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posted by Lucia322
Wrestlemania/ March 31,1985/ New York, New York/ Madison Square Garden.
Wrestlemania II/ April 7, 1986/ Uniondale, Illinois, Los Angeles, California.
Wrestlemamia III/ March 29, 1987/ Pontiac, Michigan/ Pontiac Sivlerdome.
Wrestlemania IV/ March 21,1988/ Atlantic City, New Jersey/ Trump Plaza.
Wreslemania V/ April 2, 1989/ Atlantic City, New Jersey/ Trump Plaza.
Wrestlemania VI/ April 1, 1990/ Toronto, Ontario/ SkyDome.
Wrestlemania VII/ March 24, 1991/ Los Angeles, California/ LA Sports Arena.
Wrestlemania VIII/ April 5, 1992/ Indianapolis, Indiana/ Hoosier Dome.
Wrestlemania IX/ April 4, 1993/ Las...
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posted by Lucia322
The Colons def. John Morrison and The Miz/ Lumberjack match to unify WWE and World Tag Team Titles.

CM Punk def. Kane, Mark Henry, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston, Christian, Finlay/ Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

Santina Marella def. 24 Divas/ 25-Diva Battle Royal to crown Miss Wrestlemania.

Chris Jericho def. Roddy Piper, Ricky 蒸気船, スティーム ボート and Jimmi Snuka/ Handicap Elimination Match.

Matt Hardy def. Jeff Hardy/ Extreme Rules Match.

Rey Mysterio def. JBL/ WWE Intercontinental Championship.

The Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels.

John Cena def. The Big 表示する and Edge/ World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H def. Randy Orton/ WWE Championship.