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axemnas posted on Feb 11, 2011 at 09:53PM
Okay heres something we can use to get to know our characters and others three of your characters can ask 1 question or one can ask all three if you want to talk in their view point which i must say is a lot of fun to do.If you do three characters then they answer the three questions each like i'll give an example at the bottom with a few of my characters

first post
Larry Talbot:Where are you from?
Sir John Talbot:Are you interested in Astronomy?
Béla: have you ever gone hunting?

next post
answer1: Europe i think
answer2:the stars. their beautiful to look at but I'm still working on dealing with my current issues at hand to worry about space
answer3:yes, but only for survival

Dolly Adams:
1.Greenville,North Carolina
2.Yes but i wouldn't want to be an astronomer
3.no,i love animals too much to do it,but i have friends that have

Jac Billings:
1.Atlanta, Georgia
2.its interesting but i'm focusing on earth
3.I did once,but only once

Fang:have you ever flown
Dolly:are you from the city or country
Jac: do you like baseball

You can do a variation of what i did the questions are about as limited as your imagination the rules are the same as most topics, perfanity to the minimum.
have fun i'll start below
 Okay heres something we can use to get to know our characters and others three of your characters can

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1年以上前 axemnas said…
Fang:Do you like to read poetry by Edgar Allan Poe
Larry:How do you like travel(boat,train,car,etc)
Béla: Do you believe in the devil
1年以上前 gravity12 said…
Conlan: I read books but not poetry, sorry.
Deborah: Anything, as long as I'm driving and going fast!
Angus: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I'm never too sure on these religious things.
1年以上前 gravity12 said…
Sorry 'bout forgetting the questions! *hits self*

Conlan: Have you ever been to an Academy?
Deborah: Have you ever went OVER the speed limit? If yes, where and what speed were you going at?
Angus: Umm... got one! Ever been dedicated to your learning so you could get a job you like?

Me: Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry *keeps saying sorry* DX
1年以上前 axemnas said…
1.sort of
2.yep, about 180 on a 41' 'knucklehead' in i think it was California
3.i suppose

Larry Talbot:
1. My father sent my brother and i to one
2.who hasn't the first ticket i got in america was about 60 going down Hollywood boulevard
3.i really don't know what i'm going to do yet but i love working with tools

Sir John Talbot:
1.Yes my father sent me to some of the finest learning facilities
2.rarely lets see i got one when i was 16 i was in England i sped down Abby-road but i'm not sure i recall how fast i was going
3.Oh yes i worked hard to become a scientist and to run the Talbot estate

Fang:Is there something about you that separates you from the rest
Sir John Talbot:What are your interests
Larry Talbot:What kind of trouble did you get into when you were young
1年以上前 gravity12 said…
Q1: Well I'm not sure really. But again I've never been too sure on my abilties and uniqueness from others on Mechnia. To myself I'm just, like everyone else.
Q2: Well I've always taken a liking to reading biology books (except human biology), climbing, traveling, adventuring, learning, teamwork, looking after children (apart from some) and*cough*ArielRomantically*coughcough*. Q3: Trouble? As much as I hate to admit, yes. Andrew decided we should hang around the forbidden no-man's land near the Eliter Academy during our lunch break, but it turned out the area was secretly being used by Cryptic scientists who attacked us, sadly we lost Ariel, a friend of Andrew and I at the academy. And when we told the headteacher he sent the academy troops out to investigate, but by the time they found the base the scientists had disappeared with Ariel and all traces of their work. And then I chose the choice to have me take all the blame for the incident of going to somewhere forbidden and losing a teammate.

