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 Leafpool And Jayfeather
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This Warriors (Novel Series) ファンアート contains トム, tomcatの, tom, tomcat, 子猫, キティ, 猫, 真の猫, and 真の猫猫. There might also be タビー, ぶち猫, tabby, tabby cat, and ぶち.

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Hello guy this is the Leader of Thunderclan, Bramblestar あなた should all know. Now Erin Hunter has being asked allot of times.

"Where do the Warrior ネコ Live, on Earth または on a Different Planet?"

Well im here to explain all of that.

We Warrior ネコ do not Live on, Earth, No we live on a Planet Called Kitty. It is in the Same Solar System as Earth but will remain a Secret, as we don't want Earth Twolegs crowding the Planet.

Kitty is Twice the Size of Earth and has a Population of 25 Billion Twolegs. Kitty as it name implies it has also of ネコ allot. Unlike Earth Kitty has 3 Moons, Cat, Kit and...
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A クレート, 木枠 floating in the Sundown Place, inside are Bramblestar, Squrrielflight, Leafpool, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze

They Run ashore and go out but its a ビーチ for a Twoleg place. They go back in but Jayfeather

The クレート, 木枠 fly's away.

A 秒 later is lands again but its Forest Territory. All ネコ go in but Jayfeather Again.

A Few 秒 later its in a desert.

The クレート, 木枠 stops in a, Den, Forest, Island, A Twoleg place.

Bramblestar Opens the クレート, 木枠 Slowly and gets Shocked.

The クレート, 木枠 is on Kitty's Moon of Cat

Bramblestar opens the クレート, 木枠 again but he is in Calgary Alberta on Earth even farther from home.

Bramblestar: AHHHHHHH!!!

The クレート, 木枠 smashs into the Ground.

Bramblestar opens the クレート, 木枠 and find out they are back home. Bramblestar, Squrrielflight, Leafpool, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf and Lionblaze run back to Thunderclan.

The End
 The Fifth Cat
The Fifth Cat
Chapter 5 ~

Braveleap was eating a vole によって the fresh-kill pile. The Gathering patrol returned, and Heatherspirit was bristling with anger. "Brindlepool called me a coward! Even Dogclaw and Sorrelheart don't miss me! They're my kits!" yowled Heatherspirit. "You had kits?" asked Ashstone, his eyes narrowing. "Yes, with a kittypet named Diesel. He is as メリダとおそろしの森 as any warrior!" answered Heatherspirit. Birdwatcher, Heatherspirit's mother, had come with the patrol. "I'm staying with my daughter." she meowed. The ネコ settled into their nests to rest for the day. Braveleap wish he could rest. He ran...
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Bramblestar: These are the Rules of Thunderclan now listen Closely.

Bramblestar: Rule number 1 never Hunt on Shadowclan Territory.

A ランダム Thunderclan cat not Known to anyone walks on Shadowclan Territory.

Random Cat: No Prey on ours let hunt on Shadowclans.

A Explosion Blows the Cat Away killing it for the first time.

Random Cat: AHHH!!!

Bramblestar: Rule 2 Never Scare the Kits.

The Same Cat walks to the nursery.

Random Cat: Alright im going to Scare some Kits.

Random Cat: Boo

The Cat is dragged into the Nursery and Several Explosions occur Killing the Cat for the 秒 time.

Random Cat: AHH!!

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Wolf- all I have to say is hi

Lion- me too :3

Wolf- :3

Holly- okay let's get to the point of this

Jay- okay okay. Let's see, which story........


Wolf- I agree

Holly- okay any ideas *starts laughing *

Lion- Jayzer, what are あなた doing

Jay- I'm dancing for no reason

Wolf- lol

Lion- * face paw *

Holly- this is mostly a story for Jayzer so, あなた get to pick what happens

Jay- * stops dancing * oh no um.....

Lion- * laughs *

Wolf- this will go no where except over the RAINBOW

Jay- I can't even finish my sentence WHY

Holly- I don't know WHY

Wolf- anyways continue Jayzer

Jay- okay um..........
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posted by BramblestarTC
Squrrielflight (In a Deep Voice): Tigerstar's Daleks.

Bramblestar: No Squrrielflight don't talk like the robot please.

A few 分 later.

Squrrielflight (In a Deep Voice): And one crown to crown.

Squrrielflight (Dalek): TIGERSTAR!!!!

Bramblestar: No no Squrrielflight stop it.


Bramblestar: No no We won't to avoid that.

Squrrielflight (Dalek): EXTERMAINATE!!!!

Bramblestar: Squrrielflight can あなた Shut up now.

Squrrielflight: Ok

As soon as Squrrielflight says Ok the Entire arena Explodes.

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MimiDetNazca's video
warrior ネコ video
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the ネコ in this video look a little scary... but the song with the video is good!
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