Name: Amanda Sefton
Nicknames: Liebchen (German for “Sweetheart”)
Age: 16
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Brown
Skin: Brown
Occupation: High School Student
Powers: Unknown, possibly human
First Episode: Shadowdance
Must See Episodes: Shadowdance, "The Toad, The Witch and the Wardrobe"
Originally from: Unknown
Known Family: Mr. Sefton (Father), Margali Sefton (Mother)
Romantic Interests: Nightcrawler
Fears: Losing Kurt
Voiced by: Moneca Stori
Quote: "Did あなた know blue is my お気に入り color?"
Amanda Sefton is currently Kurt's girlfriend. Amanda knew about Kurt's mutation even before the 日 of Reckoning revealing and had seen Kurt in his real form. She didn't care about him being different and was actually attracted to him もっと見る because of it.

The Evolution version of Amanda has yet to 表示する any powers または gifts, but as many long time X-Men ファン may know, the comic version is actually a sorceress that goes によって the name Daytripper.