Q1: I'm extremely hyperactive and like doing dudes stuff and a LOVE the color yellow, even as a kid and most people say the color makes young kids cry!
Q2: Playing video games, listening to music, dancing, rollarcoasters, racing, cars, speeding, doing things by myself, climbing trees, fixing things, messing around and doing anything FUN of course!
Q3: Yeah, I accidently fired my electric stingers which caused a BIG slab of rock or something fall on my Minor *cough*AndrewHeh*coughcough*. Sadly he only came out with the need of a few replacements and a arm and foot cast XDD

Q1: Well I'm a lot larger and taller than most Mechnians my age, and I'm very clumsy. *sigh*
Q2: Drawing, painting, art, cookery, sewing, building, Warp Bridges, fixing things, friends, people, children and, don't tell her this, or anyone else but, I have a romantic interest in Deborah *blushes a bit*
Q3: Deborah's reason? I was in the same section under command and training of Minor Andrew.

Jason: Do you like Valentines Day? Cause I don't, can't stand it!
Jirair: Do you like nature?
Monica: Anything or anyone that's precious to you?
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1年以上前 axemnas said…
1.not really
2.yes, no where i'd rather be
3.There used to be
Sir John:
1.Its a nice holiday but i must say its better if you have someone to share it with
2.nothing like it i love it
3.Oh yes my son, Larry,hes all i have left
1.When you've got a date it can be pretty good
2.Its great especially on warm summer nights
3.theres a girl,but shes engaged

Fang:have you ever been injured to the point where no one was really sure you'd recover
Larry:do you believe in werewolves
Sir John:are you a logic thinker
1年以上前 gravity12 said…
1. With the Eliters by the time I was being a solider cross medic, the 'higher' doctors who were lucky enough to remain safe in wards when our side were running low on troops thought there was no hope for anybody to recover from anything *rolls eyes*
2. Oh great! Don't get me started...
3. When it comes to health and safety, I think logically because despite my repitation as a medic with my comrades, I'm a qualified doctor.

1. Never really, apart from when I got into a fight with the police....
2. I like wolves, but I don't believe in werewolves, neither do I like them very much.
3. In combat, I think logically around nature, using it as and advantage while trying not to ruin it's beauty. I also know a lot about nature itself and I'm constantly reminding everyone about the dangers of it. Nature has it's ways of self-defense.

1. Once I got hit by an 'painkiller ray' while on full power and the doctors thought I'd end up with my memories permently wiped out. But thankfully it was only short-term :)
2. I like GOOD werewolves and not BAD ones *cough*Twilightnooffense*coughcough*. But I don't think they're real.
3. When you've worked as an intelligence officer, you need logic to do your job. Without it you wouldn't get very far. Sometimes I still use it in combat. I also have common sense if that counts as logic.

Zaria: Do you like video games? If yes, what's your favourite video game?
Andrew: Have you ever let your friend take the whole blame for soemthing you both did?
Alexei: Ever fallen in love with someone who didn't return they're feelings to you?
1年以上前 I_DONT-KNOW said…
Alexis:I got really confused and left the forum...
Jaden: What?
1年以上前 AaronHaley4ever said…
Draque Darque:
1.Sure. Destroying cyberhumans is almost as ood as the real thing.
2. No, we vampires have to stick together. I let the idiot humans take the fall for me.
3. one...and she left me for a human. Never again!

Viktor Macabre:
1. What are video games?
2.*bows head* not my friend...my brother.
3. yes. *sighs*

Everra Macabre
1. I don't know. My father doesn't allow them.
2. I usually take the blame for them instead.
3. No. Love is just another way for people to hurt you.

Draque: What's the best prank you've ever pulled?
Viktor: Would you ever kill someone who had wronged you?
Everra: Where's the worst place you've ever lived?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
1.It was an old Sargent i knew i turned his martini on the rocks into a harmless bomb
2.its happened more than once
3.a fox hole during the rainy season
Larry Talbot:
1.Back when i was a lad i and my brother cut off a bit of an old broom handle and stuck a fuse in it lit it and threw it through an open window in the fire station they never ran out so fast,but that was another time
2.currently i can't say i would
3.a ship i suppose it was a ruff ride
1.i thought my horse to buck on command and i had him buck a bucket of water just when Clopin was walking by
2.i probably would
3.the poor part of Italy

Fang:Have you ever been in the military
Béla: Do you have a pet
Larry:has some stranger ever given you a trinket
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1年以上前 AaronHaley4ever said…
Brunhild Battenburg
1. I am not in the military...I command it.
2. Animals don't last long around my kind.
3. yes. Then he turned me into a vampire.

