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posted by leslie1060
Name: Katherine "Kitty" Pryde
Age: 17
Powers: Corporal Intangibility
Affiliation: X-Men
First Episode: The X-Impulse
Must See Episodes: X-Impulse, Rogue Recruit, Spykecam, Grim Reminder, Joyride, Shadow Dance, The Stuff Of Villains, No Good Deed
Originally from: Illinois
Known Family: Parents, seen in X-Impulse
High School Grade: Junior
Classes: Computer Sciences (with her pal, Doug Ramsey), Honors English, Honors Social Studies, Astrophysics, Gym (with other X-Men) and Trigonometry (with Scott and Jean; she's the youngest in the class and outclasses everybody).
Hobbies and pastimes: Dance, trombone,...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Unknown
Age: 18
Powers: Power & Memory Absorption
Affiliation: X-Men, Formerly Brotherhood
First Episode: Rogue Recruit
Must See Episodes: Rogue Recruit, Turn of the Rogue, Spykecam, Power Surge, On Angel's Wings, Stuff of Heroes, Stuff of Villians, Self Possessed, Dark Horizon I and II, Impact
Originally from: Mississippi
Known Family: Mystique (Adopted Mother), Nightcrawler (Adopted Brother), and Destiny (Foster Mother)
High School Grade: Senior
Classes: Speech, European History, French, Geometry, Gym and Biology.
Hobbies and pastimes: Horseback riding, ギター and cooking (Cajun, Southern)....
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Scott Summers
Age: 19
Powers: Optic Blasts
Affiliation: X-Men
First Episode: Strategy X
Must See Episodes:Strategy X, Turn of the Rogue, The Cauldron I and II, Adrift, On Angel's Wings, Blind Alley
Originally from: Missouri
Known Family: Alex (Brother) Seen in The Cauldron I and II
Hobbies and pastimes: Basketball, サッカー and yo-yo tricks.
Favorite music: R.E.M., Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.
Favorite foods: Burgers, tacos and pizza.
Voiced by: Kirby Morrow

Scott Summers is the one the others all look up to, especially since he was Xavier's original recruit. Scott is confident and good-natured,...
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posted by leslie1060
Name: Hank McCoy
Age: Unknown (Presumed Late 30s)
Powers: Agility/Strength
Affiliation: X-Men
First Episode: Power Surge
Must See Episodes: Beast of Bayville, Retreat
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: None
Classes: Chemistry, Gym
Voiced by: Michael Kopsa

Hank McCoy attended high school in Bayville, and was even approached によって Professor Xavier when he was a teenager. At the time though Hank turned down Xavier's offer of help and went on to become a chemistry and gym teacher.

During the years Hank had managed to control his mutation through a serum he developed. The serum started to fail however and...
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