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Article by usernameinvalid posted 1年以上前
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It’s me. AKB48 Team B’s Watanabe Mayu.

This year, regarding my speech on senbatsu sousenkyo two year’s 前 that I told that I want to be the first, I’ve made a bet.

However, This 年 that dream come true.

That time to become the first, was a 年 full of hard work. Earnestly I were really serious to work hard, put all my effort, I were thinking that no other thing over it.

At once, to think of giving up my dream, such thing was ever been in my mind. However, that time, あなた are all the ファン encouraged me up.

"The 次 time, definitely, あなた will dance on the first position"

hearing those words, I realized that I must not give up my dream.

I joined AKB when I were 12 years old, and this 年 I turned twenty.

On the way I walked through, I faced a lot of things, for sure.

However, Since the life is just once, and since I passed the audition of AKB that I 愛 through the tough progress, I want to get a decent place. So I kept walking until this day.