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Russetfur, Deputy of Shadowclan, Former Rogue
warriors. ネコ
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This Warriors (Novel Series) 写真 might contain トム, tomcatの, tom, tomcat, 猫, 真の猫, 真の猫猫, 子猫, and キティ.

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Made によって piratesailormiss on youtube. Hope あなた like it! :) Hope あなた enjoyed. Please コメント または 'like'? It is much appreciated if あなた do - I'd like feedback on my first vid.:) Thanks! -the full 説明 is on the actual YouTube page-
warrior ネコ video
warriors video
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Mosskit, a dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, hooked up a ball of moss with her claw and hurled it at her sister, Rainkit. Rainkit, a black tabby she-cat with green eyes squealed and leaped on it. She battered at it with her front paws. Mosskit stared in surprise at the torn mossball. "I guess we'll have to get another one..." Rainkit nodded. "Sorry. I'll get it. Rainkit hopped away and grabbed another pawfull of moss, but her sister had gone into the nursery, where her mother Hollystem lay. Hollystem lifted her head drowsily and looked at Rainkit. "You should get some sleep; your apprentice...
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Moontail ( Tigerfur's daughter ) "I give あなた a life of courage, to keep FireClan together あなた will need it."
Yellowpelt ( Tigerfur's first mate ) "Take this life of love. Use it to protect the kits, apprentices, warriors, elders, queens, and your deputy."
Stormfire ( The deputy of ThunderClan before Tigerfur ) "I give あなた a life of perseverance. It will be used to guide your heart, and your clan mates."
Lilacholly ( Tigerfur's oldest sister) "This is a place of light. Your ハート, 心 is light. So, I give あなた a life of light, to spread understanding to your clan mates."
Frostkit ( A friend to Tigerfur...
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Tigerfur is the deputy of ThunderClan. She is a half clan cat. Her mother is Spottedfang of ThunderClan and her father is Blazetail of WindClan. Tigerfur is no ordinary cat. Her sister Firefox is the medicine cat and her brother is Hawkflame. Hawkflame was secretly raised によって TigerStar in the Dark Forest and today he chose his mate over his clan, and his sister's life. Tigerfur caught Hawkflame with Soaringcloud his mate from ShadowClan. She called him out on it. Tigerfur was furious and didn't know that a 狸, アナグマ was coming behind her. Luckily Soaringcloud warned Tigerfur. She fought the badger...
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Paleberry’s Leadership

By: WCF, Me, meowing also, Shadowcloud

The Clan:

Leader: Flystar –father of Pitchkit and Mistkit
Deputy: Bramblefur
Medicine cat: Leafstep
Tunnelers: Slateclaw, Silverflight, Stoneclaw, Longclaw, Fuzzybird, Lightpelt
Moor runners: Bearfoot, Hareflight, Shineyclaw, Cherrybomb, Cherrypelt, Airflight, Mothtail
Queens: Cherryfur, Silverflight, Jayfur, Moonpelt (mother of Palekit)
Apprentices: Crowpaw, Twistedpaw, Silverpaw
Kits: Mistkit, Pitchkit, Palekit, (Flamekit died –Moonpelt’s)
Elders: Crumbledwhisker, Fleaheart, Brokenleg, Lostfoot

“Hey look! Palekit’s standing...
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Snowy snuffled around in the snow, trying to find any traces of Nights scent. She caught a trail, and followed it to under a rock. ' oh no! ' She thought. Snowy threw her shoulder against the rock and pushed it away. She gasped when she saw Night laying on his back, rapidly gasping for air. Snowy gently picked him up によって the scruff of his neck, and nuzzled close to him. She didn't care that he had wandered off, but was just overjoyed to see him safe. She licked him clean and once he was breathing normally again, she brought him back to the rest of the pups. Cloud, Ice and 星, つ星 squealed with...
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 The Fifth Cat
The Fifth Cat
Chapter 1 ~

Tanglefur padded over to the nursery to check on Robinfall and Kinktail. Lakeshine was out collecting herbs. It was Greenleaf. Nearly a whole season had passed since Tanglefur and her littermates were apprentices. Braveleap had been named for his huge leap when he saved Willowstorm. Stormcloud, Vinepelt and Braveleap were on patrols. Braveleap and Vinepelt were on a hunting patrol, and Stormcloud was on a border patrol, to make sure that no ネコ came past the borders. Tanglefur sat down 次 to Robinfall. The newborn kits were wriggling in Robinfall's nest. "Have they been getting...
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Allegiances ~

MarigoldClan -
Leader: Goldenstar, golden she-cat with amber eyes
Deputy: Mintheart, black tomcat with yellow eyes
Medicine Cat: Lakeshine, ginger she-cat with blue eyes
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Tanglefur, ginger she-cat with brown eyes (messy fur)
Ivyspring, tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes
Ashstone, blue-grey tomcat with green right eye and blue left eye
Heatherspirit, tortoiseshell she-cat with blue right eye and yellow left eye (short tail)
Cloudflight, white she-cat with grey eyes
Streamsky, grey she-cat with バイオレット eyes
Hailfoot, grey tomcat with brown eyes
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 The Four
The Four
Epilogue ~

As the nine journeying ネコ went home, Kinktail felt a sharp pain in her belly. "I think my kits are coming!" she yowled. Tanglepaw ran over to help her. "Lakeshine hasn't told me what to do about kitting!" wailed Tanglepaw. Brownfern's voice sounded in her ear; "Find a stick for her to bite into. Give her borage when the kits are born. Then let her rest." Tanglepaw followed the StarClan cat's instructions.

