"Oh my god." Icy gasped and dropped her 本 on the floor. Cloudtower was THE BIGGEST School she had ever been to. Freshmen 年 and Darcey and Stormy Had only one class with her. At least the sisters were roomies. Stormy stormed in looking at the class scheduele carefully and Darcey followed and eyed every witch in the room. Out of nowhere stormy trew her notebook at the wall. "Agggh... LIGHTNING!!!!" a streak of lightning seared the 本 and left them in ruins. "STORMY! あなた lit them on FIRE! Nice first inpressions on the school!" Stormy clenched her fist and growled,"they gave me potion class instead of flight classes." Icy put out the 火災, 火 and looked at her sister sternly, clenched her teeth and said," I, DON'T, CARE!" Stormy kicked the floor and replied in a snotty voice, "SORRY!" Just then the head mitress Griffen appered and Icy felt herself start to sweat. "oh miss Grifen, Ha, Ha, funny to see あなた here, Ha, Ha," Stormy about fainted and darcey slapped her in the back where the head mistress couldent see. " Well girls..

"Well girls..." Miss Grifen eyed each onf the trix girls and 発言しました "Who is the oldest her" Icy got a lump in her throat as her two sisters stared at her. Grifen looked at Icy and exclaimed " Well Icy あなた have a choice" Ugh Icy hated it when it was all in her hands. "You can ラット out your sister または take the blame, remember your a witch now." Griffen smiled. Icy thought and didnt know what to do get on the bad side of her sisters または get on the bad side of Griffen. Griffen was about to say somthing but before she could Stormy burst out "Its my fault okay? Dont jump all over my sis like that!" Griffen frowned and turned her back to Stromy, " I would expet もっと見る form such a talented student like あなた Stormy." "Sorry I have umm.... Anger problems?" Griffen laghed "oh not that that can be fixed easily!" Griffen snapped her fingers and the scorched book fel into stormys hads, restored to normal and the schorched ウォール looked un touched. "Huh?" stormy looked obiously confused and Griffen expliained " A real witch would hide the fact that they did it and would blame someone else of somthing like that, now run along to your doorm room the ディナー ベル rings at 6'00 clock sharp." Icy looked at the clock, 615. Icy ran down the hall with her sisters following close behind. Icy looked over her sholder to the head misstress laghing. then she met Icys eye and Icy ran even faster.