So it has been a long time that I haven't made a story. I guess I don't have the inspiration, just in few rare cases and this is one of them. This story is mostly about Flora and Helia. And since now I 広告 everyone of あなた who reads the story, it can have pretty bad grammar but since I 愛 to write I keep doing it. My last story wasn't pretty bad though, one of the parts is 上, ページのトップへ rated #3.

Well enough of me. Lets start with Flora :) Hope あなた enjoy it. For the record, they live in Alfea since they teach there , in my story

Resting over her ベッド she kept thinking about everything she has gone through with Helia. She realized they were meant to be with each other. The thought of breaking up with him was impossible, she knew he was perfect for her. Helia was the only one who could understand her perfectly, who couldn't be replaced for any other as faithful, loving and caring as he is. A little sigh of relief came out of her mouth while one of her best フレンズ entered the room and saw her. "What's up Flora?" A happy fairy of the dragon flame sat beside her. She putted her hand on her knee waiting for Flora to answer her question. Flora sat down and lightheartedly stared to the redheaded girl who was now wearing a confused expression. "I'm just very happy, that's all" the fairy of nature 発言しました with a sweet smile covering her face. Her friend switched her visage from confusion to happiness even though she did not know what was making Flora have that emotion. "What are あなた happy about?" Bloom asked out of curiosity. "Isn't it obvious Bloom, is Helia" she 発言しました with a loveable voice while glancing at a 写真 she had of Helia on her drawer. She took the photo, look at it and gave it a soft peck. "You sure are in love" Bloom giggled "I'm really happy for you, Flora. あなた and Helia have shown us Winx that 愛 is all that matters , no matter what happens. あなた are a strong couple and I believe in あなた two" the fairy from Domino smiled at her and thought of her words to Flora. She knew it was true, in fact, she wanted to have a relationship like them with Sly, free of problems. But she knew it was just perfect like it was with her loving boyfriend. As she said, 'love is all that matters'. Flora embraced her and thank her for her true words.


Bloom's phone was ringing. It was Sky. "Hi Sky" 発言しました in a charming tone. She payed attention to what he was saying until her "okay, we will be there" last sentence. "What happened?" Flora asked. "Red 噴水 is having this huge party tonight and we are all invited" the fairy 発言しました in a cheerful voice. "A PAAAARTYY??" A girl nonchalantly 迅速, スウィフト the door open asking out loud. It was none other than Stella; she was born for this, parties and mostly shopping. The two girls giggled as they watched the fairy of light trying to find the perfect outfit for the party and how much she wanted to impress her boyfriend, Brandon. "Did I heard someone say the word 'party'?" A dark skin girl danced her way in to the room. Musa and Tecna follow their way in too. "Yes, Sky 発言しました we should all go. Its going to be fun" Bloom convinced them with her words even when it wasn't necessary.


A big room full of lights who filled spaces of darkness, vibrated to the sound of the music. Lots of specialists and 妖精 were dancing to the rhythm of the tune. The Winx girls arrived and every eye focused on them. Everybody knew who they were and how they became heroines. The girls were already used to much attention so they did not mind and instead searched for the boys.

"Stop looking at my girlfriend" a male voice screamed from the crowd. It was Brandon. He pushed the crowd to finally meet her girlfriend. They left quickly to dance leaving the others behind. Riven went to Musa who seemed to enjoy the 音楽 and asked her to leave with him outside of the party. Tecna met Timmy who was really shy to dance in front of everyone. She grabbed him によって his arm and forcely took him to the center of the room. Just Aisha and Flora were left. "I really like this place, it has lots of energy" the fairy of waves contemplated satisfied. "Hey, Aisha!" Roy greeted her far away in the crowd. "What's he doing here?. I got to go somewhere else" the dark skin girl told Flora very mad and got ロスト in the crowd. "Hey Flora" Roy salute her. "Hi" 発言しました with a grin. "Where is Aisha?" His cheeks blushed red. "She left already to go dance" the fairy 発言しました embarrassed about what really happened, and softly touched the back of her head ashamed of lying to him. "Oh... I guess ill go find her" he 発言しました with dissapointment and left to seek her.

Flora began to questioned herself where was Helia. He knew she was coming. 'Maybe he's looking for me', she thought. The party grew もっと見る and more, and Flora grew impatient waiting for him on the same spot. 'I need to find him', she once again 発言しました to herself.

The fairy got into the crowd and looked for him everywhere. Nothing. Helia was not anywhere to be found. She finally gave up and announced to Tecna that she was leaving since it wouldn't be fun without Helia. Her friend didn't pay attention and continued with Timmy dancing awkwardly.

Outside of the party she went to the little garden Red 噴水 had. Flora tried to enjoy the moment but was sad to think that Helia wasn't there with her, and she did not knew where he was.

"Hey, is is really あなた Flora?" A voice from a specialist asked. She turned just to see a male stranger glancing amused at her. "Yes?...." she 発言しました slowly and carefully. "Why do あなた ask? Do I know you?" The fairy asked to the tall and light skin boy whose hair was black as the night and soft as the flower's petals. His big エメラルド eyes could charm any girl. "I, I know あなた are a member of the Winx. I really appreciate what あなた girls have done" his voice sounded so excited, but a silence occupied the air between them. "Oh, thanks I guess" It was obvious Flora didn't want to talk. She hated to behave like that but she was still sad. "Oh, I didn't tell あなた my name. I'm Leo" he raised his palm to greet her but she just turned her back. "I'm sorry Leo, I'm not in the mood right now" 発言しました very calmly. "May I ask why?" He could just not go away, he kept asking and making Flora もっと見る uncomfortable. " I can't find a person" she thought that maybe now he would leave but she was wrong. "Who are あなた looking for? Maybe I can help" Leo tried to look Flora's face and he saw a sudden change on her lips, from being down to up. "Helia" the fairy rapidly exclaimed."I know him, in fact I saw him at the party" he responded her not knowing if that was enough information. "Where?" she raised her voice cheerful waiting for a reply. "I saw him with this girl, I do not know her name but I know she's the princess of Linphea". Flora's mouth dropped open ".....krystal?"

so what do あなた think it will happen next? Oh my bad grammar! It burns *Gollum's voice* lol :) COMMENT, please? :P

Krystal muahahah