“He comes” the old man shouted “And he shall bless us with his gift!” The crowd cheered, cheered for him and Him.
“Rubbish” Bacchus spat out. He was never in tune with the rest of them, he was never one of them. Bacchus scorn on their “Faith” But still he had to sit in the mass as they cry out their voices for Him.
“Keep your voice down, friend” La Ahad said. La Ahad is a giant of a man, towering most. He has the strength of 10 men, but he is nice. La Ahad is the only man in the town who knew of Bacchus’s hatred of this religion, La Ahad himself does not bother about the man shouting for rain but Bacchus had a passion to hate it all.

Bacchus nodded and kept his eyes on the priest but his mind was someplace else, a place never seen before. A land where light conquers and the dark is kept at bay. The place where he could actually live and sing? The man frowned, they’ve started singing. Despite his hatred, nobody could deny the beauty of the 歌う priestess. Their voices reached out and grab him, drawing him to them but no. No. Bacchus is never one of them. He stood to leave.

“Leaving so soon my boy?” the mayor asked. The mayor, always with a smile plastered on his face but Bacchus could see through it, the mayor is a dangerous man and he knew.
“I’ve got work to do sir” Bacchus muttered.
“Nonsense, あなた have time to spare, please sit” he 発言しました with that bloody smile on his face again.
“Sorry sir, I’d want to complete baking so that the people may eat after the mass” Bacchus replied sweetly, though annoyed.
“Always hard working Bacchus, that is good, very good. Go on then now, may the Conductor bless you”
FUCK THE CONDUCTOR he almost said, but Bacchus merely nodded and took his leave.

Bacchus woke to the sound of the thunder. It’s raining, he smiled. He isn’t in the faith but rain, is always good, always good. The rain ravaged outside but within his home, it’s calm. Usually people would open their windows for the rain, but not him.
To his surprise there was a knock on the door. It was La Ahad, soaking wet his cutting axe is his hand. He must have been cutting wood when the storm came. Quickly Bacchus got La Ahad comfortable with some 火災, 火 to warm him.
“No fire, it is okay” La Ahad waved it away. Bacchus found it weird but he did not bother, La Ahad is an interesting man. Bacchus had known him since there were children, when La Ahad was still a scrawny boy. Bacchus took it upon himself to protect La Ahad from the bullies and they became close friends, almost brothers.
“What can I do for あなた my friend?” Bacchus asked giving La Ahad some hot water.
“Actually brother, someone sent me here” La Ahad answered, his body still.
“Who?” Bacchus 質問 to no reply, no movement. He kept asking but La Ahad still did not answer, but he looked towards the door. Bacchus was confused, he walked to the door and opened it.

Outside his ホーム the mayor stood with some five people around him.

“The Mayor sent you? But why?” before a 秒 passed he was kneeling on the wet ground. His back hurt from the kick then sent him out. The rain pattered him down and the wind froze him. He tried to stand but was pushed down again, and again, and again. He stayed down this time. He couldn’t see but around him people were moving. He stood without resistance to face the mayor. He tried to speak but people grabbed him. They kicked his knee in, but the storm muffled his voice. Once again Bacchus face the ground, pain, pain was all he could think about.
“Why?!” he chock out, crying.
“For the Conductor in the Sky” was the last thing he heard. For a 秒 he felt the axe, but forever he will feel the cold.