Two kits wriggled up to their mother to get to the milk. "Thank you, Vinepaw. I'll call the tom Rubblekit, and the she-cat is Flowerkit." purred Kinktail. I've done it! Tanglepaw thought happily. Brownfern's voice sounded in her ear again; "These kits are not safe. Not in these dark times. Protect them." Tanglepaw shivered. What did she mean?
 The Four
The Four
 The Four
The Four
Chapter 6 ~

Tanglepaw looked at Lakeshine. "Please? I'll miss Ivyspring, but she can have another apprentice. StarClan told me to be your apprentice!" she pleaded. Lakeshine looked puzzled. "StarClan did tell me that I would soon need an apprentice." grief clouded her blue eyes. "Brownfern would be happy." whispered Lakeshine. "Yes, she would." Tanglepaw pressed her muzzle into Lakeshine's soft ginger fur. "I'll talk to Ivyspring for you." purred Lakeshine.

Ivyspring wasn't too upset. "It's fine. あなた were a wonderful apprentice." she mewed quietly when Tanglepaw came to see her. "Youll need to...
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 The Four
The Four
Chapter 2 ~

Tanglepaw's mentor, Ivyspring, was teaching her how to swim. "You just need to..." Tanglepaw looked over the stream, forgetting all about her training. She wondered what her littermates were doing... Her thoughts trailed off. "... And make sure あなた don't panic または thrash about." Ivyspring finished. "Got that?" she asked. "Uh-huh." Tanglepaw mewed. Suddenly, she felt her paws slipping on the bank of the stream. "Tanglepaw!" yowled Ivyspring. Tanglepaw tried to keep her head above the water, but the currents were pulling her deeper. She thought she would drown. But, she felt the same...
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Based on Real Recordings

Bramblestar: I meow all あなた Twolegs and Twolegettes Bramblestar and Squrrielflight here!

Squrrielflight: YESS!!!

Bramblestar: Now why we have not posed these for so long because we where at War with some species called Happy 木, ツリー Friends!!

Squrrielflight: Happy 木, ツリー Friends, My they where Evil.

Bramblestar: Thank あなた i was just about to say that.

Bramblestar: Now we are on a World call Erin Hunter witch is in the Twoleg System あなた know.

Squrrielflight: Twolegs oh yes and they where on our side.

Bramblestar: They where and have あなた seen this before.

Bramblestar gets in his Flying...
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Student update:


Popular she-cats:

Chapter 2

Ravenkit burst out laughing. Soon enough, Graykit did too. As Graykit laugh, he saw Rusty was about to cry. Graykit stopped and saw he had gone." Ravenkit, STOP!" Ravenkit stopped laughing." Where's Rusty, oh no あなた think we hurt his feelings?!" "I think we did." *ding dong*. " School is starting." Ravenkit meowed. On class their teacher, Mr.Lionheart told them this was a overnight school." Okay, the roommates for room 5 are Tigerkit,...
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Students known so far:

Sandkit: pale ginger she-cat. Green eyes. 上, ページのトップへ 3 人気 she-cats

Graykit: gray with dark gray stripe running on back. Amber eyes. Tom.

Dustkit: dark brown tom. Light brown stripes. Amber eyes.

Rusty: オレンジ tom. Green eyes. Comes from a place in a kittypet town.

Silverkit: silver she-cat. White paws and belly fur. Dark gray stripes on tail. Blue eyes. One of 上, ページのトップへ 3 人気 she-cats.

Bramblekit: looks like Tigerkit --------------------------------------->

Tigerkit: brown tom. Black stripes. Tan belly fur. Amber eyes.

Ravenkit: black tom. White small 毛皮 on chest. Tip of tail...
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posted by wolfcat47
Epic_stripe- graystripe
Fire_cat- firestar
Sand_awesomeness- sandstorm
Tigerstar_forever / Rainbows_and_ponies- tigerstar
Dark_shadow- darkstripe
Omg _ts_bramble- brambleclaw
I_<3_stick- jayfeather
Hawks_fly- hawkfrost
Blood_killer- scourge

Lets begin :D


I_<3_stick has logged on

I_<3_stick: I'm sad.

Omg_its_bramble has logged on

I_<3_stick: yay!

Rainbows_and_ponies has logged on

Fire_cat has logged on

Fire_cat: o_0

Omg_its_bramble: DAD! Your name its changed!

Rainbows_and_ponies: yes because RAINBOWS AND POINIES ARE MAGICAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Fire_cat: I'm going to tell hawkfrost!

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