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This X-Men Beyond Evolution 写真 contains アニメ, 漫画, マンガ, and コミック.

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Name: Baal
Age: Unknown (Died over 5,000 years ago)
Powers: None/Human
Affiliation: Independent
First Episode: Dark Horizons II
Must See Episodes: Dark Horizons II
Originally from: Egypt
Known Family: En Sabah Nur (Adopted Son)
Voiced by: Unknown

Baal was a mighty warrior and the leader of the tribe of bandits that eventually found the young gray-skinned mutant out in the Egyptian desert. He took the child as his own and named him En Sabah Nur, which means 'The First One'.

Baal was responsible for En Sabah Nur's training, which made him such an unstoppable, deadly warrior. He also installed the basic...
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Name: Steve Rogers
Age: Unknown
Powers: Superhuman abilites created によって experiment
Affiliation: SHIELD
First Episode: Operation Rebirth
Must See Episodes: Operation Rebirth
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: None
Voiced by: Unknown

Rebirth was a machine created to "enhance" humans and create super soldiers during World War II. It was only used on one man, Steve Rogers. Rogers fought as Captain America in the war alongside a young Wolverine. During WWII, Wolverine is teamed up with キャップ on a mission to free some POW's. The mission is successful and one of the boys that they save turns out to be Erik Lehnsherr (who will later become Magneto).

Unfortunately the experiment that gave Captain America his super powers actually caused a "cellular breakdown" that was killing him. So Wolverine and キャップ destroy Rebirth to keep anyone else from suffering. キャップ is now encased in a cryogenic chamber, waiting for them to find a cure for the damage caused によって Rebirth.
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Dorian Leech
Age: 9
Powers: Nullifies all Energy, including Mutant Powers
Affiliation: Independent
First Episode: Uprising
Must See Episodes: Uprising
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: Mrs. Leech (Mother)
Voiced by: Unknown

Dorian is the child of an overly loving mother, who did her best to raise him, despite that many people thought he was a mutant because of his strange appearance, trying to harm and single him out as much as any other mutant. A small mob attacked him and his mother at a convenience store, but they were rescued によって Spyke, who detests bullies and mobs.

Dorian was not aware...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Eric Magnus Lensherr
Age: Unknown (Presumed over 60)
Powers: Magnetic Manipulation
Affiliation: Acolytes
Affiliation: Former Brotherhood, Acolytes
First Episode: Strategy X
Must See Episodes: The Cauldron I and II, On Angel's Wings,
日 of Reckoning I and II, The Toad, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Under Lock and Key, Dark Horizons I and II, and Impact
Originally from: Poland
Known Family: Pietro Maximoff (Son), Wanda Maximoff (Daughter)
Voiced by: Christopher Judge

Humanity's days are numbered! So says Magneto, the Brotherhood's master manipulator. Like Professor X, Magnus is a visionary. But the...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Amanda Sefton
Nicknames: Liebchen (German for “Sweetheart”)
Age: 16
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Brown
Skin: Brown
Occupation: High School Student
Powers: Unknown, possibly human
First Episode: Shadowdance
Must See Episodes: Shadowdance, "The Toad, The Witch and the Wardrobe"
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: Mr. Sefton (Father), Margali Sefton (Mother)
Romantic Interests: Nightcrawler
Fears: Losing Kurt
Voiced by: Moneca Stori
Quote: "Did あなた know blue is my お気に入り color?"
Amanda Sefton is currently Kurt's girlfriend. Amanda knew about Kurt's mutation even before the 日 of Reckoning revealing and had seen Kurt in his real form. She didn't care about him being different and was actually attracted to him もっと見る because of it.

The Evolution version of Amanda has yet to 表示する any powers または gifts, but as many long time X-Men ファン may know, the comic version is actually a sorceress that goes によって the name Daytripper.
posted by leslie1060
Name: Duncan Matthews
Powers: None/Human
First Episode: Strategy X
Must see episodes: Strategy X, Mutant Crush, Growing Pains, Power Surge, Shadow Dance, Mainstream, Uprising
Originally from: Bayville, NY
Known Family: None
Voiced by: Vincent Gale

Duncan Matthews is your average school jock. He's one of the in-crowd, dates the head cheer leader, is the 星, つ星 of his football team, and picks on the weak. This guy is a major jerk and always arrogant. Most of the time あなた see him he is either with Jean または competing with Scott.
For much of the series Jean was his girlfriend, which started the rivalry...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Risty Wilde
Age: 17
Powers: Shapeshifting
Affiliation: Independent
First Episode: Growing Pains
Must See Episodes: Growing Pains, Shadowdance, Self Possessed
Originally from: Lancaster, England
Known Family: None
Voiced by: Nicole Oliver

