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 flippy when he's flipped out
flippy when he's flipped out
Chapter 2
I had just finished introducing flippy to brick and bone. Their expressions were blank. “he seems pretty weak scourge.” bone meowed. “he almost killed scourge! How is that weak?!” brick argued. “why exactly did he do that?” bone asked, glaring at flippy. Flippy sighed. “I'll tell あなた why, but it's a long story.” brick and bone exchanged a glance. “go on.”bone mewed. “it all started one fateful day, I was called out to serve in a war.” flippy began. “it turned out, two of my フレンズ were called to serve too. The 日 we got there I knew it wouldn't be easy....
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Stormtail is a super fat blue-gray tom with blue eyes and who let his beloved mate, Moonflower die, which wasn't at all his fault but every cat in the damned forest thinks it is. He liked trying to have kits with Dappletail but failed. Like, epicly. He then like never talked to his kits, and doesn't give a shit about them. But he was so important that he sometimes got it on with Pinestar. That's how Pinestar first found that he loved toms, not she-cats.

Moonflower is a gray and black she-cat who is the sis to the crazy med cat Goosey. She's really sweet but her mate Stormtial don't loves her...
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I decided to let him have my brothers room
after I cleaned it up a bit and removed some stuff that would only lead to もっと見る questions,
yet again.I also found, during my cleaning
spree, some magazines that are very demeining to woman and would lead to a bunch
of gross
explaining, and very gross things
laying によって the bed.(My bro aint
realy like that and im GLAD!)
I was surprised the maid hadn't
and took all this gross stuff out!
The 次
time she comes I'm gonna have a
serious talk
with her. And I'm realy gonna have
to hide Jayfeather good,...
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Tigerfur opened her eyes and jumped when she saw her dead kit Moontail. "Welcome to StarClan mother." "What I can't be here yet! I have to save my Clan! The legend!"
Tigerfur's Legend
Tigerfur was back then Tigerpaw
Tigerpaw woke up in a dream. She heard whispers that 発言しました "You are a caged tiger and あなた will deliver the clans peace. Be warned once the tiger is out, it doesn't go back in."

Moontail 発言しました "StarClan thought of that. We are actually here for your leader ceremony."
"What? Rosestar is still alive and I'm dead!"
"You have to keep that a secret. To fulfill your legend あなた must pretend you...
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SoulClanWarrior's video
warrior ネコ video
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warrior ネコ video
warriors video