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In Amethyest Mountain, it's easier to hunt after finding a mate.

1. Find a Mate

2. Go to Elk Hunting Ground

3. Find Herd

4. Press Shift and Up ARROW/アロー at the same time to stalk

5. Try to find a weaker cow elk

6. Get close to cow elk

7. Bite it

8. Dash after it によって holding Q and movement keys at same time

9. Bite when close

That's basically how あなた do it, though it does take a while though and some elk try to attack when they're on low health so be careful

~Snowpaw (Dispersal Snow Female Wolf)

編集 Note: Dont HOLD Q just click it to turn on dash mode and vica versa
jasper soon saw mom and dad running and he pulled emily into a ブッシュ of stinging netels. "ow ohh oww" emily 発言しました "WHAT WAS THAT FOR あなた ..." emily 発言しました and before she could finish jasper rubbed in.(incase あなた don't known what that means it mean stopping her talking)" こんにちは こんにちは calm dow i saw my mom and dad and i don't want the chating me for reasons あなた don't need to know!" jasper peered out of the ブッシュ " it's 安全, 安全です now is any hurt?" "um there OK now" emily 返信 softly jasper jasper pushed emily out of the bush. jasper stayed in the bush. " come on we have to go jasper" emily whisperd " i found a shortcut come on" he replied nervoulsy.

caracters(made up によって me) emily- she 狼, オオカミ whith dark grey 毛皮 age 12
blondie-she 狼, オオカミ whith pale blond 毛皮 age 34
george- tom 狼, オオカミ whith big black furage 38
jasper-tom 狼, オオカミ whith black and white 毛皮 jaspr 18
At the tp of amythest mountin lived a lone 狼, オオカミ named blondie."Hooooooooowl"
every 日 blondie would howl hoping that one 日 she would find a mate.On that exact same 日 came a male wolf"hi im george" he 発言しました standing up straight and tall. blondie lagued nervously. "H-hey
hehe i-i'm B-lon-di-e hehe". She replied george coughed. " are あなた marri-- no how do i speak this, i mean how do i say this?. mmmmmm aha um do. no do あなた have a mate. Blondie stared at him "ok no i am not married thank あなた and yes i am looking for a mate!" she growled with a leap she ran of as fast as she could.This is the story of how blondie's kids whent missing. "Ok i will be your mate if and only if あなた hunt"!!!!blondie 発言しました as she stopped running. (10 years later) " mom im hungry"!! jasper called they had had cubs " GEORGE GO HUNT".
blondie called george walked off with the alpha's and they whent on a hunt.
Hi, I'm Bluey, and I'm going to 表示する あなた a couple tips and tricks about WolfQuest.
Table of Contents:
1.) Hunting Elk
2.) Finding a Mate

Hunting Elk and Etc.
For starters, the easiest way to hunt is to begin with cow elk. Those are the quickest to catch and don't respond to your presence unless あなた charge them. I use a method I like to call as "around and about", which is when あなた run around the elk, bite it, and repeat. Once you've done this about 3 - 4 times, the elk will start to slow down and あなた can chase it from behind. If あなた start to run out of energy while hunting, just eat a ランダム dead...
continue reading...
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I made this vid for あなた guys.
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make a pack in the フォーラム create a フォーラ and call it whatever the name of your pack is and then in the body of that フォーラ write aligences like in warrior clans. 次 ppl 登録する in the pack によって replying in the aligences and then あなた add them. then make another フォーラ called put name of pack hereRPG. then あなた can RPG there. if あなた want to attack someone else または somehting make another forum. my pack is called Pack of Fire, and we have the power of fire. lets say あなた made a pack called Water Pack, then that tells あなた あなた have the power of water. thank u for listening.
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