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posted by toikn
In Island Flyover you'll be able to fly freely for five minutes, exploring Wuhu island and its environs. As あなた collect i Points, you'll be able to fly at different times of 日 and perform new tricks. You'll also be able to shoot balloons once あなた unlock them. This is the most in-depth event in Wii Sports Resort, so we've spent a lot of time on our complete guide to the event's various collectables.

i Points and Stamps

Finding all of the Island Flyover i Points is no easy task. There are 80 i Points to collect, and though you'll only need to collect them once for the unlockable bonus features,...
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posted by toikn
サイクリング is a sort of self-controlling racing game that doesn't take much strategy. You'll need to control your energy expenditure to get ahead, but other than that あなた can kind of remain on auto-pilot -- あなた won't necessarily even need to steer.

Although あなた can get bumped around によって fellow bikers, blown around によって the wind and lose traction によって running over bananas and oils slicks, in general, the game will keep あなた on course. あなた should steer to take tight corners, but otherwise just focus on not overheating. If あなた overheat, あなた turn blue and come to a complete stop -- but don't say the game...
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posted by toikn
Canoeing Basics

This simple sport shouldn't give あなた much trouble. Small motions on either side of a resting position will do the trick -- no need for large rowing motions.

To go straight, alternate right and left strokes. Don't be afraid to cruise past obstacles without paddling -- you'll coast for a bit without losing speed.

The object of Canoeing is to reach an increasingly distant finish line. For every success あなた have, the line will be moved back further.
Pro Tip: Get your 全体, 全体的です event score to 400-500 to unlock Intermediate level. Expert is unlocked when あなた get to about 800-900.

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posted by toikn
Wii Sports Resort's Archery event is one of the game's deepest. This is mostly due to the hidden targets that take incredible skill to hunt down and hit. We cover the locations of each of these in our Hidden Targets section. But hitting the main targets presents a bit of a challenge as well.

Each ring of the target gives あなた a different point value, and あなた get three arrows per range. The Bull's Eye is worth 10 points. The range's Hidden Targets area also worth ten points, but are, in general, much もっと見る difficult to hit.

Due to the game's careful simulation of gravity, you'll notice right off...
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posted by toikn
Power Cruise is one of Wii Sports Resort's most basic games. The idea is to get from one ring to the 次 as quickly as possible. A digital timer on each ring counts down as soon as あなた leave the 前 ring. The digit it's on when あなた pass the ring is equivalent to the number of points あなた get.

Certain rings have a smaller rign within them that will double your time score. To make higher scores, あなた must monitor your boost power carefully. To boost, あなた just crank the Wii mote like a throttle. After doing so, it recharges for a brief period. Ideally, あなた want to use this boost right after...
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