Risty Wilde appeared during the first episode of the 秒 season. She fast became フレンズ with Rogue and the two became almost inseparable. It wasn't long though before we actually found out that Risty was really the missing Mystique in disguise. In order to keep tabs on everyone and to get inside information about the X-men, Mystique continued to use her...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Cain Marko
Age: Unknown (Presumed 40s)
Powers: Magically induced power of invulnerability.
Affiliation: Independent
First Episode: Survival of the Fittest
Must See Episodes: Survival of the Fittest, Stuff of Heroes
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: Charles Xavier (Half-brother), David Haller (Half-Nephew)
Voiced by: Paul Dobson

Juggernaut is Cain Marko, Xavier's half-brother and most feared enemy. He used mysticism to awaken his dormant X-gene and is now virtually invulnerable. Xavier was responsible for Juggernaut's incarceration and now Cain hates his brother and would stop at nothing...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Agatha Harkness
Nicknames: None
Age: Unknown (Over 100)
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Gray
Skin: Pale
Occupation: Witch
Powers: Witchcraft
Affiliation: Independent
First Episode: Hex Factor
Must See Episodes: Hex Factor, Impact
Originally from: Salem, Massachusetts
Known Family: None
Romantic Interests: None
Fears: Unknown
Voiced by: Pauline Newstone
Quote: "The anger is strong, but あなた are stronger."
Agatha Harkness has some connections to the Salem Witch Trials, during which time she and several of her cohorts (true witches) escaped the Puritan persecution and settled in a protected location somewhere in the Rocky...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Unknown
Age: 10
Powers: Paralyzing Touch
Affiliation: Morlocks
First Episode: X-Treme Measures
Must See Episodes: X-Treme Measures, Uprising
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: None
Voiced by: Unknown

Torpid does not speak, and may not be capable of it due to physical injury または childhood trauma, but she seems very friendly, especially around Spyke または Callisto, who she seems to regard as surrogate parents.

One of the lesser members of the Morlocks. "Torpid" can touch someone and cause them to be immobilized for hours. The first person we see her touch is paralyzed over night and then Berzerker for a least a few hours. No clue as to the control she has over her powers. She is shown wearing gloves, so it is assumed she can't turn her power on and off (much like Rogue).
posted by leslie1060
Name: Roberto Da Costa
Age: 15
Powers: Can absorb solar energy use it as physical strength
Affiliation: New Mutants
First Episode: Growing Pains, Retreat
Must See Episodes: Growing Pains
Originally from: Brazil
Known Family: None
Voiced by: Michael Colemon

Roberto is an insecure, hot-tempered Brazilian boy. He has been known to fly off the handle over the most minor incidents, and often gets into fights with his fellow teammates (especially Berzerker.)

He loves the fact that, with his power, he's stronger than everyone else on the team - at least during the sunlight hours, when he's able to draw solar energy from the sun. It's clear emphasis on his super-strength is a result of feeling inferior in other areas of his life. Roberto can absorb solar energy and power up. When he's powered up he turns black with flames surrounding him, at that time he can fly as well as being super strong and slightly invulnerable.
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Name: Ororo Monroe
Age: Unknown (Presumed Early 30s)
Powers: Weather Manipulation
Affiliation: X-Men
First Episode: Strategy X
Must See Episodes: Cauldron I, Cauldron II, African Storm, X-Treme Measures
Originally from: New York
Known Family: Spyke (nephew), Vi (sister)
Voiced by: Kristen Williamson

Ororo Munroe (a.k.a. Storm) is an instructor at the Xavier Institute. She serves as a mentor to the young mutants, guiding them in the use of their powers. Storm is an American who was orphaned in Cairo after her parents were killed during an earthquake. Abandoned によって fate, she wandered around the Middle...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Taryn Fujioka
Powers: None/Human
First Episode: Mutant Crush
Must see episodes: Bada Bing Bada Boom, Fun and Games
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: Unknown
Voiced by: Janyse Jaud

Taryn is another of the normal kids that the X-Men know from Bayville High. She starts out as Jean's best friend and they're often seen walking around school together. Soon though, Taryn decides to make a 移動する on Scott and the two start dating. This causes a rift between the girls as Jean sees it as a betrayal and Taryn feels that Jean had plenty of opportunities to go after Scott on her own.
After the X-Men are revealed as mutants, Taryn dumps Scott and she has not be in contact with any of the X-Men since.
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