Tristen Macabre
1. no, I'm more a lover than a fighter.
2. a rat named Mordred...though he's probably more my sister's pet.
3. no...not yet anyway.

Beauchamp Hemophille
1.Yes. I was an officer in early 19th century France.
2. not unless women count
3. All the time...I'm starting to lose track of them.

Brunhild: Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Tristen: What kind of books do you like to read?
Beauchamp: What was your wildest night?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
1.Minor offenses like stealing once i assaulted a bobby for safety reasons. At most a night in jail
2.Just about anything i can get my hands on i especially like Bram Stoker's Dracula and Mary Shelly's Frankenstein
3.fun wise it was with my deceased finance Aurora,fear wise it was the night of Yule when the wolf attacked
1.none that i didn't commit
2.All types The Legend of sleepy hollow is a favorite
3.i believe it was in Tokyo, i and a few buddies were on RR i don't really remember what happened but it was pretty wild
1.very minor offenses
2.All sorts
3.i guess it was in a bar in hollywood

Béla: Whats your worst fear
Fang:who's your favorite movie actor
Larry:Do you have a place where you feel absolutely secure
1年以上前 AaronHaley4ever said…
1. I don't scare easily but I would say my worst fear is becoming normal.
2. Probably Johnny Depp because he treats his fans with respect and isn't afraid to be diferent.
3. No. My family moves around a lot so I'm never in one place long enough to really feel secure.

Cressida Grimm-Macabre
1. losing the one I love
2. someone old Hollywood liek Errol Flynn or Rudolph Valentino
3. It's not so much a place as a person...

Lucien Darque
1. having to pay the ultimate price for the actions of my family
2. Charlie Sheen...humans' folly can be dreadfully funny!
3. Le Cour des Vampires in France where the undead gather,,,there's something to be said for strength in numbers.

Everra: Has someone ever blamed you for something you didn't do?
Cressida: What would you do if society's rules kept you from being with the one you love?
Lucien: If your enemy were accused of a crime he didn't commit, would you defend him?
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1年以上前 axemnas said…
1yes several times
2Screw society I'll follow my heart pardon my langue
3Depends on the enemy

Of how I've been treated lately I probably wouldn't care

Due to my ethnic origin I'm considered trash and my fiancé still chose me and if I was in her position I would do the same dispite society

What is your background do you come from extreme poverty or wealth
Larry:what is your worst fear
Fang:how do people describe you
1 in grade school once
2 after all I've been threw I don't think id listen to it
3i probably would

1 yes
2 due to my ethnic origin I am consider trash but my fiancé still chose me and if we were in opposite positions I would have done the same

Béla:what is your background do you come from poverty or aprivledged

1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. My family and I are super poor. It got worse when my mother died and left me with my sister and my father with alltimers
2. I am totally afriad of loosing Anna. I need her more than she needs me.
3. People keep telling me I am super stubborn and stressed. But if I don't lay down the law which one of us 18 will?

1. I was in a middle class neighborhood before my parents threw me out on the street and my pregant ex diched me for my best friend
3. People think I am a bad ass. Execpt Brooklyn, she thinks I am annoying dumb ass

1. My dad's almost as rich as Bill Gates so I am gonna say I come from wealth.
2. money (don't ask why. I know, it's really werid)
3. A bitch (they all say it! sorry for the language anyways)

Brooklyn: What makes you happy? How do you make others happy?
John: What is your perfect chick/guy?
Joyce: What do you sucessiced on in a survial situation?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
1.I don't believe i've found happy entirely but it always makes me happy when i make others happy and when a land is untouched by the hardships of war
2.i don't know maybe Audry Hepburn
3.i'm not sure what your asking but in a survival situation i'm usually the last man standing but i only finish the battles i never start them

