I am a two 年 old timber 狼, オオカミ and I have a hole in my shoulder from a shooting.

Chapter 1 the strange friend
I am at my お気に入り place ever, my secret water hole 次 to the tall fir 木, ツリー that over looks the out stretch of land across the water. As I look across the water, to look out for bears and other predators, I see this white thing scurry by. At first I just growl at it. Then, I went closer. The little white thing was a mink. I dashed after it and caught it in my teeth. I then heard squeaks coming from it. I put it down but kept hold of it with my paws. It was a baby mink. The ミンク was looking for an adopted mom because a hunter took down its real mom. Now, I could have killed the little thing, and had a nice lunch, but I didn’t. I became its adopted mom.

Chapter 2 finding a home
Since I was the “mom” of the little mink, I had to find us a den. There were several we looked at and saw, but none of them beat the one I chose. It was a good sized den, with a tall fir 木, ツリー hanging over it like a mop keeping shade over the den. In the デン there was a little crack in the rock the little ミンク could go in. I have now finally chosen the mink’s name it will be Ice Storm.

Chapter 3 the stranger
As I am sitting in front of the den, Ice Storm comes out to lie in the dull light the sun provides. Suddenly, everything goes quiet. I here a sudden crack of a twig. I see a flash of black 毛皮 before my eyes. I can smell a male wolf’s sent in the air. I hear a growl, then a howl. The howl was rough, hard, and loud, defiantly a males howl. I howled back at him. Ice Storm tried to howl but only squeaked. I laughed, then picked her up and put her in her little spot in the den. I hear the rough howl again, I follow it. I see the male. I approach him, he growls. I growl back. I snap at him saying this is my territory so back off!
He lunges but misses and his teeth click as he snaps then together. I go for his throat, but miss. He growls, I growl. I lunge at his throat again, and make it. He howls a blood curtailing howl. Then, he stars whining as I let go and blood spills out of his body. He gets up and runs off whining with every stride. I know he’s ok and I know he will be back.
Chapter 4 the 検索
The 狼, オオカミ has not come back, but I have not seen Ice Storm yet she wasn’t in her spot in the den. I am afraid she’s ロスト または worse killed!
I run through the woods and bushes but no luck. I go through wolf’s territories and swim through pods and creeks. I then go to the last place I saw the male wolf. Laying there on the rivers edge is Ice Storm.

Chapter 5 Ice Storm!
She is bleeding from a claw to her head and side. She had 狼, オオカミ blood on her teeth, she must have put up a fight. The wounds were not deep and not as bad as I thought they were and best of all she was still alive and recovered quickly.

Chapter 6 pups?
Ice Storm has recovered well but still has shock and won’t come out of the den. So, I sit outside and lay in the sun. As I was doing that I here a whine. A 狼, オオカミ whine probably a pup’s it is high pitched and loud, defiantly not a male wolf’s whine. I smell the sent of 狼, オオカミ youngsters and I follow it. There in a デン not far out, just far out to not be in my territory, is pups. Three of them, but they are defiantly not abandoned so I left them be and went back to Ice Storm.

Chapter 7 hunting time
I am with Ice Storm, (she just got out of shock), just walking through the woods and having fun. I finally tire out and have Ice Storm go back to the den. I stay so I can get my self food. I follow an elks sent and find it out in the open. It’s a ブル elk I 発言しました to myself. I howl to proclaim that this is my prey so back off! And just to tell the ブル elk to run! (I like a good chase). I dash after it and bring it down with a fatal blow with my claws to its neck.

Chapter 8 the life of Ice Storm
Why I am out and about hunting Ice Storm goes out to find herself berries and other stuff she can eat. When she leaves she goes out calmly but alertly and with caution. I still worry about her though.