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posted by minniemeg
Authors note: Hi, this is my first time publishing something that wasn't ファン fiction but its what I've been passionate about forever. So please forgive the inconsistent rhyming.

If I never saw あなた again.

How happy my life would be!

I'd be jumping up and down the walls so full of glee!

No もっと見る nagging!

No もっと見る griping!

No もっと見る constant whining!

No もっと見る rants about how dreadful your life is!

I could be free from the locks that is your torn up mind, no longer a prisoner in my own home.

Aw the very thought of never hearing your voice again fills me with so much joy!

No もっと見る yelling!

No もっと見る shrieking!

No もっと見る do this または do that!

The very mention of my name によって your irritable voice makes my ears bleed buckets.

The look of your horrendous face when yelling at me makes me vomit on the inside.

To imagine my life without you.

Is like a dream that's impossible to obtain.

Oh well, whilst I sleep that dream I long is true.

Where I am so happy.

To never see you.
posted by ZekiYuro
In 1952,Audrey Hepburn was in Rome,making the film Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck.She was engaged to James Hanson,a ロンドン 'playboy',and she asked a famous Italian designer,Zoe Fontana,to make her a dress for the wedding.

Signora Fontana said,'Audrey was 23.She was so young and so beautiful then.She tried the dress on many times.It was in white lace,with a lot of tiny buttons down the back,and she wanted to wear お花 on her head.'

But 2 weeks before the wedding,Audrey Hepburn decided not to get married.She phoned Zoe Fontana and said,'I've cancelled the wedding.But I want another girl to...
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** Little Red Riding フード is always told the same way time after time. It's time to hear this story from another characters point of view. The story of fairy tales may be completely different than what あなた are told. Try thinking of everything from someone else's perspective for once, and see how much that story will change.**

"Here I am again, all alone in these stupid woods," I thought this to myself the whole walk down to the forest. Besides the オオカミ and birds, these woods were scarcely populated, so it was quite boring here all alone. It was always the same old thing, 日 after 日 of...
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    I walked for so long, looking for something, not knowing what that someone thing actually was. The sky bleeding with an オレンジ sunset as the sun moved ever so slowly below the horizon. I stopped in my tracks ans stared for a moment, than went back to searching for my mystery object. This was a great time to take in the woods which have always scared me. It wasn't bad walking through them. everything was オレンジ from the ending of summer. It was like walking in those stories あなた always hear about. Just then, a soft rustle in the bushes interrupted my thoughts. Not knowing...
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posted by axemnas
Role playing または Rping as most of the community calls it. Almost everyone's done it one way または another whether they realize it または not. Remember those days when you'd pretend あなた were a movie character または a prince/princess または a pirate または whatever. あなた were role playing in a since. Now days when あなた hear the word role playing あなた probably think things like War Craft, 星, つ星 Craft, Nights and Dragons, Toontown, etc..
Something you've probably never figured however, is rping in relation to writing. Writing, that's all rping basically is. It's just 書く a collaborative story from different points...
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Chapter Three: "Dark Destiny"

Some time later, after almost everyone has returned to school after break…

A young man and an older man sat across from one another in the comfortable back of a long black limousine, the world rolling によって unheeded beyond the darkly tinted glass. It was daylight outside, meaning they would rather be sleeping than traveling about, but they had much to do and were not wasting any time. Despite the apparent age difference between the two vampires, it was the younger one who obviously was the figure of greatest power, which was apparent from the way the older one addressed...
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posted by ZekiYuro
Probably the most famous film commenting on the twentieth-century technology is Modern Times,made in 1936.Charlie Chaplin was motivated to make the film によって a reporter who,while interviewing him,happened to describe the working conditions in industrial Detroit.Chaplin was told that healthy young farm boys were lured to the city to work on automotive assembly lines.Within 4 または 5 years,these young men's health was destroyed によって the stress of work in the factories.
The film opens with a shot of a mass of 羊 making their way down a crowded ramp.
Abruptly,the film shifts to a scene of factory workers...
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posted by ZekiYuro
After an upbringing in New Zealand and a spell 芝居 in her own country,Nyree Dawn Porter made ロンドン her home.Interview によって Alan O'Kelly.

Nyree Dawn Porter made her first stage appearance at the age of 3.Playing the part of a ladybird in an amateur production of Noah's Ark,she walked onto the stage and into the lights to delighted applause and laughter.

'It stopped me dead and instead of joining the other performers I walked down to the front of the stage to find out what that noise was.'

'That noise' has チャームド〜魔女3姉妹〜 her ever since and in a long,successful career,both on the theatre stage and on...
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posted by Insight357
The ベル rang, Elizabeth, and Wyatt had to go to class. They had every class together except for first period. Elizabeth went to art class while Wyatt went to music.
All through art Elizabeth drew out a sketch of her left wrist. This piece of artwork would be hanging on the ウォール outside the art room. She was glad people would see it. She was going to be curious to see how many people she could piss off.
* * *
During 音楽 Wyatt stared out the window, thinking. Thinking of the best time to tell Elizabeth. He figured he would do it during Algebra two. It would be one of the easiest classes to...
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posted by lindizzle215
hi so im a new writer so please tell me if i should contine 書く this story. Please comment!!!!!
Rated: M

Today my brother Joey and I were going to drive down to the family camp that we help with every 年 and went here when we were kid’s but know were all teenagers so were counselors now. My brother Joey and I drive together every 年 and all of our other brothers drive up in there own cars または the young ones with the others. There was a new guy this 年 his name is Eddie. I think that I will like this kid as I get to know him. I don’t have to share a room because I am the only girl...
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posted by ZekiYuro
OK,now the painting we are looking at now is によって the French painter Toulouse-Lautrec.
The painting is called At The Moulin Rouge.As あなた probably know The Moulin Rouge is a nightclub in Paris.Maybe some of あなた remember the film Moulin Rouge?In the 19th century,the nightclub was very famous for its beautiful dancers and singers.
Toulouse-Lautrec did a lot of paintings and posters of the Moulin Rouge.He especially loved painting the dancers.And in these paintings he sometimes included his フレンズ too.
In the middle of the picture there are 5 people who are sitting at a 表, テーブル having a drink.The woman...
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posted by hgfan5602
It's cold in this room
Without your warmth for me
Hard to say the truth
Can I say it now....
I 愛 あなた

Am I so ashamed
To 愛 you?
Oh no I'm not....
And I feel your warmth upon me

I will still 愛 あなた everyday of my life
Ever since
I came on your watch
And every 分 of my life

I will still 愛 あなた every 秒 today
Cherishing all the moments that we had

And I will bring every moment I've had
Together, with あなた
I will still 愛 あなた everyday of my life
And no one will
Keep me away from あなた

It's so cold here...
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