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posted by werewolflover
Hey!This is the first chap.of the new story I'm writing.Hopefully it will get better.Don't forget to comment!


"Remind me why we're camping while it's snowing?"I asked Rob,my best guy friend.
"I was wondering the same thing,"My other friend,Hayden,said.
"Kayli,Hayden,I've already told you.It's the only time I could rent the campsite,and..."Rob lowered his voice."And there aren't any bears in the winter."
"You're afraid a くま, クマ might come?"I asked him,laughing and pulling my コート tighter.
"No!"Rob yelled,blushing.
"Yeah right,scaredy cat!"Hayden said.
We stomped through the snow.
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posted by werewolflover
Hey!Heres a chap in robs POV enjoy,comment ~~werewolflover
"Kayli?Kayli,if あなた can hear me または see me give me a sign!"I yelled,for the hundredth time.Where was she."Kayli!It's me,Rob.Where are you?"
I had been looking for at least an hour.There was no sign of Kayli.It was like she disappeared.
Suddenly,my cell rang.Which was unexpected,considering where I was.It was Hayden.
"What do あなた want?"
"It's snowing too hard,and it's dark.Get your アナと雪の女王 butt back here!"
"I have to find her!"
"She came back.Here.She's fine.I started a 火災, 火 and she went to sleep.So come back before あなた DIE!"Hayden...
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posted by werewolflover
Hey!Here's chap.5.Comment~werewolflover

When I came to,I wasn't in the forest anymore.I didn't even open my eyes,but it was too warm to be the forest.
I heard a T.V. and rattling that sounded like pots and pans in a kitchen.
I opened my eyes slightly,so hopefully no one would notice I was awake.
I was laying on a mattress,that seemed like it was just pulled out there for me.I was in a small,pale yellow room,which I assummed was a living room.There were pictures hanging all over the walls,and lots of flowers.In front of me,was a small burgundy sofa,on which two guys were watching...
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posted by werewolflover
Hey!Another short chapter.Sorry,but this is all I could think of.Don't forget to comment!~werewolflover

Why wasn't Kayli back yet?It was getting dark.
"I'm going to find her."I told Hayden,putting on my coat.
"Rob,it's a blizzard out there...stay,for me."She said.
"So あなた don't even care if she freezes to death out there?Seriously Hayden.Sometimes...I don't know why I even talk to you."I said.And without even another glance at her,I went to look for Kayli.I preyed she was okay.

BTW,do あなた want another chap in Rob または Hayden's POV?
posted by werewolflover
"So,who are あなた planning on asking to prom?"I asked Rob.I was trying to get some info on whether または not he was gonna ask Hayden.
"I...that's not important,because I can't even work up the nerve to ask her."He said.
"Why?The worst that can happen is that she might say no.And I know lot's of girls that would 愛 to go to prom with you."Especially one,I added on in my head.
"Okay,I'll ask.Kayli,will あなた go to prom with me?"That really caught me off guard.I couldn't think of anything to say.I didn't want to hurt him,but I didn't want to go to prom with him.That would...
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posted by werewolflover
This chapter is very short,but hopefully the 次 chap.will make up for it.Don't forget to comment!♥-werewolflover

The reason I volunteered to get the firewood,was I needed time to think.I was jealous that Rob was teasing and playing around with Kayli.I hated that I was jealous,but I couldn't help it.I knew Rob and I weren't going out,and he probably didn't even know I liked him.But did he like Kayli?I knew she didn't like him...
I walked around,picking up pieces of wood and just kicking around the snow.I wasn't ready to go back to the campsite,but I guessed I needed to.
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