1.being with my friends and family around the holidays
2. celebrity wise Paul Newman, normal people wise probably my friend Jac or Cody
3.i'll do what ever i can so that i and my friends will survive it

1.nature untouched by man
2.my deceased fiancée Aurora is the only woman for me
3.i don't care any more of what might happen to me which all I've ever cared about was those around me anyways

Fang:have you ever eaten a locust
Dolly: Whats the longest you've ever been away from home
Béla: What would you do if you had to leave the only place you knew as home in less than an hour
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. What the hell is a locust?
2. We think it's been a year that we've been stuck here in this wasteland. Besides that I've never been away from home. I'm not sure I want to. Though Brooklyn would never omit it, I know she wants to.
3. Well I did though I didn't know that I would. But if I knew I was going to leave home I would steal my amazing curler back from Valerie. I hate how ugly my red hair looks without it. Brooklyn says I look like my dad who used to be a male model before he forgot everything

1. Umm... that's not really important and I don't even remember than.
2. Who cares
3. Make out with Brooklyn.

1. Of course! They are gross though
2. Six years since the bank kicked me out of my mansion
3. Say goodbye to mum and daddy

Anna: what type of stye to you have?( I am preppy cheerleader type)
Alex: would you take care of someone you loved if you knew it would kill you? Why?
Macy: if you had all the money in the world what would you want?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
Military,bounty hunter,thug type
Yes cause if you truely love someone you would do anything for them
I don't know

Probably I know I'd do anything for Dolly but she's special
I don't have a clue

Athletic summer cloths
Probably especially for my best friends
I don't know but I'd definitely give some of the money to cherities

Fang :would you resort to cannibalism to survive
Jac: who's your favorite baseball team
Dolly: what's your favorite holiday
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. Yew! No! That's just sick!
2. I like hockey not baseball. It's not big in Canada?
3. Hmm... It used to be Valentine's Day. But I think it's now Halloween cuz it's not sappy at all.

1. I don't know
2. Red Soxs man!
3. Christmas

1. Umm... sure? I guess?
2. Yankees all the way! They are way better than the Soxs!
3. Umm... I don't really care.

Rika: what would you do if your crush was dating someone who cheated on them?
Hunter: What is the most important thing in the world for you?
TJ: if you had six bullets, who would you kill with them?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
Probably beat them to a pulp
The one I'd want to kill wouldn't die from six

I'd break the dudes nose if he did anything to hurt dolly
I don't know yet

Strike them with a bolt of electricity
I don't know

Fang: have you ever flown
Jac:do you have a friend that is very special to you
Dolly:what's tour favorite movie
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1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. I wish! I am obsessed with the Maximum Ride books
2. Do you mean like a boyfriend? If so than I have many...
3. Umm... like I remember a movie! Have been in jail for pretty much eight years now

1. Umm... no but Becka and I both share that Maximum Ride obsession
2. Umm... sure? I don't really know. It's completed.
3. I Am Number Four right now cuz Alex Pettyfer is a sexy beast.

1. On a plane to another foster home.
2. Becka. Umm...
3. I have never seen a movie in my whole life.

Becka: if you were to kill anyone one though you knew the consequences, who would it be? (my parents)
Genesis: what is the worst thing that has ever happened to you and how did it effect you?
Mason: if you could give back to anything what would it be?
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1. I would kill Jagger, (stubborn healer)
2. I watched my parents get murdered, it gave me rage i did not want.
3. I am not sure

1.Jade, (demon)
2.I became obsessed with hunting and hurt someone i never met to.
3. not sure

1.Luther, (Lucifer's son)
2.I joined the Healers, I wish i could take it back. but i'm saving lives
3. ummm i don't know

