacked. Though Logan doubted very much that these places were very warm even in perfect condition. Not that it mattered at this point he was just glad to be out of the storm’s furry. Even with the マント, 隠す he wore the wind still wound beneath it, its icy fingers creeping into his シャツ to chill his flesh.

Finding a relatively small room with a doorway and one very narrow window Logan decided he would make his place there. In the morning, once the sun rose to warm and light the world outside he would 検索 for wood.

And food, he thought, as his stomach growled fiercely at him.

He would have liked to go then to start a 火災, 火 but he was still feeling oddly strange. Besides if he judged the moon’s decent correctly dawn wasn’t but a couple of hours away. With his マント, 隠す and the solid cinder block walls of the 城 he could wait.

To pass the time he tried to figure out how in the world he found himself here. A 城 obvious very old によって any modern standards, and with clothes that were in perfect condition but just as old. It all seemed to fit together, though, excluding his presence of course.

The undisturbed woods, the style of the 城 and clothes. They all seemed to be from the same time period. Of course no matter how much he thought of his surroundings it still didn’t help explain how he got there.

So his mind traveled to the moments just before he woke up here. The spa, the Cajun, of whom he had no idea what happened to, the brunette woman, the blonde, the truck, then the pain. Whatever happened had to have happened then, he decided. It was all that made any sense at this point.

Somehow he was propelled, transported, beamed. . . here. But where was here?

Logan raised his eyes from the dark gray floor to glance around at the small room. The room was round because it was in a low tower the only place that seemed to be the steadiest and best for keeping warm. The rest of the castle’s rooms were huge, most with もっと見る than one doorway and several windows.

He was managing to ward off the cold によって crouching down to sit on his heels in one ‘corner’ of the room. The マント, 隠す was pulled around him like a tent encompassing his bent knees that were drew up tight to his chest. The sleeves were very long coming about a full hand’s length past Logan’s hands. Which was fine in this kind of weather. The フード too was large and hung, if allowed, to nearly cover Logan’s entire face. Right now though Logan had it pulled back slightly to allow him to keep an eye on the room’s only doorway.

There weren’t many actually doors still remaining. Most had fallen from their hinges または simply decayed. A few of the main doors, leading out to the grounds surrounding the castle, had the distinct signs of being forced open. They laid in scattered pieces having been chopped open.

It was a good thing he wasn’t a superstitious man, Logan thought with a chuckle. Otherwise he might not be so inclined to stay in a place that’s household no doubt met an unpleasant end.

Once his mind was exhausted of running in circles of thought, Logan turned his attention to the sword. The hilt was shined to a bright silver color. Around the handle was wound tough and smooth leather, the color of darkened blood. It had the usual クロス like shape with the head and arms coming to round balls. At the 上, ページのトップへ ball, and the largest, was embedded a large primitively cut ruby.

The sheath was also wrapped at the 上, ページのトップへ with the burgundy leather. It was long with three もっと見る rubies in line starting just below the leather. They too were fashioned roughly and decreased in size as they were laid out towards the sheath's end. Despite the gems seemingly cheap look on closer inspection it was obvious they were quite valuable.

“Bet the guy who ロスト this is kickin’ himself right now,” Logan mused to himself, “or he’s dead.”

Logan frowned at that thought as he pulled the sword from its hold with a soft click. The sound of metal against metal as he drew it echoed loudly through the room. Standing up he stepped to the window allowing the moon’s fading light to shine on the blade.

It was exquisite there was no marring on it. The long two edged blade glistened proudly as Logan turned the handle in his hand. Stepping back from the window he swung it expertly through the air. He couldn’t help but take note that the weight and balance was perfect for him, as if made specifically with him in mind.

He brought the blade to a stop in front of him. With a thumb he reached out and dragged it lightly over the edge. He had hardly touched the blade before it cut into his flesh.

Logan winced slightly and drew his thumb away. For a moment he didn’t give the cut any notice and it wasn’t until the blood continued to drip to the floor that he realized something drastically was wrong.

He quickly re-sheathed the blade and now took hold of his bleeding thumb. For several moments he just stared, but no matter how hard または how long he stared the wound remained. A deep frown creased his brows as a partial realization began to dawn.

Holding his hands out in front of him with their palms face down he stared at his knuckles. Only for an instant did he hesitate, knowing if he was right he would be leaving himself with even もっと見る open wounds. The instant came and went and without another thought he flexed his muscles. . .

Nothing happened and with that nothing came total and complete comprehension. The reason why his senses weren’t working right, why his healing factor wasn’t healing, and now why his claws didn’t appear. Somehow he had either ロスト his powers または someone was making sure he couldn’t use them.

Another thought crossed his mind and it hit him so hard that he literally fell to his knees. That odd sensation the way he felt strange somehow. Wolverine was no longer lingering in his mind. In fact the very presence of any feral thoughts または feelings were completely lacking. And looking back on it Logan realized it had been that way every since he woke up in those damned woods. He was normal, human, for the first time since he could ever remember.

He sat there on his bent legs in total and utter shock. What the hell was going on, he thought. This couldn’t be happening. His mind raced with a hundred thoughts and yet he didn’t seem to be able to think at all. No matter what his mind could have thought he didn’t have time to ミューズ over it.

From the narrow window the sun’s rays had begun to trip into the sky. Logan looked up to the opening at a complete loss as to what to do. Again he didn’t have time to think because he felt his skin begin to itch.

The higher the sun rose the worse the itching became. Peeling back the fabric of both マント, 隠す and シャツ in one movement Logan’s eyes widened as white 毛皮 started growing along his arm. Throwing the マント, 隠す from him despite the cold he tore off his gloves and watched as his nails turned black, thicker, and longer.

All over his body he itched like his skin was on fire. All over white 毛皮 was growing rapidly matching the rise of the sun. The heat was becoming so intense that Logan found himself stripping off all his clothes.

He tried to step back as if away from what was happening but it didn’t help. There was a sudden sharp pain at the base of his backbone. He glanced over his shoulder.

“Holy shit,” he spat as a fluffy white tail flicked into view. “What the flamin’ Christ is goin--”

He clamped his now paw like hands over his mouth as a sharp bark ended his sentence rather than words. Soon his ears began to burn as they narrowed and grew. The features of his face were 次 molding to the slender muzzle of a wolf.

It only took a few 分 but によって the time the sun had crested the horizon in place of Logan stood a four-legged white wolf.