Saphira. Thats my name. I'm a wolf, a loner. I cant remember anything of my past except that i was always on my own.
My shadow is the only company i have.
I am used to being によって myself but sometimes my ハート, 心 aches for the happiness that only a pack can bring.
I enter an unknown city, i hardly even notice it til all the cities scents wash over me. Garbage, food, various scents from people that walk unknowingly all around me. They seem oblivious to me as i walk with sore paws along the sidewalk. I make my way into a dark ally way, finding the darkness and cold damp floor, comforting. I ache all over from the long journey that has taken me here to this city...
My navy 毛皮 is damp with my sweat and i find bliss in the cold puddle of water behind a ダンプスター, ゴミ箱, 収集 as i lay down on it and effortlessly stretch out my limbs to releive the ache in them.
I small sliver of moonlight bathes me. The white crescent marking on my forhead glows faintly and absorbs the light, i sigh as i feel its power breathe new energy in my wolfen soul, then as my tired eyes close in slumbers pull, a small wolfish smile tugs my lips. I have finally found a place to call home. I dreamt of Paradise.

For those who wish to 登録する a loner and become her friend here is my Name: SaphireWolf
または あなた can visit my friend to 登録する our pack:
K5-HOWL. Please 登録する our pack! :D