Jared: Who is one person you want to bring back who has died?
Toby: Whats the one thing you regret the most?
Bree: if you where to die, how would you want to go?
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. Alex or Anna
2. Yelling at my mother the last time I had ever seen her
3. Protecting the one I love

1. Genesis
2. Not stopping my dad from killing my mother
3. Fighting

1. My parents even though I had never met them
2. I believe that I shouldn't live life with reget
3. With Brooklyn beside me, the closest person I have ever had to a mom

Brooklyn: What would you tell your parent if the walked out on your family
George: Would you tell anyone if your dad was in jail for killing your mom?
Skylar: what disorder would you have if you had to had one
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1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
I want someone to answer me!!!!!
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1. they are dead but i think if it did happen it would not be pretty
2. saldy no
3. Alcohol Dependence

1. Pretty much the same as Jared.
2. It really depends on the person i am telling
3. Major Depressive Disorder

1.I think i would find a way to convince them not too.
2. I don't know to be honest
3. Social Phobia

Jared: If you could alter one thing in your life what would it be?
Toby: Do you ever wonder why are are on the path you're on?
Bree: What would you do if you found out you were mental insane and your whole life was a lie?
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. I wouldn't be in this hell hole in the middle of nowhere with people I can't stand or money cuz I really wished I wasn't forced to have a suckish life. If I had money, I wouldn't be in this hell hole in the first place.
2. Tons of times. Why was I sucked into this? I don't get it.
3. Sigh in relief cuz my "life" sucked!

1. The train coming, making me a cripple
2. yeah. all of us do...
3. I wouldn't blame myself. Hopefully I had function of my legs again and those dumb ass gang members weren't alive. But they are. The people said that I am not insane.

1. I would of took that baseball scholarship.
2. Yep. Why was I screwed? Why does God hate me?
3. I would most likely do what Brooklyn said but when no one was around I would sob over the fact the Kate was a lie the whole time. I love her although she no longer loves me.

Brooklyn: If you could give up anything in the world that you already have, what would it be?
Cameron: What song title describes your life?
Lila: If you could improve one thing about yourself, what would it be?
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1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
Who's answering me?
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
I will
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1. My Car, I'm Not Gonging to need it soon anyway
2. Never take us alive
3.My anger,

1. Thats a hard one. I don't have much but if i had too i would pick my collection of baseball cards (there classic cards)
2.Nobody's listening
3. I'd like to change the way i change fight

1. Umm.... I'm not sure my ring
2. Nightmare!
3.i'd change the way i few my father, wish i had better thoughts about him

Jared- How do you want your like to be like in five years
Toby- How do you think you got on the journey you're on.
Bree- Do you ever want to fall in love?
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1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. Out of this hell hole
2. Because my life sucked there I am in this hell hole
3. Sorry babe, I already am in it. Did I want to fall for him? No. It just kind of happened. And there is no going back now

1. Not in jail or by anything green. In New York, rich. Like Donald Trump. God I hate the dude!
2. All the shit between my parents. Maybe I wouldn't have shot that dude if it weren't for my parents.
3. I don't know. I thought I was once. But that was a lie. Being in love sucks.

1. My idol is Obama so I wouldn't mind living in the white house...
2. I didn't do anything but be African American. Is that suck a crime?
3. I hope. But I don't really like anyone in this wasteland. I have a feeling I am not getting out of here alive.

Brooklyn: If you could ask anyone in the world a question, what question would it be and who would you ask it to?
Parker: How would you tell your best friend that you kill someone they really loved?
Carter: If you could chose your nationality what would it be.

(ok don't call me racist because we wanted to make the stories dark. And trust me I hate everything that happens to Carter. He is sooooooo sweet!)
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1年以上前 axemnas said…
Béla: if they new the cure to this curse and i'd ask probably one of the most genius men in the world at this point i don't know who to ask
Id sit down with them and tell them the truth i've had to do it a couple times and the beast in me took my fiancé
i'm fine with the one i am hungarian bit if i had to choose probably english or american possibly Japanese

Fang:could i live a some what normal life and it probably would be angled at Nick Fury but the question would be phrased in a ruder way
I'd sit down with them and tell them what happened and appologize and comfort them i've been doing it a lot lately and its not just for my friends
I'm happy with being american/European i suppose if i had to choose i'd be all american

Matthew: why does war happen i figure god himself is the only one that knows the answer i suppose
I don't know but i guess the way my father told me that my grandfather committed treason
american they don't seem to have the problems with acceptance mine does luckily the war is over

Béla which is worse knowing or not knowing
Fang would you rather live forever or just one day
Matthew:if you could bring someone back to life would you
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1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1. Not knowing but i guess it depends on the situation
2. Just one day, Living forever would suck, Life is crap!
3. My Mom

1. Knowing, its much harder
2. Just one day, Like my brother said Life Sucks!
3. My mom or Amanda a little girl i could not safe

1. Not knowing, You don't want to be blind to the world
2.Just one say, hell if i lived forever i with i would go insane
3. Dean, Because of me he is dead, he was my boyfriend

Jared- What would you sacrifice to save someone (has to be important to you)
Toby- What do you believe in?
Bree- Have you ever wanted to just drop dead?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
Fang anything
i've been trying to figure that out i was brain washed to believe in the greater good my whole life but the greater good i believed in was what i come to find out horrible so what to believe in gets more complex the only thing i can say for now is i do believe in fairies
several times but i just keep finding something new to do

Béla my life my freedom i've sacrifed both at once that night
at this point i don't think there is anything that could suprise me
Yes more so recently

Mat' hew i'd do anything to bring my grampa back and i'd sacrifice anything i'd have to to protect my father
God and the american way
yes about the point when i saw my grampa executed

Fang have you ever been captured
Béla do you live in a place where you aren't stoned for who you are
Matt' hew have you ever witnessed a supernatural occurrence
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
Sorry these answered Harrypotters qs!

1. Umm... I gave up school and dancing (I know I don't seem like a dancer but I am ok) for my sister so she can have everything. Does that count?
2. Umm... I don't believe in anything because if there was a God I wouldn't be in this hell hole (ok this is kaylap1410 speaking. I know I said this character is based off of me but her views on this subject do not reflect mine ok)
3. Sometimes. Then I realize what a waste that would be

1. Umm... I don't know. Don't tell Brooklyn. She'd probably kick me in the you know where if I don't say I would give up my life for her.
2. I know it's weird for a guy like me to believe in God but I have to have someone to pray to
3. Nah. I take my problems head on. Yeah man!

1. What the hell with that question? First of all why would I sacrifice anything for these losers? I might for Cameron if he noticed me, dumb ass! And I don't have anything important anymore so you can just go... *Brooklyn cuts her off*
2. Nothing. Why do you care?
3. Umm... Seriously? I don't care if I do or don't. Life sucks anyway!

Brooklyn: Who do you wish could just shut up forever? *looks at Joyce and rolls her eyes*
John: How would you get a girl/boy to be yours?
Joyce: Umm... I am very against these question things but if I have to... What would you say to the person you love most if you could never see them again?
See! Why do I care about that? I don't! Ugh! This whole thing is sooooo lame! I hate Brooklyn for making me do this!

Ps. Again these don't follow my views! I am just thinking in the mind of the character!
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1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1. Once or twice but nothing big!
2. Yes.
3. HA! I have one every day!

1. Sadly, Its not fun!
2. Yea.. ?
3. Its my job to hunt supernatural thing so YEA

1.More then i can count
2. Sure
3. Sadly every day

Jared- Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Toby - Have you ever forgotten something important and it hurt someone you loved?
Bree- Is if your fault you are on the path you are one ?

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1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
These are axemnas

1. Yeah we all have
2. No
3. Hell no!
See nice and quick

John (because he asks the questions above):
1. Awhuh
2. Yeah right! I get kicked out of the house for knocking up my ex and people hate me now! What did I do to them!
3. No. Have you?

1. Yeah. We all have, Hun!
2. No. I am labeled the selfish little rich girl wherever I go!
3. No!

Questions above in other post^^^^
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
Ugh! This is sooo messed! The next person answers six question per character now ok?
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
Okay wow i'll answer both of yours
last edited 1年以上前
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1.Ha almost all of the Healers!
2.With my dashing looks
3. This is a hard one. I'm not good with love and it be really cheese because i have not really experienced love.

1. Jade, out stalker demon!
2. i have my tactics,
3. I would tell them i loved them, and i'd want a perfect relationship and i'd tell her what i do for a living

..... Most of the time i wish Jared would shut up :)
2. My personality..? I'm not sure to be honest
3. "I'd tell them I loved them and I'd show them how to protect themselves. Wish i did that with Dean...

Jared- Do you ever wish you were someone else?
Toby - Have you ever forgotten something important and it hurt someone you loved?
Bree- Is if your fault you are on the path you are one ?

( Same questions as be4 )
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. Yeah
2. No. I don't think so
3. No it's my damn mother's!

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3. Yes.

1. No. I like myself. I have a lot of great qualities
2. No.
3. What would that include?

Brooklyn: Have you ever killed someone? What did it feel like?
Alex: What's you favorite color? (he's suppose to be hidden. He never tells you his past)
Anna: Where and how did you meet your best friend. If you don't got one just do someone important to you ok?
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
I have killed demons and i few times on accident and sometimes on person. It feels wrong i hate it
2. Blue
3.Bree is my best friend i met her when we moved in with her father after our parents died

Kale (he is not good with human things he is a Healer)
1. - No, but i have seen humans be killed by my fellow Healers its not a nice feeling.
2. I don't have one
3. I met Jared,Toby, and Bree When i was defeated but Jagger.

1. Yes, at the time if felt right but it was the most horrible thing i had ever done
2. Purple
3.It was a strange meeting, Kale crashed into our car when he fell from heaven.

Jared- Do you think ever feeel like you're insane?
Kale- Umm... Have you ever been betrayed, by who?
Bree- Do you think there is a hell? Whats it like?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
Fang quite often
Yes by so many people by my father many of my best friends by just about everyone i've ever known
yes WAR

Béla all of the time but especially around the full moon
Yes my own caravan
I imagine there is and i feel like i'm there sometimes

Matthew sometimes
yes by friends of my father and Grandfather
Yes what i saw of the concentration camps could be a good idea or that experience my father and i had at the demonic cathedral

Fang Did you have a happy child hood
Béla do you fear the future
Matthew whats the scariest thing you've ever seen
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1. Ha, No! watching both your parents die is not a happy childhood
2. Yes, but i don't ask questions i deal with what happens today and forget about tomorrow
3.My mother being dragged to hell by a demon

1. No, lost my parents then went to live with in abusive insane car-taker
2. Not really
3. Lexi, (My best friend) Turning into a monster

1. It was not the best but it was not happy
2.Yes! Its most of my stress
3. Lucifer, the devil in person

Jared- Would you want a normal life?
Toby- Have you ever had an addiction to something that was unhealthy?
Bree- If you could be someone else who would you pick?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
Fang who wouldn't every once in a while but i wouldn't trade my life for another i'd hate to put some one in my position
it wouldn't matter as far as my physical health considering i heal at a quite rapid rate but i guess playing with explosives was my biggest addiction but things like smokes and alcohol i don;t nessicarily favor though i have tried them
i have no clue but probably a kid that had a real childhood i'd like to know what happiness is like

Béla Yes or at least as normal as mine was before that night of the full moon
No i don't think so
i'm not positive of who but i'd like to at least walk a day in the life of a man that actually had a home to go home to every night and a secure job

matthew who wouldn't i wouldn't mind having a life like my grandpa used to tell me ov
No i've had too much on my plate to think about it
i'd like to change places with a boy who doesn't see death as often as i do

Fang Have you ever had one of those days where you walk through a door way and bam the lights go out and you wake up in a bizarre place
Béla Where do you live city, country
Matthew Have you ever been to Germany
1年以上前 kaylap1410 said…
1. Does getting attacked at a basketball game and then passing out and then waking up in the middle of nowhere count? If so. Yes.
2. Small town in the city. Small house too.
3. No. I have never left home.

1. Yeah!
2. Country!
3. uh huh!

1. unfortunately, yes
2. city. and I still can't get a job!
3. no but I want to

Brooklyn: What would you give someone for their birthday if you had no money. Not even money to borrow from your parents?
Skylar: Are you glass half-full or half-empty kind of person? What events led you to be that?
Cameron: If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1. I don't do birthdays
2.Half-empty there is not much good in the world anymore
3. Honestly is may suck balls but i like my job, Demon Hunter
(Even if SOMETIMES I wish for a better one)

1. i'd spend the day with them
2. Half empty - I have had to much let-down in my life
3. i'd love to be a doctor

1. umm.... I'd bake a cake
2. Half empty Not sure why but its hard to find the good in life anymore
3. Actor but i'm not much of an actor

Jared- What's your favorite thing to do on a 'day off'
Toby- How do you want to die?
Bree - Do you feel like you are doing any good in the world?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
Fang relax,train,find something to do
not much recently

Valcon have fun with my son Mat' hew
of old age or honorably which ever comes first
recently i've been trying to i've been trying to make aminse for my years in the gestapo so i guess i am

Sir John Talbot relaxing discussing various topics with friends and family
i'd rather not know but i guess in my sleep
why yes i've made great strives in science brought great things to the Talbot name

Fang What do you do when you need to clear you head? i tend to go for a flight
Valcon Do you read classic literature
Sir John Whats your background do you know your heritage
1年以上前 Harrypotter148 said…
1.I go for a walk at night, maybe find something to hunt
2. Hell no
3. Not much, i don't know any of my family besides my brother

- I take a shower
2. I used too but my life is to busy now a days
3. I'm Italian on my moms side and German an my dads, thats bout it.
1. I wonder the earth
2. No.
3. I come from heaven

Jared- Do you have a temper, a bad temper?
Bree- Do you lie who you are?
Kale- Why do you think your life is so hard?
1年以上前 axemnas said…
Fang yes it used to be a lot worse before i learned boxing but i still have a bezerker side that can show itself just like my relatives
At this point i don't know who i am entirely so i can't say either way
because i was born

Cody Malone- Oh yes especially if you talk badly of my father a bully almost drowned because of me and my temper
I can't say i'm old enough to even know completely who i am yet
I lost my father before i was ready to

Dolly Adams my temper is not as bad as what could happen if i let it out of control
I try not to lie about anything especially who i am but the world isn't ready yet for all that i am
i really don't know I never knew my father its always been just me and my mother we never had much money but we loved each other dearly middle school i'd say is probably why either that or i'm just lucky that way or thats the lords decision on how should learn

Fang:Has any of your life experiences left you paranoid
Cody:Do you like the sea
Dolly:Do you have any special abilities that your mood can effect
1年以上前 blazeember said…
1. Not really, I've had some strange life experiences, but none have really left me paranoid, much.
2. Yes! I love the sea, it's where I go when I need to calm down and think over things.
3. Yea, kind of. But I don't want to talk about that. Let's just say you don't want to be around me when I start to cry.

1. Yea, I now hate fire because I've been caught in two fires and I've somehow been saved from both, but there always seem to be fires when I'm around.
2. It's Ok, nothing special about it to me. I'd go there on a nice warm day but that's it.
3. No, I'm not that special

1. I don't know, I can't really remember much of what happened to me. It's all a blur.
2. It's a good escape route, I guess.
3. No, but I guess I might kill you if I get angry

Chester: If you could back and change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Bree: What's your favourite kind of music and why?
Maddie: What do you do when you're angry?